Fat Trel - Wowzers (Freestyle) Lyrics

Look, my dick a bazooka, my house ain't a safe place
My dick is a movie, her pussy just press play
My tongue go prrrr, her pussy pop
She tried to wake me up and I told that pussy stop
Don't do that, I'm a slutty boy and you knew that
I'm eating pussy like true that, I fucks the whore and hit the headboard
Her mother at the door, I'm like who that?
I say hold, ma, you gotta wait, 'cause me and my dick we don't play
No texting late, I want an extra plate of that pussy part soufflé
And if my dick an AK my door must be a gun store
Follow me on Instagram, you see killers lean and fun whores
No fuck, why the fuck you come for? Bitch, let me see that box
And if the pussy red, I want top, her pussy dead, it got shot (BOW)
I don't play around in the bedroom, I spray around, you gonna fuck me
Get rich bitch, pussy ain't made to just lay around
Say a sound, hoe wait, she tweeting my location
Her pussy brung some more pussy, that pussy made a whole nation
And my dick is donating, I'm impatient, I hate waiting
I need a bitch to fuck me, no faking
Her mami cooked me eggs, I want bacon, I want breast milk and no shake
Pussy up for grabs and I'm taking, I know you fuck my man
I hope you understand I don't give a damn, I'm no racist
I'm a call her next and I'm a take it
And sex is what you make it
She call it fucking friends, we call that trading places
I roll her up and I face it, she a big girl, she take it
I tell her hold bitch, do it slow, bitch for the camcorder, I'm taping
(Fat Trel speaking)
Ok, now lay on that bed, open your legs, her brain is the stupidest
Think this bitch special ed
You heard from your man? Well, fuck what he said
My dick like a pump, one shot and you dead
My head in her legs, her hand on my dreads, devour that pussy
My stomach look like a keg
Girl talking breakfast in bed? My new bitch a fed
I'm talking gun with a badge, I put my tongue in her ass
She told him test me, do your job and arrest me
She cuffed me, then fucked me, then raped and molest me
She lucky she sexy, and my dick don't snitch
And if that pussy smell I bet my dick won't make her flinch
And that's real shit but the hair I can still get, we gonna work
I told her open wide then close your eyes 'cause this shit is gonna hurt
Hey, Ray, I hit it first, there's pussy stains on my shirt
Her pussy taste like pound cake and her girlfriend a dessert
Slutty boys, bitch

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