Far East Movement - Basshead Lyrics

Give me that bass, make it bang
Boom, boom

[Verse 1]
Cruising down town with me and my crew
Girls on the sidewalk, how do you do ?
I like your bass, that’s something to screw
If you’re looking for a good time, follow the boom
Dip to the liquor store then to the crib
Knock on the door, damn look who it is
It’s the L.A. freaks with all that base
Ain't nothing like a hoochie with an 8o8

[Hook: Far East Movement]
Pack that stump in, anything to trunk it
And girl is a basshead, let me see you pump it
Yeah, get wasted, to the, to the pavement
Let me see you pump it, girl you’re a basshead
Girl you’re a basshead, girl you’re a bass head
Let me see you pump it girl, you’re a basshead
Go girl you’re a bass head, yeah you’re a basshead
Let me see you pump it girl, you’re a basshead

[Verse 2]
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz
Take a sip, blacked out we the cool kids
Take a hit blacked out on a cool hit
Cross-faded all day on the new shit
Tripping out when the bass look real fat
She got a sub that can hit like a heart attack
Oh, girl got bass, with a nice shape
Nothing like a hoochie with an 8o8


For my L.A. creep, no sleep, no tweek, just an L.A. freak
All bass, fly tweets, five highness' in the back seat
And they thumping, hell yeah, thump thumping, hell yeah
And they thumping, hell yeah, thump thumping, ya flow girl


[Verse 3]
So, so fly, face so cute,her cush-cush taste like mango fruit
Heard you looking for a baller, shot caller
She gave me her number but I’m not gonna call her
I know what you gon' to, young 2Pac I got to choose
Them boys like Dr.Seuss now get higher than a mother
Show no love for the suckers, I ain’t never scared like no pressure
Said she love me but I don’t trust her
Get rich and have four baby mothers
Yeah, get hit or get lost
I’m trynna be the same person, pushing lip gloss
Now go girl, it's hurting them hair curls


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Far East Movement Basshead Comments
  1. Afton Farza

    Here from that PUBG funny video

  2. the dragon 03

    slow down

  3. Maximiser21

    Man took me half and hour to find this trash for my homie

  4. Mobb G

    This is west yg

  5. Shen Gao

    damn dis is some sick beats

  6. Dylan Meulenbelt

    dikke bas

  7. Timbo Slice

    haters? No. People with good taste in music.

  8. Angelwhatsername

    anyone know if "ft YG" is YG -korean label that big bang, seven and tablo is on? or if it's another yg and I'm getting all excited for nothing? :P
    LOVE the song either way!

  9. UnderWorld478

    this song make my brain shake

  10. HeyIts Shawnn

    West fuckers aint got shit on that Far East Movement.

  11. SkreetshaOfficial

    Fuck this shit, Bassnectar's Basshead mashes this into a pulp.

  12. zariff afiq

    this is the best song ever

  13. zariff afiq

    i hear using soundbeat the beat is so cool

  14. louise harrison


  15. Joep GTAS

    fucking awesome bass love it <3

  16. Hyper - NBA Live Mobile

    My headphones blew up. yours?

  17. RasL CroU

    Amazing bass loud bass yeah

  18. Booo_kat

    Prety cool bass! I like it!

  19. Gender's Gaming Experience

    sounds good on a 15 inch car sub, from my car (hooked to my computer :D)
    vibrating everything in my room

  20. YaSser HoSsam


  21. Tyler Jarrard

    for sure. way better IMO. Long live the Nectar!!

  22. Ashleigh Lambert

    hayley.yencgfhdgd,dhf fhd fj cjf ffkf fhff fg fgeif hfk fkjfrfbtff fhfnf 0221564814584

  23. jantje Huism

    this bass is fucking awsome in the car whit subwoofer


    I thought that at first too XD

  25. Sum.K

    LOVE IT !

  26. minimouette01

    for like a second i thougt the Ft.YG was the CEO of YGent... I was like WTF?!!!

  27. dharsh_kwon

    im not the only one... :)

  28. vexx072

    Love this song!



  30. Daria Pawelec




  31. HealthyBeats

    Hoooooly shiiit, the bass hits so hard on this!!!

  32. AFUEN021

    23 people say "dis i like" ;p

  33. Kyle McLellan

    it's called "Dirty Bass" lol XD

  34. Kyle McLellan

    yeah in there new video they said they have beats from 80's and 70's and mixed them check it out and yall learn about why it souns like tht

  35. FORZA Nation X

    if u have a real stereo haters, then u will feel this shit !!!! stop hatin this is one of the hardest hittin songs ive ver heard 20 30 40 hz mad sick

  36. rivengle

    Because it's their style and it's their chosen theme for their album.

  37. prsj2kplus

    you are not gona like this is if you dont like bass!!!! so go some place els and hate cos a lot of people love!! good bass!! like this.

  38. Callum Muscroft

    You need a good sub to appreciate this

  39. Nefaisquepasser

    I'm sorry but the real Basshead is from Bassnectar

  40. CeeeX

    I don't understand all this hating.

    I like this beat, so can anybody clarify why this beat is full of flaws?

  41. Maximilian

    best album ever

  42. NarumiYoora Lee


  43. thumbsup63

    Lol! The only shit I hear is haters!!!! :))

  44. daveyjames120593

    are you guys directly trying to seduce underage girls or....

  45. Brye Mangold

    So they should just give up on life. :)

  46. J Lee

    fuck this noise

  47. kizzle

    sad that this is what music has come to...atleast theres still a couple genious's still out there..yeah im talkin about the real bassmaster

  48. buj vidjv

    what an ugly group of people...

  49. jah.red

    You call that bass?! Sounds like Treblehead in this bitch.

  50. Sam E

    Last time I checked, this isn't what a "basshead" is.

  51. aarr smith

    Cool word. Basshead. Did you think of that all by yourselves?

  52. Shasta Lee

    What the fuck is this? You seriously couldn't come up with something by yourself. Basshead obviously was not your idea, and this song honestly makes bassheads look fucking stupid, and makes it seem like we like shitty music like this. We don't. the bass in this song sucks, by the way.
    sorry for hating, but this is the most unoriginal and annoying song ever. You stole a concept and idea from a group of people and didn't even do a good job at making it a song.
    you're the farthest from a basshead

  53. Shasta Lee

    got that right

  54. Dom Lu

    If this "girl" you're talking about is actually a BASS HEAD, and then she listened to this song, she would laugh in your face and walk away. I'm sorry guys, I hate to bash on peoples music but this song insults A LOT more people than you would know.

  55. rastariddum10

    this is fucking pathetic, basshead? rip off Lorin, second THIS SOUNDS LIKE SHIT THERE ISNT EVEN A FLOW OF BASS I TS YOU GUYS SOUNDING LIKE SHIT, your a disgrace too the NEW MUSIC MOVEMENT GTFO here please u guys are garbage u dont know bass if it fucking was in your girl friends pusssay

  56. JO D

    far east bowel movement....

  57. PaulMichaelHOE


  58. PaulMichaelHOE


  59. Andréa Vautour

    like if you knew yg before far east movement.

  60. Benger2185

    Toot it and boot it YG?

  61. Diana

    YG is a rapper

  62. Arne Rechards

    what's a 808?

  63. Majd Zahalka

    Damn this beat is bangin' on my studio beats !!!

  64. Amalia Safiee

    Is the YG, the korean entertainment company?

  65. James Walker

    it's funny how bass head has changed meanings since the 80's

  66. thumbsup63

    anyone who listens to this needs Beats or a big stereo system