Far East Movement - 2Gether Lyrics

We can get together

Now I don't usually do this
But I ain't myself tonight
I wanna drink a lil mo, mo
Forget it all, all
And dance till I'm dead, dead, dead on the floor (floor)

E-very one must shine together tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight [2x]

I-I-I been partying my whole life
But something feels different tonight
I been buzzin' my whole life
But something bout you buzzin' me right (right)

This is club is goin' crazy
You've got me goin' crazy
This dj's goin crazy
And now I'm elevated
We havin' fun in here
So hands up in the air
We havin fun in here
So get your hands up in the air

Now I don't usually do this (this, this)
But I ain't myself tonight (night, night)
I wanna drink a lil mo (mo)
Forget it all (all)
And dance till I'm dead, dead, dead on the floor (floor)

E-very one must shine together tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight [2x]

I-I-I been lovin' my whole life
But somethin' feels different tonight
I been jumpin' my whole life
But you got me jumpin' tonight

This is club is going crazy
You've got me goin' crazy
This dj's goin' crazy
And now I'm elevated
We havin' fun in here
So hands up in the air
We havin' fun in here
So get your hands up in the air (air, air, air...)

Tonight I don't care
We waited all year
Everyone shine
Get yo hands in the air

Tonight I don't care
Get yo-g-g-g-get yo hands in the air

Everyone my shine together tonight [2x]

Tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight......

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Far East Movement 2Gether Comments
  1. Daviid Moento

    This also my jam

  2. the_chosen_one's tube


  3. pop Unicorn

    Roger te extraño mucho no importa si mi hermana y tu sean ex

    Rodrigo gongora


  4. Ani Thomas

    i want the original mix😠😠 this is so not the vibe..

  5. coach41

    What ever happened to the original cut of the video? There was some chick dancing with a lot cut shirt or top or something? I remember seeing it and then this newer edit replaced it. I don't think the original cut was that bad or anything.

    Ani Thomas

    coach41 i know i want the original tgis mix is so wak compared to the original..

  6. balloe

    I'm here for Sarah Harding!

    amanda blood

    Me too ♥

    Ray Stevie

    me three!

  7. triple threat

    This song is still fucking bomb it's so underrated 
    deserves at least 100 million views

  8. kuroguchi


  9. Lucas fernandes guedes


  10. Lucas fernandes guedes


  11. TheAljesco

    What song is chorus from?

    Lucía Pérez

    TheAljesco Love Shack.

  12. Cr0Fighter

    GJ cunts you copied right here right now by fatboy slim,and you made a shit song of it...

  13. Cr0Fighter

    no but right here,right now by fatboy slim

  14. Mr Brayans

    right here right now ^ fatboy slim

  15. lolmayonnaise

    The Australia bit was a little umm...

  16. Efe Baba

    Roger Sanchez <3

  17. Rodrigo Reyes

    I love this Song!!!

  18. lana ifill

    b-52s love shack

  19. Krystian Ignas

    What is the normal version of " we can get together" ?

  20. Tez Cadey

    did a little remix of this song about a year ago if you wanna check it out :)

  21. Kayleigh Natasha

    @lomaaz I thought it was Kimberly Wyatt

  22. Kayleigh Natasha

    @xR0cKabiLLYPriNcEsSx Erm wow

  23. Miha231

    wee just get 2getheer

  24. nunkapuesyou


  25. divdawgd

    @nliausacmmv Np! Glad I could help :)

  26. divdawgd


  27. Stefan Gajic

    251 arent okay O.o

  28. YNGTRK

    @Jamesosaurus Ahahahaha

  29. YNGTRK

    @PSGODIE Ahahaha

  30. KiwiDesigns

    everyone look up love shack

  31. ARNKL

    6th November at EL DIVINO Belfast


    @Jamesosaurus so true:D


    stop the hate omg this song is awsome and so are they gezuz stupid people

  34. I'm Dante Menegollo

    thumps up if you are hearing this song with beats. by dre (any of them) except the justbeats. by dre (justin bieber edition)

  35. Alejandro Contreras

    (8) this Dj going crazy put ur hands up in the air!!...we can go 2gether 2 gether right here right now (8) :D

  36. MarcJH13

    @adambyrne95 love shack, lol

  37. Joaquim Gomes

    i love it +.+

  38. bigbangAT

    maybe a liiiiiittle bit

  39. FWyine Magazine

    Sexy ASS Tune Mayneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

    No wonder the BlackEyed Peas are hangin up their mikes! F.E.M. #GotDatISH!

    I see Sarah from #GirlsAloud up in there too! Braaapp!

  40. Wessel

    this track is nothing compared to another chance..

