Fazerdaze - Half-Figured Lyrics

I ran out of dreams and now
I sit inside my room and think
These tolls weigh on my back
I can't relax, I try to sleep

I'm only half-figured out
I've only half-figured it out

In my room, I'm so consumed by things that haven't happened yet
Sunlight drips in, night-time slips in
And I'm still here overthinking

I'm only half-figured it out
I'm only gonna let you down

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Fazerdaze Half-Figured Comments
  1. Razim Hidayat


  2. Sora No Yami

    I love this song. Its fucking awesome!

  3. Fai Sultan

    Try listening at 1.25x speed ♡

  4. Fai Sultan

    Amelia, you're so cool ♡

  5. Resqaa Res

    Iloveyou guys

  6. Juan Sawit

    I find myself revisiting this video often because everything here is just perfect. The lyrics are sad yet relatable. The instrumentation paints a picture of a life that feels mundane yet insane under intricate layers. In the end, this song just feels relatively simple yet powerful and that's why I love this so much.

  7. hsu jesse

    i love u so much

  8. BOKUN

    damn, that sound is perfect.

  9. lopez lopez

    Did they all agree to wear green shirts ?

  10. derrytigers


  11. jaypicness

    U shuld collab with the somalis

  12. Girts Father

    Just started listening to this band and I'm happy they sound similar live

  13. Wolfkiller

    This night was amazing. I'd buy a dvd of the full show, especially if Common Holly was included!

    Vashj Leydi

    Sad to say they only play three songs on this venue

  14. Kurtis

    fucken fat what

  15. Josh Cukier

    I think this sounds pretty nice at 1.5x speed. Feels a little lackadaisical otherwise.

    Blake Norris

    I thought you were joking but it works surprisingly well at this speed

    Fai Sultan

    I did that too 🤣❤️

  16. infinite simal

    Dat Fuzz just makes me Grin. : D .