Fatty Koo - Chills Lyrics

[Verse 1]

The sunlight smiles
Faithful everyday for you
No one can come close to the
Joy you bring to me
Whispers like a summer breeze
To put my mind at ease
When I look into your eyes
I envision you and me
On love's journey
So I wrote this melody
To show you that you send me

Chills running through my body
Shivering down my spine
Keeps me quivering for you
So happy that your mine
I'm shaken, I can't control myself
Cuz you
You send me chills

[Verse 2]

Come whisper in my ear
Tell me what your heart desires
Girl I feel that you’re the one
That I could spend forever with
You give me that sensation
That no other love can give
Boy what you do for me
Goes far beyond my wildest dreams
Say you'll never leave
Girl when you look at me
I get this feeling inside of me


Cold as the winter breeze
Makin my heart freeze
Hot as the summer flame
When u say my name

Sparkling like Perrier
Got me dizzy like Chardonnay

I feel chills
when u look at me
When u touch me
Chills running all over my body


You send me chills [x7]
I can't help it
I can't stop it
I can't fake it
I can't lie
Cuz you send me chills

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Fatty Koo Chills Comments
  1. Daizy Mone't / Kraizi Daizy Live


  2. Jerry Gardner

    this song sounds so very very beautiful and so sweet l really Love this so much

  3. caligoldsg

    I remember when they recorded this

  4. Lucynda Hayman

    Still in love with this song 2019.

  5. MsDommo09

    Beautiful, still til this day.

  6. Nesha Henderson

    still listening 2019

  7. 2011DTrain

    I miss this group!

  8. Quinten J

    I want to hear Miguel's version😂because I know it's sounds better

  9. Muranda Jenkins

    🗣Still waiting to dedicate this to the RIGHT one💜

  10. Slay Kia

    They are very talented I hate how they commented on Miguel it’s goes to show talent is not all you need and also watch who you down in a industry underestimating someone can affect you and your comeback if they would have said good things maybe good would have came out of the memory hate they had to learn this way

  11. K McClain

    Come on 2019 Listeners!!!!

  12. Rickey Turner

    2019 listen

  13. teamnikki3

    Listening in 2019...its still gives me chills

  14. 77box

    Miguel had a better version


    2019 yesss

  16. meka

    2019 🔊🔊🔊🔊

  17. Sunnybrowngirl

    Miguel murdered this song

  18. desertflwrs

    This song should be called chills that y’all passed on Miguel 😆

  19. Toya Williams

    Still love this song til this day

  20. Keosha Stevens

    Yesssssssss! I'm sooo glad I finally found this! I Looooove this song

  21. Jungkookies Noona

    Damn...my bad lol anywho I loveeeeee this song

  22. Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD

    I love this song

  23. Molly Rivers

    Lovely song

  24. Roger Davis

    Sounds good with or without Miguel.

  25. Evangelisa Jackson

    Who's listening in 2018

  26. Ryan Seaforth

    Not many people know this but Keke Palmer sang her own version to this song. I can't find it anywhere anymore.

  27. toolw26

    Why am I just noticing that this song sounds like sexual gospel music 😂

  28. Hun3y_89

    I wonder where they are now in 2018 🤔🤔🤔

  29. mydreamlessreality

    Still listening to in 2018 😍

  30. Ringgeneral9

    This song is trask, it belongs to Miguel period

  31. simplebut_ fierce

    Not here for the miguel drama . I'm imagining my wedding dance lol💃💃


    Miguels version is better.. sorry not sorry

  33. nalesha seymore

    my wedding song

  34. Miss E

    Wait. Hold up. So they didn’t give Miguel a part but they let dude JOSH sing the solo?!?!?!?! I really can’t right now.

  35. flyazzva

    Say what ya want valore sang her ass off

  36. Afro Bluee

    I remember me singing my 11 y/o ass off to this song. The memories I miss them 😩😩

  37. GramGirl

    MIGUEL sung it better sorry not sorry

  38. P A R K S.

    Fatty who?

  39. P A R K S.

    Fatty who?

  40. Nica Harper

    I forgot all about this song until I saw the clip that Miguel was on the show

  41. Martin Brown

    Yeah they fucked up. This is a good song regardless

  42. Dejanae Westbrook

    Release Miguel’s Version! That’s why you only have this album 😂

  43. Anthony king

    The lightskinned guy is actually the one they ended up choosing to join the group.

