Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl Lyrics

Are the walls getting closer
As I'm getting closer to you?
And are we falling faster
Now we have further to fall?

I know sometimes I act like I don't care
... about you

I know I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl

And the thought of you leaving
Gets heavier every day
And my mind is deceiving
What is it that I'm believing?

I know sometimes I act like I don't care
... about you

I know I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl

I know I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl
I'm a lucky girl
I'm a lucky lucky girl

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Fazerdaze Lucky Girl Comments
  1. R Rod

    I want to marry her ❤

  2. Crimea River

    1:07 you're welcome

  3. Brent Donley

    I need more women in my area like this..

  4. Red Dead Rene

    Sometimes the best songs never appear on the radio.

  5. Gökhan Kurt

    Artist: Fazerdaze
    My mind: Yare yare daze

  6. LSD

    Klipdeki hatun allah çarpsın çok güzel karısınız

  7. balkarov

    replay x1000

  8. Jules

    What's wrong with me

  9. dread knot

    she look like she from vintage porn

  10. Developer Studio

    Хмм, "пусть они умрут" от Anacondaz напомнило с таким зумом и повторениями.
    Всё наши пиздят, а жалко, раньше клипы у них оригинальнее были. (Беляши, Круглый год)

  11. Danny King

    Fuck those pigs!!! This is fuckin bad asssss!!!!!💖

  12. ThisGuysGaming

    She looks Asian and European at the same time

    it really do be like that sometimes

    ThisGuysGaming there’s something called being mixed

  13. 崇巨

    I am lucky girl I am lucky girl I am lucky girl I am lucky girl...

  14. LeMe 69

    Im sure even though the upload date mightve been in 2017, the production date is actually back in 1997

  15. Chris Dracox



  16. Luisa Lima.

    everything is amazing

  17. Sol Sepulveda

    i really love this song ,keep it!
    you got it guys (band)! ❤

  18. 봉알


  19. MotherFuck3r

    This sounds like Life Is Strange :0

  20. jesus torrenegra

    Saludos desde colombia que gran canción ojala sigan haciendo buena música para pasar esta soledad de amigos y novia dios los bendiga

  21. fett4life

    Wholly S**t! This is awesome! I feel so old and lame and... thank you new music!

  22. we gayin'

    1:04 haha gottem

  23. HiNamesJosh

    When you roll a 20

  24. Ina

    I am a Lucky Lucky girl

  25. Oddhaunts Films

    For years I have been coming back to this song and video, I might be going out on limb for some when I say that this is one of my favourite music videos since the very dawn of when music videos began. The edit is like a modern day Sergey Eisenstein in technicolor.


    im very curious about your other favorite music videos, mind sharing?😁

    Oddhaunts Films

    @Jiro And I would be most happy to do that. Not in any particular order (because listening to music is often mood dependent and we know that can change:) The songs and videos I revisit regularly are the explosive I Feel It All by Feist. The delinquent charm of Belle and Sebastian's Lazy Line Painter Jane. The technical feat achieved in Vampire Weekend 's Oxford Comma. The eccentric Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice. The dreamlike Chromatics Shadow. The melodic beauty and simplicity of Au Revoir Simone's Another Likely Story. The haunting Bergmanesque contained in Evocation by Anna von Hausswolff. Hope that gives you some inspiring content and thank you for asking.


    @Oddhaunts Films Thank you!

  26. edwin jhonatan Caillahua

    2:25 😋

  27. Phil Bobaggins

    I loveeeee heeeerrrrrrrr

  28. Blue stars night

    does anyone know the type of camera that has been used here ?


    drugs + zoom = this vid

  30. Secret Neighbours

    I think this song is perfect for the Pro Evolution Soccer soundtrack

  31. jeniel cross

    I like it

  32. Jonghyun Gim

    Aaaa..... Orange? Oh! Range!

  33. Яamón Villarreal

    As a professional street nigga, its nice to feel like a lucky girl once in while

  34. Sad-Bro Saurus

    she's cute

  35. osher benson

    cant wait for this song to be on tiktok

  36. Carlos Eduardo

    Why this is not on Spotify? :((

  37. tomo Moro


  38. juliocesarxd

    Eres una chica con mucha suerte Milagros.

  39. Zero Two

    She looks like the max from life is strange.

  40. Jesus the real G

    this song reminds me of my crush who last week admitted that she loves another boy 😢

    Justin Why?

