Fantasia Barrino - Chain Of Fools Lyrics

For five long years
I thought you were my man
But I found out, I'm just a link in your chain
Oh, you got me where you want me
I ain't nothin but your fool
Ya treated me mean
Oh you treated me cruel

Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain
Chain of fools)

Every chain, has got a weak link
I might be weak child, but I'll give you strength
Oh, babe
(Woo, woo, woo, woo)
You told me to leave you alone
(Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo)
My father said 'Come on home'
(Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo)
My doctor said 'Take it easy'
(Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo)
Oh but your lovin is just too strong
(Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo)
I'm added to your
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain chain, chain)
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain... chain... chain... )
Chain of fools

Oh, one of these mornings
The chain is gonna break
But up until the day
I'm gonna take all I can take, oh babe

Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain... chain... chain... )
(Chain of fools)

(Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain)
(Chain, chain, chain)
Oh - oh!
(Chain, chain, chain, - ain, ain, ain, ain)
Your chain of fools

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Fantasia Barrino Chain Of Fools Comments
  1. thomas riner


  2. Robert Harrison

    Fantasia definitely should play Aretha Franklin and not Jennifer Hud-rat!

  3. Frances Morado

    Arethe Franklin

    Frances Morado

    Aretha Franklin

  4. quest

    here 2019

  5. Debra Hollinger

    Fantasia, Still watching 10/14/2019 Love You🌹

  6. Sam Mbabazi

    I knew she was gonna win that competition, I wasn't surprised when she was announced the winner!!

  7. Liz Marquez

    My goodness honey you did that with Aretha

  8. Keal Armstrong

    That wink from Simon said it all

  9. Jo Ann Gorham

    She rocked that song , But Aretha Franklin still and always will rock it 💯🎼🎵🎶🎤🕺💃

  10. Lillie Holmes

    It seems like yesterday, when Fantasia was on stage,, watchinh American Idol Now , they have a bunch of untalented people come to audition,..

  11. Nathaniel Thomas

    She's been honoring Aretha since she was 19...I mean damn..she's our next queen. Love tasia for life.

  12. Ingrid Wiggins

    Put anything in front of her she’ll take it down and sing 🎤 the hell outta it👋🏽👍🏽🤗FRFR ‼️🎤

  13. Ingrid Wiggins

    Put anything in front of her she’ll take it down and sing 🎤 the hell outta it👋🏽👍🏽🤗

  14. marques Powell

    Go Tasia that is one of my favorite songs by Aretha Franklin... You did a great job you sound great Tasia.

  15. DeGrate1896

    Finally understand the real meaning of this song. If they ever do the Patti LaBelle Story and they need a young(er) Patti, Fantasia Barrino's is it. This was her audition for the role--singing Aretha's song. How's that for irony? How great to have Clive Davis on the judge's panel! Simon winked after Mr. Davis' comment. Was that as good as a contractual agreement.

  16. Yochie Levitch

    Winner Winner Winner!!!!

  17. Princess Francois

    Soooo good...but Aretha still got her.

  18. crazyasianman07

    Still watching in 2019! & still can hardly believe this was 15 years ago! Time flies! I was only a sophomore year in high school!

    Jose Vazquez

    So was I

  19. Richard Marshall Bowman

    The girl DID the damn thing!

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    She ain't no Aretha...but who is??????

  20. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Sister girl ROCKED this song

  21. Joan Royer

    Love you fantasia

  22. Lloyd Mholi

    Watching this 20/11/2018 Fantasia you were the best and still the Best dear( Mic Beast) you really can sing yooo

  23. NiPPy3GA

    That look like Clive Davis long nose ass there

  24. EMMA THE A1

    Fantasia is so extravaganza!!!! She can sing anything and she tore this song up. ARETHA loved FANTASIA!!! Rip to the Queen of Soul!!!

  25. kimberly harris

    She is holding back

  26. Shelly Ann Lewis

    She is amazing

  27. Gloria D. Hall

    Sing it girl!

  28. Santanera Naranjera

    You SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYED the FUCK OUTTA THAT SONG!!!! I looooooove you!!!!!!!!

  29. MarlonMax

    born to sing !

  30. TLongz

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin 👑

  31. Steven Piekarski

    this is what its all about. you can use a $ 3000 dollar mic but if you don't sing from the heart your wasting your time., superb girl!

