Famous Dex - Try Me (Remix) Lyrics

Bitch I'm Rolling you know I'm toting
One phone call then my then my niggas showing
And I ain't with the though shit but I be blowing
All these hoes thots man these bitches going
They say they miss you then tryna diss you
You better Watch your mouth they'll get you
And these niggas soft I ain't talking tissues
Ion want no deal man that's not the issue
But If they sign me, sign me
I'm a run and go tell my fucking family
We ain't gotta stay in this damn tsunami
I made it to the top Young nigga grinding
So don't try me, try me
I'll call Jimmy for the fucking shotty
And free my nigga feko up out that audi
My lil niggas savage down to cfatch a body
You try to rob me, rob me
I'll turn yo fucking body to a mummy
And I'm not with the fu shit I ain't no dummy
Bullets hit his stomach you would Think he hungry
My niggas grimey you know they grimey
56th n emerald bro where you can find me
Posted with the killers no fu shit around me
I was born to kill man that shit Crown me

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