  41. Wessel

    b52s - love shack

  42. calibania


  43. Tobias H

    0:23 Your Welcome :)

  44. oggisimus1

    A little bit of "The Prodigy - invaders must die" in this song? :)

  45. tanyabc90

    Little cameo from Danny (McFly) at 1:09 :) <3


    @Jamesosaurus maby but then again definately more than a guy that loves amv's

  47. Jamesosaurus

    @PSGODIE probably more than you would

  48. ahmad iqbal

    who the hell is kannoby?

  49. Kayleigh Natasha

    @ThisTime4africa No that is Sarah Harding from Girl Band Girls Aloud

  50. Kayleigh Natasha

    Bloody hell is that really Sarah Harding @ 1:13 in the recording studio

  51. robemusic2

    google: opticremix for far east movement Sunglasses

  52. lomaaz

    omg i didn't even recognise sarah harding!! i thought it was gwen stefani!!

  53. Shantel Salemnia

    Original version= x100000000000 better.

  54. Noel Ronan

    Her name is Sarah Harding.

  55. Simonhowda

    check out this amazing remix guys ! youtube.com/watch?v=7fAzRsBf6Vo

  56. Simonhowda

    check out this amazing remix guys ! youtube .com /watch?v= 7fAzRsBf6Vo

  57. Laura Rieth

    WOW!! essa musica eh muito foda ,minhas amigas acham q eh musica de mano, concordo,mas nao ligo!!!!

  58. Tez Cadey

    Check out my remix on my soundcloud page! Free for download btw :)

  59. javan koh

    is that pink? 1:09

  60. Guery Chen

    I don't get this ---> 610509 views O_O

  61. TheLuka141993

    Love shack FTW! :)

  62. Vaguanni

    not so good as.........
    another chance .....


    do u think any of the far east movement would get laid if they didnt start that band?

  64. runaway


    Republica - Ready to go

  65. Leonardo Berttoli

    2Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeether.....Move.......I need this glasses 1:34 D:.....WHERE CAN I GET????

  66. Leonardo Berttoli

    @Epocsmileyface Every K-Pop Asian Groups Use Headpones Beat by Dr. re xDDDDD

  67. Tom Kelly

    apple sponsor much?

  68. Iestyn Izaz

    Anyone knows what is Far East Movement glasses they are wearing in this video?

  69. ami

    @Verka0101 She isn't cause' the vocals are sampled from the b-52's loveshack

  70. Jefferson Abreu

    muito show! depois da like a g6 eu comecei a ouvir um monte de musicas deles!!!
    very nice!
    after''like the g6 `` I began to hear several of their songs!

  71. Verka0101

    @stefan0s7 ohh then i dont know why is she there

  72. Stefanos S

    @Verka0101 No, the female vocals are from the song ''love shack'' by ''the b52's''


  73. Verka0101

    @ami2111x she is the girl doing female vocals..

  74. Ella Romaine Villar Bornilla

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Jak Jenkins

    We having funny hair

  76. ami

    Can someone tell me why the hell Sarah Harding is randomly appearing in this video :/

  77. 5thStreet2009

    @Epocsmileyface y

  78. andrehendrik

    @extranormal13 that vocal is sampled from the B 52's "Love Shack" (the love shack is a little ole place where we can get to-ge-ther)

  79. andrehendrik

    damn. hard to believe DJ culture used to be cool

  80. son sonson

    looks like Gwen Stefani singing the chorus... i'm not sure

  81. Alejgomezg

    2 GE!! THEEERRRRR!!!

  82. AdiAiriam

    @beller099 Because his headphones are in every freaking video now... talk about marketing;P

  83. son sonson

    @0:20 what is the gadget at the table?

  84. ALHE-638

    where they get the headset !!!

  85. Vv V

    the song is killing

  86. Danilo R

    We Cann Get 2Getherrrr...

  87. ald18795

    @psychicdumass its sarah harding out of girls aloud and i think she sings that part coz it snds like the original

  88. woopwoop36977

    Ibiza :)

  89. CLH Fagan

    @psychicdumass It's Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud

  90. smerkz2keva

    do they wear sunglasses so people dont kno their asain ??

  91. Hilmand S

    when the video ends i feel like i just came out of some club of somtin
    thumbs up if you felt that too.

  92. TheDen7623

    thanks for this track and this clip!!!! my respect!!!!

  93. psychicdumass

    @NFSg0DdR1FT3R and so that is who sings it. answer

  94. psychicdumass

    @refinnejnosille watch the vid. tell me who you see @ 1:11?

  95. cutekid232

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    me encantaaa... :D

  97. hadar

    this song should have much more views ><

  98. erikroekel

    I love that B52's sample (Love shack) =D

  99. Pukagge

    @Venom8419 BEATS by dre

  100. dumshady

    where are these people from ? fucking love them