  32. sherrie drummer

    wow! I missed this American idol. Tasia is a badd girl.. we still love you Tasia

  33. Mason Kelly

    i just realise this song is latoya london audition. and fantasia perform this only after latoya was eliminated a week before. latoya audition was great but too short to compare to fantasia on stage. but I must say fantasia does it better.

  34. ColdCoffeeBear

    Can you believe she beat Jennifer Hudson ? She's not in the pocket,wth

    L R

    I can see and clearly hear why she beat Jennifer , she's in a different league to all other idol contestants

  35. Darlene white

    I just love to here fantasia sing esspecially chain of fools she sing it better than the queen herself fantasia a golden idol keep up the good work young queen.

  36. Macy White


  37. Diane Burton

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛❤❤❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💛 oh my word this sister song that song I know the queen of soul and sitting back crying herself I know she came straight out the church nobody seems like that but the choir I wonder how she would doing gospel she will tear it up amen

    Avion Terria

    Please YouTube Fantasia can enjoy hours of praise and worship. She's a preacher

  38. babycakes87 Rogers


  39. Blkroyalty88

    Two middle fingers to the 26 douches 😂 who disliked this. Her American Idol time is how I and most likely many others feel in love with her 🍻

  40. Althea Barnes

    love her she have that old school talent Superstar from the first time I hear her Sing

    Jo Ann Gorham

    Yessssss she do......👍💯

  41. Shana Lee

    she sings better than beyonce


    Beyonce WISHES she was THIS.

    Dave M

    Shana Lee A lot of people sing better than Beyonce

  42. Diana Ford

    I've fantasia music she know about love and pain and I got her new CD don't like the CD I like her old music

  43. vicki johnson

    Fantastic Fantasia👼

  44. SookyBear369

    She sounds SOO good!

  45. Melvin Campbell

    attention everybody Fantasia new album called "The Definition OF" which be available everywhere on July 29 so please pre order it now on itunes and amazon

  46. DiannaSugarF00t

    That smile! She knew!!

    Carlota Spradlin


    Sandreia Jordan

    Amen .Only with GOD By her side Still theres no her voice.

  47. swiftjustice04

    nobody can sing aretha's song like her but Fantasia did that!


    Fantasia is the American Dream Success Story!

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    swiftjustice04 Jennifer Hudson can also.

  48. Gail Bethea

    Nice very nice

  49. Elite Marketing

    Beyonce has the looks but her voice can't compare to Fantasia !

    Lee Topps

    Beyonce has no talent compared to Fantasia. Fantasia is the real deal and so down to earth. Fantasia is so real in spirit and mind and body and soulfully.

    Brandon Hudson

    Fantasia has the looks & the voice!

    Torpedo Of Truth

    arieanna gibson We caught that shade!


    B A

    Doesn't have to. Both bring something to the table. Both talented, hard working and I am more a Fantasia fan, but respect Beyonce

  50. ron campbell

    attention everybody go get FANTASIA new hot single called "no time for it" available now on itunes and amazon and please request on your local radio station

  51. jljf2f

    Simon loved this girl...


    I also like her too. Picked her as the 2004 "American Idol" Champion from the moment she auditioned in Atlanta, GA.

  52. Felicia Boles

    Simon wink his eyes at Fantasia he like her

    Beverley r.o.g.3000

    He was telling her she's the next American idol

  53. maxine and jaira

    just beautiful

  54. Courtney Watson Wilson

    Fantasha Barria

  55. gukonni

    Just beautiful.

  56. Kyna Jackson

    Her voice..says it all...Fantasia can saaaaang....#1fan

  57. Tea Rose

    She is right up there even with Beyonce

    Torpedo Of Truth

    Tea Rose She can sing better that Beyonce.

    Google User

    Fantasia can Sing. Beyonce can perform and dance, but her vocals are nowhere near Fantasia's.

  58. Arica Townsend

    She shining bright like a diamond

  59. Elaine Paterson

    you go girl i knew you was a winner from day one and in my eyes you're always will be a winner I'll always love you no matter what!

  60. the lady sings the blues

    brilliant !!!!!!! so confident and rightly so: you can see she's been singing all her life.

  61. Antoinette James

    She should have dropped that mike and walked off stage. That was BEAST!!!!!

    B Davis

    Antoinette James :: POWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  62. lf1234

    THE most self-posessed performer ever on Idol. NO ONE before or since has had so much self-security when coming out- every week!!!!!! Still my favorite.

