Famous Dex - Told You Lyrics

Ah woah
Oh wait, what else?
Ah woah
I tell ya
Turn me up sis
Ah why, Ah yeah
Oh forreal oh forreal
Oh Man God Damn!

Rubberband Rubberband Rubberband
Yeah I be running to the rubberbands
I'm the rubberband man
You run up on me get to spraying
I'm riding round in a Benz
I'm fucking bitches and their friends
Oh shit you know what, what? Let me call Rozay
I'm getting money everyday
I swear I'm addicted to cake
I fuck your bitch up in my straight
I'm busting right up on her face
Wow!, you run up my 30 go bow
I'm getting money like lil bow
Hell yeah like lil bow wow
I'm riding round town me and [?]
I'm flexing so hard on broadway
My diamonds in my teeth cost 8K
I'm smiling so hard yeah [?]
Yeah, diamonds all up in my ear
And red all up in my hair
I'm fucking your bitch damn near everywhere
You smoking on swisher that 1 gram
I'm smoking on backwoods 5 grams
Blocking bitches out the gram
All I know is block her spam
4K yeah for the Goyard
I used to play basketball backyard
My diamonds shine up in the dark
You a goofy, you a mark
Nah I say you a goofy, you a mark bitch
4K 4K for the goyard, 4K 4K for the goyard
Yeah, my diamonds shine in the dark
Ah woah, my diamonds shine in the dark
Me and [?] getting all of the hoes
We getting money you already know
Ah Woah!

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