  44. Anthony king

    I've loved this song since it first came out when they were doing the reality show all those years.....The music, lyrics, and vocals are bananas. It's been one my favorite love songs for a while now....But I love the shade of Karma because they were all clowning Miguel and he's a Mega Star now and they're Mega Flops. But I still love this song.

  45. MayaRiyah

    But I’m still like where’s Miguel version 👀.


    Theres no miguel version

  46. E M

    Booooooring. Where’s Miguel’s version :’(

  47. DeRon Rippatoe

    dammit, I tried to listen to this song for the second time (back to back) and forgot about it at the same time

  48. Crimson liberty

    Yall @$%&!$ could of had my guy miguel on yall group but yall haters they knew miguel was finna make it big and got booty hurt smh

  49. Kianna Phillips

    Where’s the Miguel version 😂 I love this one too though 😭❤️

  50. Kenyatta Day

    I bet they all wish they were Miguel right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 a hard lesson learned don't hate because karma will get you RIP Fatty Koo 😔

  51. Unholy Lynch Guild Wars

    I like miguel lol only reason anyone I know knows who you are

  52. Morgy & Myles

    Just here for the comments? “Alexa play...Miguel -Come through and chill”

  53. Tiarra Lucas

    Just here because of Miguel !

  54. Eric Fiasco

    This song would've been rockin with Miguel. Just saying...yall need some runs!

  55. DJ Minnie

    Miguel's version is 10 times better....NEXT! #LMFAO

  56. Slum City Marv

    Yeah I saw the Miguel video! 😡 somebody go hand me my switch (grandad voice!)

  57. Natalie Sanders

    Miguel auditioned for this group. Glad he didn’t make it because they came and went all while trying to clown his talent while he’s the bigger star now 😂😂😂

    The Mystic MacTAPPER

    Natalie Sanders bigger? He's a star period. They not 😂

    UrRoyal Highness

    Yea and that ugly black ass broad was really tryna front on him!! Her hatin ugly ass!!!! I be wondering why so many black girls be hatin on black talented men!! It’s like a lil man syndrome but from a black womans perspective!! This song sucks and Miguel Blew the Fuck up and outta da stratosphere!!! #byefelicia 😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Tavaris Dot

    Miguel not being apart of this group was the best thing to ever happen to him.

    The Next Come Up

    Tavaris Dot Have to agree! Sometimes when you lose, you really win

  59. i did see that

    These mfs not shit now they told Miguel he wasn't good enough now lool at them and ik they hear his name everywhere😂😂😂😂👏👏👏

  60. Aaliyah Kendrex

    Here because Miguel auditioned for this group and they didn't think his voice was great. 😂😂 Now where they at?


    They KNEW his voice was great, they just thought he did too much, like too many runs, besides, Valure just didn't want anyone that can sing better than her.

  61. TheBunnygirl20

    No wonder they didn't make it big. A lot of the vocals are weak and generic. The male vocalist especially needed a lot of work.

  62. Whitley Grant

    Like if you’re listening because of the Twitter thread of them dissing Miguel?

  63. pinklove473

    Who’s here to troll and defend Miguel’s honor 😂😂


    pinklove473, you can't deny that this is a beautiful song though.


    @Dominique Marshall His voice is not better than Kiana Allison's.


    @Angel M How can you NOT know?

    Angel M

    @MsDommo09 Cause I didnt..tf


    Don't they have labels on songs or pronounce who sing them on the radio?

  64. iAm Kiana

    Who’s here from that Facebook video?

    Tracee Bottoms

    I am. Never heard of them!!



    Tishawana Leach


    Kimberly Qualls

    me 😂🤣

    The Next Come Up

    I have it, but they do sound amazing too. However, Miguel was the underdog .

  65. gphillimo

    Should have added Miguel. Karma 🤷

    Darrell Todd

    gphillimo you must’ve just seen it on FB too

  66. Mahogany Goddess

    I'm only here because they was laughing at Miguel when he tried to be in the group. Now he's famous, and now they're not. #KARMA

    S3OG YiKeZ

    Not how it went he did like 20 rolls they said he was a good singer and it was her song and yea there from Ohio and a new guy and finna take 1 if there spots there kinda like family

  67. Kenyatta Knox

    Should’ve kept Miguel 😎

  68. Kae LaRae

    Miguel brought here watch his audition for Fatty Koo

  69. Kane Hova

    In 2005 Miguel was “auditioning” to become a part of the now defunct group Fatty Koo. They played him. Fatty Koo went on to have 1 album. Miguel is now on his 4th studio album and is one of the biggest names in R&B. Perspective is everything man. You never know how life will go.


