Fazerdaze - Little Uneasy Lyrics

We are young, so we untie
We are young, we get tired
Walking on rooftops, feel so heavy
I could never leave you if you let me try
Go on and let me try

Steady now but falling slack
Stepping out but falling back
Under-passing all your dreaming
I'll admit feeling a little uneasy about
You want to cut me out

Just one more take
I'm still feeling my way, still feeling my way

We are caught so we unwind
We are caught till we untie
Talk about leaving here together
One more try it'll all get better
I doubt you want to work it out

Just one more take
I'm still feeling my way, still feeling my way

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Fazerdaze Little Uneasy Comments
  1. Gustavo Suarez


  2. Jian Yang

    this is a low-invest but interesting mv lol

  3. Mad1900

    I fucking love this song,indie rock always has a place in my heart

  4. aris konu


  5. AKULA

    Weird, never realized it was a 3-d video.

  6. Chris Morrison

    I come here high often

  7. Iarceny

    god i love this song

  8. Gerardo Aguilar


  9. JP Pope

    I’m just amazed that anyplace has streets as smooth as that. I live in New Orleans. We don’t even have tennis courts as smooth as those streets.

  10. Purefoldnz

    The budget for this video was $1.50. Thanks NZ on Air????

  11. Arkadiusz Kopraczyński

    🧡Sooo coool & laaaaazy soooong🎸

  12. Chris Morrison

    One of the greatest pop songs in a decade.... just perfection.

  13. that cool Chubby guy

    The chubby guy loves this song 💃

  14. Zoeie

    hi, it’s been over a year since i commented about wanting to longboard (still haven’t gotten one yet 😭 ) also where in nz was this filmed? like, just curious

    Briel Slovak

    Hobsonville, New Zealand

  15. koichi shimbo

    sutekida 素敵だ 新保ism

  16. Selma Faust

    good lyric

  17. Kota E

    Makes me want to cruise until I can't push anymore.

  18. ass destroyer69

    No zoom?

  19. Petras Vidugiris

    little on xtc

  20. Lemuzaurio

    Wow, I do have very nice shoes.

  21. Loke Smithix

    Why she look so cute on skateboard

  22. Green socks

    I'm so surprised this beautiful music seems have gone so quiet now.. Haven't heard from Fazerdaze  for ages. Christchurch , New Zealand

  23. Gita Nur Siwi

    I love it when I got lost in this side of youtube

  24. President Camacho

    The bass at the last seconds of the song is a perfect smooth transition to Interpol's "Evil"

  25. ReadNozy ッ


  26. Sourav Bhattacharya

    There's a song in which the singer looks like Sofia Coppola. Please someone help me find that song.

  27. Nick Der Schlitzer McGurk

    Pushing mongo but song is sweet.

  28. Dany Rahdiana

    pas melodi na ngeunaheun euy sumpah

  29. Gorlung

    I don't listen to such kind of music.. but there's something magnificent in her..

  30. Artemium 24

    Fazerdaze like Slowdive

  31. Shawn Beckmann1

    So much better than that garbage Taylor Smith and others put out

  32. firman s

    just chillin in new zealaND

    M. 2018

    I can't wait to visit there again.

  33. Cain Marco

    clicked the video today by chance and instantly liked the beat

  34. Alien Circuits


  35. Edgar Mirth

    all girls are cute but only 20ish percent of boys are cute....sucks bruh

  36. Katze Cad

    Things change
    (Look the anwers)

    Katze Cad

    01:40 ---->


    omg it looks so different now than what's in the video

    Katze Cad

    02:25 ---->

    Katze Cad

    03:19 --->

    Yudha Permana

    Thanks. It reminds me that Time flies so fast. even though we do not move, everything around us is keep moving, the memories that are tied to some places is slowly fading away. Even as we speak. It's inevitable.
    It is sad to think about it. .


    If I skateboarded on the road in front of my house, it wouldn’t even be a second after I got on the skateboard that I’d get hit by a car

  38. ynhunehhh

    Where are u? Lucky girl?

  39. The Komyeta

    Hello ppl with good music taste

  40. PUPPED

    สูดดด ยอดดดดด

  41. Windu Sy

    Her face is like Javanese descent.


    she is part indonesian

  42. Lakay Promdi

    nice place, nice weather, nice music, nice mood, nice video.
    some of the reasons to smile with.

  43. Chris Morrison

    Why isn't this on the radio America? Because we live in pudding that prefers conformity and coercion rather than originality and heart. This band rocks. But the machine of garbage requires more tripe. You are here.....I love you.....let's destroy them.

