Famous Dex - What Got Into Me Lyrics

Fuck on that bitch for some money, this ain't yo honey
I'm a neighborhood junkie, dick in her mouth like a donkey
I don't want money, bitch I'm coming for your tummy
Dexter, Dexter, Dexter, Dexter
They keep sending me these letters
Wait, I don't really give a fuck
I'm balling like the fucking Bucks
Wait, eyes rolling back like The Undertaker
Fuck your lil bitch, I'm the mask maker
Middle finger to the world, yes I will fuck your girl
All on my dick like a skirl, I fuck your bitch, you make her pearl
Oh shit they can't find me, Yeezys on, he should sign me
Remember sittin' right in detention, I ain't have bitches
Now I'm whippin' in the kitchen, ballin' so hard, no permission
32 Griffin, run up on me shootin' Pippen
You a lil boy, boy you lame as fuck
You a lil broke boy, you lame as fuck
Yeah I'm balling like the Bucks, you run up on me shootin' stuff

Bitch I'm so high off a molly, all in my jolly
Fucking bitches on the trolley, all these tats on my body
Wait, hold on!
Bitch I'm so high off a molly, all in my jolly
Fucking bitches on the trolley
Yeah, Dexter!
Bitch I'm so high off a molly, all in my jolly
Fucking bitches on the charlie, all these tats on my body
Geekin' off molly, turning up in the lobby
Water, water, water, water
Get your bitch 'fore I spoil her
I will never do her wrong, and she be twerking to my songs
I ride with my fam like the Brady Bunch, stop all that hate get some Hater Punch
Yeah a nigga on his grind, two rings and they shine
I can't fuck with them, they on other stuff
Wait, Fat Daddy rob him up!
Then we throw him in the trash, a young nigga got his bag

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Famous Dex What Got Into Me Comments
  1. Jordan Wert

    I've never heard this wtf

  2. damirDommebeforeDishonor

    Naw fr Dex what really happened to you?

  3. Robert Coffee

    I miss this Dex ☹️

  4. lilwaterbed 2

    dex in his prime

  5. saybree fillyaw

    Let's go son streets proud street

  6. Jesus Christ

    miss this dex


    Best dex song ever. This was back when every day dex dropped a new video

  8. serenityy7

    OG fans are here

  9. Mwaridi Ndunda

    What got into you? The drugs

  10. Flacko GUNNA

    i miss 2016 dex

  11. Anthony Borden

    this is new rap in a video..... bad

  12. Artis williams


  13. fuckery

    remember dis banger 😔

  14. Elijah Webb

    So y’all ain’t hear “ u a broke boi lemme fuck” 😂

    Charles McGill

    He said "u a broke boi lame as f**k" but yeah it does sound like he said "lemme f**k"

  15. Braxton Warren

    Nigga is a meth head

  16. Kay La Flame

    Miss this famous dex era

  17. Drake’s cousin

    I’ll take 2016 dex over any rapper that year, he was constantly putting out heat

  18. krystil_king_fpv

    THIS song is FLAMA. Its a shame he aint the same no mo I really loved this fool.

  19. Mattities The Great

    😞I miss this dex

  20. Tay Thompson



    Y. Ya boi got papa stuff on

  22. Sammy Xavier

    Any so wtf man oh shxt DezStill Be Trippy Drippy! Man What Got Into Him! Dex Tha muhfukkin Goat Babii! Trill Shxt!!

  23. Saucekilla 21

    The style change was thw middle finger to the worls miss this dex


    Where is this dexter? Gooooooddddaaaammmnnnn

  25. Dwayne Clens

    This is dope shit

  26. Oogie Boogie


  27. Clint Ruiters

    2018 dexer

  28. BugsTV

    Who watching in 2018 and Dex still consistently dropping music?

  29. Tye Sosaa

    Bangerrrrrr 🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣🗣🗣

  30. drizzY T.V

    "we like fuck the birds"😤
    -dumb nigga,2018

  31. KWithTheK ひ

    Old Dexter the best DEX

  32. Helen Abraham

    DEXTER I L000V33333 YOUUUU !~!!


  33. Anti

    RIP Famous Dex [*]

  34. Spooky Goon 731

    When a guy is a better dancer than a female, that's sad

  35. dogeness

    the guy had a Rolling Stones shirt thats dope

  36. Nick P.

    Man he used to have so much energy now he’s tired :( drugs

  37. TWENTY TWO Beats

    he said hes the neighbourhood junkie lol

  38. KAOS- drxp17

    More Like What Got Into Your Producer
    This Beat Hard Asf

  39. Nut Ting

    I miss this Dex 😭

  40. Dee Allen

    dexter always droppin fire anyone that hates probably beats off to russ

  41. YrnClydeRich aka Lil Clyde

    Subscribe YrnClydeRichVEVO

  42. Collin Marshall

    Drop ON THE APP MYMIXTAPES 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  43. DeeTv Gamming

    Sam in the background

  44. Bernard William Jappah

    l've this song all the time

  45. Spooky Goon 731

    Eyes Roll Back In My Head Like Tha Undertaker 🦇

  46. DoeBoy 313

    Why i found now that song 😑😑😑😤😤😤

  47. Geovanni Arenas

    I miss this famous de :(

  48. AvocadoMan

    Best era of Dexter..