    That’s rough buddy

    Chilling Grin

    It's okay Jesus, it's okay. Stay strong

    Crimea River

    Lmao are you 12

  41. Sien

    That is was i'm looking for!! can someone reccomend me some retro music like this one? like pleeeease

  42. Deltrian Zaxw

    Beatiful creepy

  43. もう寝るラジオ


  44. Паша Кряжев


    Здравый Смысл

    В натуре, чётко

  45. cami g

    Reminds me of Lydia from the regrettes

  46. Omega Hakim

    Fazerdaze: *cuts orange*
    Me: 😳

  47. wouldbegood

    Take me Home.

  48. ジョン水野@目指せ1億回再生

    red tits ! red tits !

  49. PostStallone

    1:06 for nice ass
    1:53 tits
    2:00 cute face

    Sher dil

    Had to make me coom


    ok coomer

  50. Valentino

    z o o m

  51. Juan arturo Mendez sabido

    Aaaaaa que bueno que Youtube me recomendó esto :3 alfin algo bueno

  52. Shadow Faction Dev

    In 2019 this song sure has a whole lot of hate symbols.

  53. Honey Badger

    Welcome to the _YouTube Algorithm Game_

  54. soinwish

    The Verve : Lucky Man
    Fazerdaze : Lucky Girl

  55. Be cool Gaming

    any lucky boys around ?? assemble!!

  56. Loqquer

    Marry me

  57. kaylee

    just waiting for tiktok to ruin

  58. Connor John

    Sounds like Apples stock advert music

  59. Bintang eLim

    ok i found one zoom out in 1:07

  60. Thanos

    0% violence
    0% guns
    0% nudity
    100% recommended by YouTube’s algorithm

    Carlos Solano

    haha, thats why im here! looking the video.

    Pixel Bits

    I searched this

  61. Ben Zabala

    Lets face it.

    You didn't search for this.

  62. Suwot

    At first I was like "hey, she completely stole the tune!" Then I saw my own like and realized it was the same song I was thinking about lol

  63. Rajat Jaga

    Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom..................

  64. not afraid


  65. __Konar__

    я тут

    Здравый Смысл


  66. Xoster 12

    This sounds like something Scott Pilgrim would listen to


    with ramona flowers

  67. Pen Umbra

    OMG... the "ok" sign!!... that's it, this is white power propaganda... she's clearly a nazi.... er welllllll.... that is unless the ok sign thing is pure media bullshit lies meant to stir up false division between citizens that should normally get along fine... that is, without the media constantly bombarding them with false fears and fake negativity. No one is coming to kill you from another country... normal people get along with one another.. there no fucking hate groups out to hate people. Normal humans work and play and try to live and preserve life... the only people killing are is those connected to the US / Israel Corporate Empire

  68. Samantha Aguilon

    https://youtu.be/IWcVBGPSO20 check this out plz 🥺🥺🥺

  69. joshua saito

    inspiration 99% perspiration1%

  70. Agung Wirasatya


  71. Austin Starke

    Imagine looking like her 😔 must be nice.


    Youre a man

    Austin Starke

    @Tidester you're right, I am a man. A very, very lonely and sad man.

    ömer k

    Yeah, but everyone is lonely in a way. You shouldn't be upset. Life is hard.

  72. Jeffro Bodeen

    its like going into buffalo exchange

  73. Just X It

    *Zoomer Girl*

  74. happy.zelebob

    Крутой клип, приятная музыка, спасибо ютубу что выдал мне это в рекомендациях

  75. Dewandaru Loc 1.4.5

    Weed + Fazerdaze

  76. Brandon

    I think I love her

  77. Yashaswi Srivastava


  78. Adinda Virgo

    Indonesia ada???

  79. spittahfire

    Sounds like a Fifa 21 song to me.


    spittahfire bro XD


    Hahahah true

  80. Saksham Negi

    I'm a lucky boi

  81. ass destroyer69

    Iam a lucky boy

  82. chey chicken

    can u guys recommend me songs similar to this




    Just search up indie pop or dream pop. They have the same melody or feel

  83. Naved

    Dang the chick is hawwtie

  84. CrimosonBullet

    shake yo booty

  85. Alex Cheka

    I believe in your songs, I believe in love 💙

  86. SSB Pole

    Drkam na tebe svaki dan

  87. Karen Kostanyan

    гениальный клип и песня)

  88. Влад Фирсов

    Давно меня так не накрывало)
    10 часовую версию в студию)

  89. bernardo


  90. Lee Hitashi

    i just got got

  91. DJ пиджей

    Dude, that sounds like girl in red

  92. Joseph King

    Love the vibe

  93. Musthofa Adjie

    love you

  94. a small piece of aspergers

    I love this song uwu