    Lmao copied the whole thing from Twitter

    Glam Momming

    You're twitter now?


    Lol made Miguel sound like Stevie Wonder

  70. severo ruiz


  71. jpanama504

    Still singing my heart out in the shower to this song in 2018 lol hahahshahaha

  72. Jenycez

    My shit stilllll !!!!! 2018 !!!!!

  73. Jazzyjazz Stephens

    2018 still one of my faves

  74. Mima222

    this song gives me chills. At my wedding, I'll be singing this song💞💕💪🏽💯

  75. Rydapin

    Omg i wore this CD out!!

  76. renee jordan

    My childhood song brings me chills and sadness and my mom I will always remember the good time we had 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢

  77. Lippy 29

    Been searching all over for this song. Heard this song on a street sweepers CD like over 7 years ago. I'm so happy to find this 💜

  78. kita jones

    Still my song 😍💖

  79. xoxo_queen

    Remembering this song in 2018❤

  80. JDSJ SleyDris

    Watchin in 2018 .. and this song still gives me #Chills

  81. SKDK89

    2018 and still listening to this jam!

  82. The amazing world of Of Angel

    My godmommy sings this song every Sunday it is her favorite song at first she will play with it then later she sings her heart out this song

  83. Nikki R.

    2018 here

  84. packleader87

    Great days of BET

    College Hill
    House Of Fatty Koo
    Baldwin Hills
    even the goofy Hell Date

    Then of course
    Rap City
    106 & Park
    The Basement

    Benjamin Leveret

    I miss all those shows

    Antoine The Great

    You forgot..The Center it was always on when j came back home from school smh


    Video Soul, BET UNCUT.....ahh such memories

  85. Ms Byrd

    This is like one of my favorite songs of all time. 😍😍😍

  86. Cassie Mae Wilson

    This was my favorite song when I was 16 when it first came out omg. I was so in love with Landon Tucker. Stupid bill Cosby Tupac looking mofo. What the hell was wrong with me. Lord Jesus. Still a good song though but fuck u Landon nasty ass

  87. sexc bynature

    This makes me think of my fiancé Tevin you've given me chills since the day we met and a yr later they haven't wavered I can't wait to be your wife😍😍😘

  88. Sherlonda West

    Still listening 2k18 💛💛💛

  89. Y'Keitha Atkins

    This was my jam !

  90. Ashley Allen

    Love this song every time I hear it I start to cry

  91. Shantae Jenkins


  92. Genae Johnson


  93. KSG ENT

    2018 this my shit "bolo thee entertainer got me hooked " lol ladies like my post if you know who bolo is lol😍😍🤤🤤💋

  94. Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD

    I really miss this group

  95. Marvin Young


  96. Angelique Enriquez

    2018 <3

  97. Josh M

    2018! This song still hot!

  98. La'Joyce Terry

    He will never understand y i sent this song...

  99. Brenda Djouka

    the sunlight smiles
    faithful everyday for you
    no one can come close to the
    joy you bring to me
    whispers like a summer breeze
    to put my mind at ease
    when I look into your eyes
    I envision you and me
    on love's journey
    so I wrote this melody
    to show you that you send me
    chills running through my body
    shivering down my spine
    keeps me quivering for you
    so happy that your mine
    I'm shaken, I can't control myself
    'cause you
    you send me chills
    come whisper in my ear
    tell me what your heart desires
    girl I feel that you?re the one
    that I could spend forever with
    you give me that sensation
    that no other love can give
    boy what you do for me
    goes far beyond my wildest dreams
    say you'll never leave
    girl when you look at me
    I get this feeling inside of me
    chills running through my body
    cold as the winter breeze
    makin my heart freeze
    hot as the summer flame
    when you say my name
    sparkling like pain
    got me dizzy like shardene'
    I feel chills
    when you look at me
    when you touch me
    chills running over my body
    chills running through my body
    you send me chills (x7)
    I can't help it
    I can't stop it
    I can't fake it
    I can't lie
    'cause you send me chills