  44. pauliefromphilly

    One shot

  45. Raphael Charry


  46. Rizki Ramdani

    Duh yg ginigini nih

  47. Mukamuka Sector

    i would've been run over by now

  48. Glinda’s Ballin

    I love this

  49. scalz420

    if this was ny that stationwagon woulda ran ur ass over

  50. wpxy yay

    wtf shes so cute and the music dope af

  51. Upliftedkid

    Wonder what happens if put on my 3D glasses?

  52. Lee- n

    I love music videos that are so simple and easy-going yet so aesthetically pleasing

  53. Daniel Louis Camaquin

    this sounds like joy division without the drugs

  54. Yami Torres

    Listening to this song makes me wanna skate the whole subdivision with earphones ang just enjoyin the ride but then I remember our road is not that smooth like that

  55. Lila anggraini

    Love from indonesia ❤

  56. Jason isamu

    I desperately Need a gal like this...😁

  57. gian cendana

    Where is she now?

  58. Pen Umbra

    definitely some quality chords Ive heard in a lot of Swirlies songs... in case anyone knows them

  59. mendelu31

    Me gusto. Gracias

  60. Alex Lusio

    Smashing Pumpkins vibe

  61. Salmon Ladder Music

    This singer is really atrocious


    how dare you disrespect my girl amelia

  62. Grzegorz Cholewa

    i wish i wrote this riff haha

  63. Grzegorz Cholewa

    im on a shoegaze trip. dont stop me

  64. Reagan Goh

    Still here waiting for new music!

  65. aesthedicks

    what longboard does she have?

  66. Rezha abdi

    Lagu tebaik setiap hari

  67. Philippe Morin

    no litter or garbage in New Zealand it seems

  68. carmscotch

    this video is so aesthetically pleasing I love it <3


    ik her longboarding, the pastel/lavender sky, i love this music video sm


    aesthedicks yes yes and yes

  69. Allan Bernal

    I wish philippines were like this lol

  70. Diagoras of Melos

    finally found her after listening to her once before years ago, im so happy lol

  71. Legio XCII Corvus ⲟⲩⲱⲛϣ

    Indie, Neo-psychodelia, Shoegaze, Dream-pop, Indie-Rock, Indie-Folk... They are just all so good!

    Glad to now know this group!

  72. hiberNative

    Didn't find any new releases on Discogs, so I came here to ask for more of this.

  73. Kode Tmdm

    im need more musics why you stop?

  74. dixon pinfold

    I must admit I felt a little uneasy
    When she bent down to tie the laces of my shoe

  75. Manny Leela

    Set fazerdaze on stun!! Good video.
    And she skates too!

  76. cinta cinta

    Lucky girl I'm lucky lucky girl

  77. Brando

    Smashing Pumpkins inspired? Real nice.

  78. luis Vasquez

    I would like to see a current movie filmed with that kind of images

  79. Anubis Barba

    watch this video with old school 3d white carton paper red blue glasses

  80. josanne

    bruhhhhhhh dis still makes me cry fuck.

  81. Lelouche Bellamy

    We need a new FAZERDAZE Project !!!!!

  82. Piyush Sharma

    Anyone from 2019? Where is she nowadays


    she posted on instagram not too long ago

  83. 박건희

    치유음악 렬루

  84. Tom Vin

    Wow dope video and sound!! Just discovered a new artist :) I just released my first song if anyone's interested in listening to something new. Feel free to check it out and thanks if u do :) Have a great day!

  85. Nadia Hidayanti


  86. haneul ishika

    new friends is here 🥰

  87. Debmalya Bandyopadhyay

    I can watch this video all day.

  88. sister ray

    I am dazed by the song

  89. Sour Sweet

    Hi! Could i please use this song for my film class? We need to create a music video and i really would love to make one for this song even thought a beautiful one already exists lol. Proper credit would be there of course!

  90. praisethelove

    so awesome.

  91. Cristian lee

    Still waiting for this channel to revive again :') like u promised :')

  92. First Edition Gaming

    .... she does not flow with her longboard.. keep it up

  93. Ardiansyah Andirah

    01:52 i like how the car behind her just stop and wait patiently until the filming crew to go far enough so it doesnt disturb the filming process. i mean what an nice driver of that car,

  94. Chris Bosker

    Her voice and sound is mesmerizing...rocks 🤘

  95. Chef Boyardee

    I can't watch this, she doesn't know how to push properly it's so aggravating


    may i ask what is amelia doing wrong? is it that she doesn't straighten her front foot? does she push too close to the board? ... asking because i'm interested in trying out longboarding in the future--