Famous Dex - Watch Out Remix (Hold Up) Lyrics

All these bitches on me, all these bitches on me
All these bitches want me, but I know they want some Money
They can't get nothing, our blood a lil darker
Pull up in a audi, I ball like ron harper
Pull Up I see cameras out
DDB and we standing out
Niggas mugging I bring hammers out
Flash kill him nother man down
A extra clip if he ran out
Oh my God ambulance sound
That bitch up on me with her hand out
You can't get shit I rand out

Hol up lil bitch hol up lil bitch
Hol up lil bitch hol up lil bitch
She all on my ass
She all on my dick
She all on my ass
And all on my dick
Hol up lil bitch, hol up lil bitch
Hol up lil bitch, hol up lil bitch
She all on my ass
She all on my dick
She all on my ass
And all on my dick

I'm famous dex bitch I'm swagging
I double dab yeah I'm dabbing dab
Fucking two bitches yeah I'm nasty nasty
I only fuck if the bitch is classy fuckem
Never hold a bitch for ransom
She call my phone never answer
I called up flash like "where the fee fee its going down bitch I'm waxton"
Hop out bitch I'm flashing
I'm busting hard yeah I'm off a pill
Steve seagal yeah its hard to kill
Run up on me its Another drill
I'm in the foreign bitch I'm so blunted
Do the dash yeah I'm so dumb
I smoke some dope yeah its so strong
This bitch up on me tell her hold up

Hol up lil bitch hol up lil bitch
Hol up lil bitch hol up lil bitch
She all on my ass
She all on my dick
She all on my ass
And all on my dick
Hol up lil bitch, hol up lil bitch
Hol up lil bitch, hol up lil bitch
She all on my ass
She all on my dick
She all on my ass
And all on my dick

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Famous Dex Watch Out Remix (Hold Up) Comments
  1. David De Vera

    i miss old dex so much this was his final form

  2. woop woop boi

    missin old dex 20/20 👁👨🏻‍🦯👁👨🏻‍🦯👁

  3. Starting 4

    This man said I ball like Ron Harper 😂😂still the hardest bar of all time

  4. voutolliC22

    his energy live here

  5. JcBlazer 04

    Old Chiraq Dex 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. YADS

    i double dab yeah im dabbing

  7. go oo

    This when y’all loved folks😭

  8. go oo

    This when y’all loved folks😭

    Ik wunz

    I see u everywhere bruh 😂😂😂

    go oo

    Ik wunz all u already kno my boy☝️😅

  9. Monte Richards

    Still fw it in 2019 !

  10. Dennis Vidot

    Cruz-Pol Ph.D., Dr. Sandra
    Ecotarian: Your Guide to a healthy body, while saving money and helping the Planet.-BW version

  11. raeshon dunbar

    Yeah this the DeX that was fire

  12. zuehirodave 06

    This sample is in oh nanana music

  13. 輩不浄な先

    Who miss the old dex

  14. young gamingboy

    Who here in 2019💯

  15. Shawn Marco

    i still remember this shit when i started to fw dex

  16. Brian Sierra

    She all in ma asss an all of my dickk!!! We still rappin out here. Wit da old dex here in texas

  17. shsjababzhjs alakowhsbzbhah

    did it say kush and ham productions

  18. derek j

    wha happened to this nigga

  19. Braden Towe

    Did this nigga jus say “she all in my ass”?¿

  20. Cynthia John

    2019 ???

  21. JaMestic

    2019? 🔥

  22. Emilio Garcia

    This still my shit wtf?!!

  23. Mr. Malloy

    This hard

  24. Mr. Malloy

    This that type of shit u blow before school

  25. Patrick Simon

    Hold up little🐩🐕🐶🐺🦊👩👸🤰👰🙅‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  26. Phezzy Thompson

    Dex fell off

  27. Kei 804

    Old dex🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Almighty Games


  29. Famous Nitro

    2019 any body ?🔥🔥🔥 he was raw asll

  30. Nero

    2019 🤔🔥

  31. Saucekilla 21

    Put this the fuck on spotify

  32. Frank Velasquez

    Lmao @ 1:48

  33. spinosaurex tom

    2019 anyone ?

