Fatty Koo - Princess In Disguise Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Like a perfect ten in a magazine were the girls that caught my eyes
Sophisticated queen with the sex appeal
Beauty no less than a dime
But the girl that really caught my heart wasn't anything like that at first glance you wouldn't see it...
But she was really bad
-papasito, venconmigo
-dejame demostrar a ti
-que tu no puedes ver
-la mujer (marya-dentro) de mi

She's just an average girl
Ain't got no mink and pearls still she's like royalty
She's a princess in disguise
She's got a heart of gold
Within a tale untold, that's where her beauty lies
She's a princess in disguise
Her smile is like a twinkle in the sky
A diamond in the ruff with the heart of a child
Her true beauty is more then skin deep
Because the essence of a women is hidden underneath


[Verse 2:]
-tomame al castillo que estan en los nubes
Hasme princesa de tu corazon, mi serviente de amor
Desde alli, viajar a otros lugares
Para vivir momentos inolvidables
You stole my heart and sealed it with a kiss
No matter where i look, it can't get no better than this
My princess, my goddess, you came from up above
I'll treat you like royalty, with all my love
Your heart is pure, together we explore
We build on honesty, one solid core
You caught my eye, i can't deny
You're in my heart, you are my pride


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Fatty Koo Princess In Disguise Comments
  1. Claudia Ortiz

    I think I might want to use this for a cartoon video, of my character Princess the Rabbit.

    Claudia Ortiz

    I bet this Fits her very well for her and Brios too. I'll be happy to see them Dance together.

    Claudia Ortiz

    Me too with Boris would that. To her.

  2. AmeStilskin W.

    Read the demon king by cinda chima, this song suites one of the characters