    Brooke Appleton

    So true!!!!!!

    Katherine Patrick

    Brooke Appleton lO 7

    London Mccray


  63. Joshua McDowell

    Look at Fantasia sounding like a young Aretha Franklin. This is one who should play Aretha in her biopic. I Love Jennifer Hudson, but I could really see Fantasia in that role. She would most definitely do Aretha justice on screen.

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    Joshua McDowell I can't.

    Howard Tuanqui

    She's gonna do better as Patti Labelle.

  64. Anneka Clarke

    she is a performer! she knows how to get people hooked on top of her SIMPLY BRILLIANT voice!

  65. ron campbell

    everybody please request FANTASIA new hot single called "side effects of you" on your local urban ac stations for now so we can get it to crossover and get it to number one 

  66. nicolecook239

    Yass!!!! $ing it fantasia!

  67. Brittany spence

    Yes boo sing that shit

  68. Phenny Otieno

    Am still watching this 2013

  69. Isaiah Alexander Anderson

    She's such a GREAT talent, I love you Fantasia!

  70. melai reyes


  71. twilightcasanova3

    American Idol used to be great! Great Competition and Great Judges!

  72. MajorMovieStar

    @IGoByRuth Yeah...Tasia has a very unique and distinctive sound whereas JHud sounds like every powerful gospel singer we have ever heard.

  73. BISHOP The Poet

    There's no comparison between Fantasia & Jennifer… Jennifer has a more polished sound/tone - and there's nothing wrong with that -- But Fantasia comes from that store front Chu'ch, back wood juke joint school of Singing - She's all Heart & Soul - Fantasia is a Soul Sangin' Angel

  74. BaLLerCHick100

    She couldn't have sung this any better. Absolutely AMAZING!!

  75. zgirlizfine

    @deasiab1 That's the truth I don't even bother

  76. SHELLZ591

    Aww did u hear her daugher at the end ..cute !

  77. EDaddy506

    @deasiab1 AMEN TO THAT!!!!!

  78. Jessica Rothstein


  79. Zippah Happiz

    fantaisa and jennefer hudson only gud 2

  80. Kyla


  81. ninosimone x

    @deasiab1 right after that season I stop watching the show

  82. ron campbell

    attention everybody if your in arkansas on july 9 dont miss fantasia live at the robinson center in Little Rock,AR dont miss cause its a must see tickets are available now at ticket master

  83. soakedbearrd

    Definitely one of the best voices of all of the american idol seasons, if not the best.

  84. new735758

    @russell1riley I love Fantasia but I was surprised when she won. I just felt the AI viewers wanted more of a pop person. Fantasia is a soul singer. You could even tell it when she was on the show. The whooping and hollering (as you see it) just makes the sound better. If you're singing with soul, you're feeling something. I'm not talking about mere emotion. There has been plenty of people who sing with emotion. You may not always feel it but you can see it on their face.

  85. Nika Ledesma

    Kelly's vocal calisthenics is better than Fantasia, just that she has soul than Kelly and confidence too

  86. ron campbell

    attention american idol fans the time as come start requesting fantasia new single "collard greens and cornbread" on your local radio station and buy it on itunes so is this your favorite if so support get her to number one

  87. Tory McGriff

    Fantasia has GOT to play the role of Aretha Franklin in her biopic! No one else will do it justice!

  88. jljf2f

    I guess the chain of FOOLS consists of 7 people...

  89. nickd98


  90. divadlite


  91. aurayon


  92. Kurious Jackson

    she killed it

  93. Ida Mae Mae

    @ 1:58 OMG! It's Aunt Bunny! :O

  94. jaye501

    i'm not really a fantasia fan... but fantasia was born decades too late....she has as much vocal talent as any of the legends we revere....

  95. Daniel Kennie

    @monolith242 she may look like that to you but in reality she's a beautiful, rich, talented, and successful with many fans and you are a bitter hater who no one would pay to hear most likely.

  96. Aicha Sylla

    love fantasia

  97. Carter's mom

    @MantasiaHater Wow that means you must really like her. People who don't like other people, why spend your time on something that has them on it? Your a fan! Admit it!

  98. dre witt

    @monolith242 why do you talk about your mother like that

  99. ron campbell

    congrats to fantasia on her grammy win