  34. Clint Ruiters

    missing the dexer 2019

  35. Jayden Borg

    This nigga is in the fucking barbie world now

  36. T Kappalot


  37. Jhango


  38. Sean790

    Wish this song was on Apple Music :(

  39. Ronnie Neal Jr

    “ she all on my ass , and all on my dxck , hold up lil bxtch “ - old Dexter

  40. juliandjchicago

    Chicago shit

  41. FortniteTV

    Oh oh na nana

  42. R Dot


  43. Nolla LIVE


  44. Sosa2saucy

    This dex bruuuh🔥🔥

  45. Zak James

    Yooooo did a remix to this too!
    It's more on the funny side & it's got a lot of throwaway stuff but check it out & let me know what you think or requests of beats to remix! Thanks for reading if you did👌🏽


  46. All Most' Famous

    I’m not going anywhere

  47. All Most' Famous

    Roll a superblunt

  48. All Most' Famous


  49. Sam Melo

    Dex Dex Dex!!!

  50. 丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山

    Oh na na na

  51. Latrell Hayes

    Miss Thus Dex💯💯💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  52. snag the goat

    They in here dab. 😂😂

  53. Lil Frog


  54. YSL.Slimee

    He need to link back up with laka

  55. Kdot DaGoat

    Who Still Listening ?

  56. Almighty Sefh

    Oooh na na na

  57. Devonta Brown

    Who still bumpin in 1986?🔥

  58. FLVCKO


  59. Valerie Brown

    This is fucking 🔥

  60. Yuki Sakura

    Too bad dex is just a drug addict because of this retarded lean culture. That shit aint cool stop! RIP Fredo Santana

  61. Rental Space


  62. KaeStar

    That backpack crack

  63. Tehh Stylz

    Nigga said “where the FIFi” im done 😂😂🤣😭

  64. Samantha Healy

    Best song tho

  65. Lonnie23 Williams

    Dex now if u was like dis he would be making hits like they ain't shit


    Nike Boi lmao

  67. HunnidBandz

    Man where did u go? What have you turned into?😢

  68. Raphael Paredes

    When he says she all on my ass he means like she on his ass like i can’t explain y’all niggas stupid tho

  69. Will

    Still the best Dex song.

  70. Astronaut

    Man that shit fire, old Dex was the shit

  71. abc

    dex best song ever

  72. goku Savage

    Damn why he changed this shit fire

  73. blunt


  74. Elljoda

    1:53 - 1:58 When the girl you been nuttin inside tellin u she pregnant and you tryna say something but you mind blown

  75. Tukie naw


  76. BKABM

    lol when famous dex was actually good

  77. Armando Armendariz

    fuck u bitch

  78. Frank Pryor

    She all on my ass she all on my dick like dex really got bars and he still killing it in 2018 him and rich the kid

  79. clarence Vincent

    man I miss this dex when he could spek english

  80. Nfnq Noot

    Throwback 😂 2018 anybody ?

    23 SH0TZS

    on hood

    Wave Gang

    dis da best dex ever.. dis was his prime

    the LEGEND

    Why did dex now choose to be trash

  81. da real gee money

    All on my ass they all on my she all dick

  82. Airgens

    Prime Dex

  83. KAKO DW

    There's the original esketit

  84. Beats By Skornia

    Why did hoverboards disappear from rap tho ?

    Be Informed

    great question

  85. Ezeke Slat

    His shit was damn near better than the original version 💯💯 I played it more shit Dexter oh man god damn💯💪🏽🤘🏾

  86. ReseMaid

    Old dex👍🏽

  87. DeejayBasty Haiti

    OOHh Man Goddamnnnnnnn

  88. Steven Heller

    Is that a hover board? Like a little Segway lol

  89. Luigh Mello


  90. TheLastOfBR

    oh na na na

  91. Gabriel sabino

    Ooooooo nanana ooooooo nananaa as amigas da minhas tao tudo querendo me dar!!! Oooooo nananana