    Carlucci Keys

    AvocadoMan big fucking facts 📌

  49. Ben Jamin

    damn this shit fye

  50. Nope

    Hardest dex song

  51. Saucetality

    What happened to this Dex

    Omari Jenkins

    dantebnk lol mfs didn’t appreciate this dex look the comments I’m tired of hearing that


    Omari Jenkins Now look what they got and people still hatin dont make sense

    Viral Menace

    He died

  52. Leek AKL

    miss this dex

  53. Saucekilla 21

    Nother real dope dex song miss rip dex

  54. twi : yrnsosa75

    i miss the old dexter

    Charger 2721

    ig : callhimobama me too😩😩

    A-dub Washington

    He still raps the same lol

    Tyrell Wyatt

    Aarian Washington no he doesn’t he don’t rap as fluently like this

  55. Nike Fjord

    Old (better) Dex has only 1mill views but new videos got over 10millions WHY?

  56. Namaah Allechy

    2:12 the girl in the back is me LMFAOO

    dae dae

    Hey bighead 🤩😭

  57. T Bone From California

    Bape Dex

  58. TAY-K Kagamine-Dex

    DEXTERRRRRR come to México DEXTERRRRRR love u from México

  59. Ktmboy 321

    Dexters hardest song

    Visual Danny

    Ktmboy 321 shit is lit

  60. Glg. Honcho

    Had to come back here because new dex suck🤧

    Ryan Haight

    richforeverken ! Exactly honestly 2016 was his year he had some bangers in 17 too and Japan was the last decent song but by then he was well on his decline as 2018 progressed just wasn’t the same he slurred more and his flow wasn’t that dexter flow from his prime time

    Tyrell Wyatt

    Ryan Haight he just stink 🤷🏾‍♂️ ya know

    MediumBoss Eazy

    Yeah, new Dexter is Completely different now. He re invented himself into a shitty-er rapper somehow. His energy is centered around being hi and doing every drug .

    Manny Barnes

    Surely does 💯😂

  61. Ben Hiehle

    Dexs best song

  62. Λlone

    I camt possibly be the only one at 1:15 who thought the song was ending and was like "'that's it?" then got woke tf up

  63. Orville Allen

    Who still listening to this in aug 2017 lol

  64. Niles M

    W H A T E L S E ?

  65. Ilija Vlaisavljevic

    Im not human

  66. Kevin

    Famous dex < Tupac and biggie combined

  67. Артур Антонюк

    ля, это охуенно

    Visual Danny

    Артур Антонюк eto zhoska

  68. Daniel Wheeler

    I remember this song this goes hard ohhhhhh mannnnn goddamnnnnnn

  69. Shahbaz Khaisto

    0:14 sound like he giving birth or taking a hard shit😂😂😂😂😂

    Visual Danny

    Shahbaz Khaisto hyped af

  70. Authentik Beatz

    SHitz HARD AF !!!Go Yayo in the back!!

  71. AMVSupreme

    This song makes me wanna go outside and rob someone.

  72. Adesina Adeniran

    Y'all can't say dex ain't snap in this shit

  73. Mayhem

    i miss this dex ):

  74. tayshon sanders

    songs heat

  75. Aaron Lopez

    they hafto/better put you on Doubble XL

  76. Aaron Lopez

    theres tallent in unseen places

  77. ZYoung_MetroX


  78. Kokane Fatz

    dexter dexter dexter dexter!!!!! yea !!!!! uh wait !!!

  79. stef V.R

    he's smart for post this on worldstar...

  80. Lil M

    This song goes ham Famous Dex is always be going in facts💯✔️

  81. SEGA SZN

    mom im on worldstar!

  82. Bolesław Chrobry

    Give me facebook this beauty girl!!!

    Bolesław Chrobry

    She's dope

  83. Caleb Adams

    Dex the best nigga alive in Chicago

  84. yvngsam

    ride wit my fam like tha Brady bunch

  85. Oh Sper Schizophrenic

    Dexter's waiting for the bus.

  86. Slime Dee

    Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter 🔥

  87. Stevenson Jones

    this shit just gave me a head ache

  88. Jamel Newton

    like it

  89. RichHomieLa

    50% of the comments filled with hate and other 50% with sum fire comments🔥🔥🤘🏼

  90. nonameguy96

    that bitch is so goofy

  91. yung.lucifer 666

    go yayo in the back