Famous Dex - Save You Lyrics

Dexter, ha
Lemme save you
Ha, baby lemme save you (save you, ha)
Ha, yeah, ha, baby girl lemme save you
Ridin' in the car, it's a space coupe
Ha, what? (oh damn, goddamn)

Ooo, baby girl lemme save you (lemme save you)
Ha, hop up in my car, it's a space coupe (skrt)
Ha, yeah, all these niggas turn to food
I just run into the money and it's all blue
Wait, baby hop up in the space coupe (skrt)
Ha, can't [?] wit' them 'cause they so fool ('cause they so fool)
Ha, you know my money come in all blue (come in all blue)
I remembers days I was broke up in school (ha, what?)

Ha, remembers days I was broke
Yeah I got a white bitch and I'm swear she do coke, yeah
Yeah I popped me a mid, now a nigga gotta float (what?)
If you run up on me I swear to god get a tote (oh yeah, goddamn)
Ha, I got my toaster, it's in the holster
Ooo, you wanna run up? I swear I'll burn ya
Ha, I'm smokin' Naja, you know it's Ganja
Ooo, you was a sucker, you was a buster
Ha, a bad bitch and yeah she like that
Ooo, she suck a dick but I don't bite back
Ooo, you run up on me, yeah I fight back
Glock 4 waste, ha, yeah I swipe that
Ha, ha, ooo, yeah shake it
Bad bitch and wit' her friend 'cause she basic
Ooo, bruh I wanna see you naked
Pop a couple whole pills, swear to god you gotta taste it (bitch)

Baby girl lemme save you (lemme save you)
Ha, hop up in my car, it's a space coupe (skrt)
Ha, yeah, all these niggas turn to food
I just run into the money and it's all blue
Wait, baby hop up in the space coupe (skrt)
Ha, can't [?] wit' them 'cause they so fool ('cause they so fool)
Ha, you know my money come in all blue (come in all blue)
I remembers days I was broke up in school (ha)

I remember days broke up in the school
I done had a bad bitch, swear she is cool, ooo
I remember days I was runnin' from the pool
Nigga could've jumped me right up at the pool
But I got me a gun now, I ain't dumb now
You run up on me, swear to God, you get dumbed down
What, I swear to God you get gunned down
Lost that boy, what? and I lost it and it's found
Got a bad bitch and I swear she gon' drown
Ridin' downtown yeah I'm ridin' 'round my town
Ridin' 'round, what? yeah, feelin' real good, yeah
I wish a nigga would, yeah, a nigga from the hood, yeah
Bitch hold on, yeah, like that, ah yeah, like that
Who? She wanna bite back and I don't bite back
Huh, you wanna fight that but I don't fight back
Huh, I got my strap on me and nigga fight that

Ha, baby girl lemme save you
Hop up in my coupe, in the space coupe, yuh
And my money come in all blue (huh, yeah)
Ha, ooo, baby girl lemme save you
Ha, baby girl lemme save you
Hop up in my coupe, in the space coupe
Ha, all these niggas turnin' so fool
Ha, yeah, ha, yeah
Ha, all these niggas turnin' so fool
Ha, baby girl lemme save you
Ha, hop up in my car, it's a space coupe
Ha, yeah my money come in all blue
All the squad ridin' wit' a 2, had me fooled
Come slide, yeah I'm [?]
I can't trust a nigga 'cause he so fool, ooo
What? yeah
Ha, sippin' on lean like the best, ha

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Famous Dex Save You Comments
  1. # beatsmadeintrinidad


  2. Blue Got It

    its a vibe but the song is bullshit 😅

  3. PoshPrince

    For some reasons i like this song

  4. Drag Waswasan PH

    Even the English caption don’t understand what he saying

  5. cristian guzman

    1:58 tf she dropped the dex blunt

  6. Kevin Wolfay

    2010 vibes over here DEXTERRR OMGDAMN !!! #Kevinwolfay - Okay https://youtu.be/0iDw9n7HSNs

  7. Po Boi Rulez

    Nigga said they tried to jump me @ the pool😂😂

  8. Mandeep Racky

    where can i find the beat

  9. Mandeep Racky

    i need this instrumental pleaseee

  10. sergorti

    That little dance he hit come naturally when i hear this beat😂🔥

  11. trillvegas !

    This so fire 🔥

  12. Danny Fitzpatrick


  13. Tony Hicks

    I got my strap on me so nigga fight that !!

  14. Zasso

    Plz drop the instrumental

  15. Charles Buckley

    Wtf is y'all fans of this shit is garbage!!! Please stop this shit

  16. monroy023


  17. Bigmeed YT

    imagine if this was his first song 🤗🤗

  18. E Z

    People like this shit? Hip hop has fallen .... shit is offbeat and hes mumbling.

  19. Cratry Vaughn

    I the work men

  20. Youtube Rage

    you can tell he on dat coke he got him and white snorting buddy


    Rich the kid totally sucked dexs energy

    Fmb Nero

    Sounds good but think about it how did he do dat ??

  22. missball404

    wtf?!?!?!?? nah this ain't it😒

  23. Anthony Copeland

    Space coupe🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. SERGIO 7110

    Most trash rapper

  25. Jus Bvleve

    Respect the hustle,but i dont understand how this is so appealing to people,oh wait,my bad,i get it

  26. Jus Bvleve


  27. Michael Merriman

    Why is this not on Spotify

  28. Isaiah Dyer

    ON God This T'd

  29. Zay Pettiford

    3:12 when all your hoes tryna hangout at the same time

  30. Abdu Hasen

    Dex ..save ya

  31. Kevin Han

    Old dexter is better than now

  32. Seth Wayne #500

    Whos gunna save dex tho

  33. nick lorenz

    Y’all clowning hard af about his mumbling. He just isn’t forcing his voice anymore like he used to on dexter the robot. He has more of a relaxed singing tone now. Bars just need to be better but who really listens to dex for his bars anyways. Real dex fans fuck wid his new flow

  34. Fijiivibes

    @2:00 lmfaooooooo she ain’t know the lyrics🤣

  35. Torian Adams

    Fucking love this guy😂

  36. Dj wizard wiz !

    Ugh I want old dex back

  37. Stef vk

    This is funny rap i like this one 🤣👍

  38. Shayne Fleur

    Is a good musique famous dex

  39. SuburbanJunkieツ

    Miss the old dex... but this sound good when im fried.. its aight tho

  40. Zero

    Fuck I miss Black Migo Dex

  41. Jérémmi Rob

    Trash the canada goose fit

  42. Tyshaun Garner

    Yea money can come all blue if you save dude

  43. Trench Baby

    baby girl let me save you, hop 🆙 in my car it's a space coupe 🔥

  44. Touchbandz Darin

    Mfs stay hating on my bro Dex 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  45. drey lizarraga

    The beat⚡

  46. McHarambeface


  47. Skate4LiFe -

    Baby girl let me save you👌

  48. Sidney Roberts


  49. Beats&Wheels

    damn that twelve year old bitch should be in bed by the time they be shootin these videos in which dex be sayin the same shit over and over just like three years ago.

  50. sensitivebunny00

    This is bad. Only a fan can like this lol

  51. randall white

    i like ..thumbs up 2... compliments to you ..

  52. IsolationDam

    Rich the kid took his clout

  53. Devin Matsunaga

    I wouldn’t trust this dex driving that car


    Stay off the lean dude that shit gonna kill you

  55. jordan

    he can say the same shit on a different beat and i wont care cause it sound hard to me

  56. Mack Hall

    🔥 🔥 dex stay droping hits fuck yall mean

  57. 4AM d0rian

    haram city on est al

  58. 4AM d0rian

    oh dexter t tro bo

  59. Man Business

    Sounds like rich the Kidd wrote this for him

  60. Beastmode Tv

    This ain't trash but I've heard better songs that dex has dropped

  61. DeathlyAlive225

    Sometimes I dont recognize Famous Dex

  62. backwave

    He befor a mill 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  63. Kevin Van

    Car name?

  64. Bubba 78

    Ayeee DEXTER

  65. Sierra Stephensen

    Wasted the beat with some trash lyrics

  66. Zu Bear

    this nigga the best !

  67. Arnaldo Alonso

    Lmao i can’t believe it I know that girl that’s in the corvette from school in btown haha

  68. Antonio McFadden

    Damn Dex , I hate seeing you like this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  69. musa Sesay

    This a song you play in the strip club

  70. Lil P

    I swear to god these rappers are SO FUNNYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Fabricio Bertin

    I fuck with this heavy

  72. Roy S.

    This dude went from lose it to save you

  73. Roy S.

    This guy looks like famous dexter

  74. Kendrez Flournoy


  75. Mr Krabs

    1:00-1:07 slowly getting dumbed down

    1:55 I'm ded

  76. Yung SauZy

    That nigga said "i lost him ina found"

  77. Jaime Beas

    Beat go hard

  78. 2900Luk

    the bred 4s where the best thing in this video

  79. Illegal toes

    Y'all hating on this man music but y'all ain't the ones makin bank

  80. Allah Schoolz Of Thought Asiatic Brethren

    Let sayyyy u

  81. Lamar Treece

    This fool sound like he giving the microphone head when he rap 😂😂

  82. JarnoHealth

    What brand those pants from ? I see so many rappers wear them..

  83. Tristan Martin

    I wanna know who the 24k dummies who like this stupid shit

    Fmb Nero

    me n your a hater bye

    Tristan Martin

    1020 ILY no that shit just don’t make sense wth

  84. Chason Earls

    2015-16 Dex need to come back frfr he starting to fall off



  86. 1220lilli

    Wat up he my man

  87. Ihemba Nadezhi

    Bro song is good but i think try to stop smoking first

  88. Loved Hated

    Give the song like 2 - plays
    It'll come too you


    famous dex you my hoomie and all but this song sucks

  90. Sxnxdxy

    Dex Time... drop that shit

  91. Stephen Barr

    This song makes me want to vomit, It's that bad. I can't believe this is considered good music now a days.

  92. Xalaxy Pubg Mobile

    Love the vibe

  93. dequan white

    Y he got soda flow

  94. Angel Claudio


  95. Melly Gang

    If you not danceing like Dex you not living Life

  96. Coltainious Maximus

    Fuck the haters this some 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. vello

    dex the type of nigga to pull a gun on a group of white niggas.... oh wait

  98. Jestaboy1

    shorty cute . looks mad awkward dancing though

  99. wayne gormley

    I listen to this half of day, fucking love it 🙂 video is unreal ✌🏻