Famous Dex - Ronny J On The Beat Lyrics

Hah, what?
Bow, bow (Ronny J, whaddup bro?)
Brrr, brrr, bow (My mothafucking brother, nigga)
Blaw (I might say that shit for... I might, I might say)
Ronny J on the beat, I'ma say that shit 'bout a week
(Yeen know)
Ah-Dexter! Yah, ah-wait

I bought a lil choppa, it shoot, ooh
I might just shoot up at you, huh
I get the money, it's blue, huh
I like to hang with my coupe, wait
Wait, know I'm saying?
Ronny J on the beat, I might say that shit for a week
Hah, bring it back, ahahah, ah-Dexter! Ooh, ah-what
I like to [?]
I'm getting this money, you know it be blue, huh
Can't fuck with niggas, they fu, huh
I put my shooters on you
Hold on, hold on, you know
Smoking that thang, ooh, that gas, it's glue, huh
Remember them days in school, huh
I might just fuck on yo boo
Wait, (She cute) hah
Ronny J on the beat, I say that a week, huh, hah, huh
Diamonds all on my teeth, smiling at me, hah, ooh, hah
Keep a choppa, yeah, I sleep it right when I sleep, huh, huh
Keep a choppa, yeah, I sleep it right when I sleep, ooh
Looking at me, you a lame, ya bitch
I swear to God, snatch yo chain, lil bitch
I don't do it for the fame, lil bitch
Fuck ya lil bitch, give me brain, lil bitch
Hah, Dexter

Ronny J on the beat
Ronny J on the beat, I might say that shit, for a week
Ronny J on the beat
Ronny J on the beat, I might say that shit, for a week

Know I'm saying? I don't really, I don't, I don't really be doing this shit, these niggas be pushing me to the edge, ya know I'm saying?

Hah, ooh
Clip with my uzi, I just bought me a choppa, it shoot
Clip with my uzi, I... know I'm saying?
Geeking off of xans, baby I'm the man
Got bands in my pants, shawty think I dance
Choppa get to spraying
Shoot it at yo mans
Yah, hah, Dexter
Huh, what
Dexter, hah, what

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Famous Dex Ronny J On The Beat Comments
  1. Richard Mcconkey

    I didnt see them take a actual hit the entire song haha

  2. Star Kid

    No cap 2016 -2017 was his year🔥🔥🔥

  3. Lili Kushi Gucci

    *I think youtube is high or something* look in description it says Song: Ronny J On The Beat Artist: Kodak Black

  4. Cheri Lewis

    Some goofy bird with a pony tail

    Cheri Lewis

    *man bun

  5. Cheri Lewis


  6. Insane baby Sky insane

    Love this music

  7. 808 Villain

    Can somebody tell me how to distort it like that? For example listen to the chant and hats after the 808 hits that’s what I mean

  8. Quaceonthetrack




    Donald trump: 1:20



  10. jose luis asencio piriz

    Ronny is the best producer, original sound

  11. Duka Duka

    dex such a braindead moron

  12. Arion Sinani

    1:26 to 1:41 best

  13. ez c

    WTF 2:19

  14. ez c

    WTF 2:20 HjGIFtYFdyFRdRDG

  15. Jordan Go crazy

    Who will still jam this in 2020 🔥

  16. skr skr

    Man am i the only one who think that dex shiting on this beat the beat is fire

  17. Asomugha24xPro

    He say it a week ha

  18. The Scarecrow

    😪=mentioning the producer made the beat.

    🔥🔥 *Making the producers name the whole song*

  19. Tevin Berkley

    "Ronny J on the beat I might say that shit for a week"

  20. skr skr

    If enother rapper like ski mask or others good flow reppers was on this beats you will see this song on the billboard

  21. LofiBoy DiverseVibes

    2 years later this beat still 🔥

  22. Asisipho Lukuko

    Romny J on the beat I might say the shit for a week😅 what a lame line

  23. Bobby Florencio

    YouTube says Kodak Black made this song!

  24. Prod By Tao

    yo sounds like two 808's over each other lmaooooo hella distorded


    Prod By Tao that’s the point u idiot

  25. lil polarstar

    alternative lil yatchy

  26. prod. NICRZZZ

    rate my beat? (please)

  27. Elisabeth-Yesenia Muñoz


  28. Kerttis

    Artist: Kodak Black

  29. Jeudin Jefftey


  30. Jeudin Jefftey


  31. yungtrashbag yafeelmeh


  32. eblikFreezn

    Im wondering who produced it

  33. 8377 9900

    This is why white people hate us

  34. Ashley Wednesday

    This is straight up fucking 🔥 it’s true facts!!!!

  35. RoShy Beats

    Bruh youtube racist af! This aint kodak black yet in the description it says "Artist: Kodak Black"

  36. lugene tharpe

    Ronny J beat is a crazy jacked up 808 that's all

  37. lugene tharpe

    And this beat is trash I accidentally made this beat 10 years ago if I would have known I would have kept it man this is crazy it's a bunch of repetitive snares and drops oh my God this is what it is nowadays I got to start being dumb down


    lugene tharpe are you actually dumb

  38. lugene tharpe

    Yo this is getting crazy people actually like this what the f*** is this I guess people love hard rock this must be heavy Hip Hop this is for retarded people music really guys what are you getting out of this must be on dope bad if you get into this s***

  39. Martin Garcia

    Nigga brought out Rizzoo

  40. Gavin Gao

    who tf made the video is a fxxking genius

  41. lil polarstar

    next song: Cole Bennett on the edit

  42. Erwan Cosmo

    0:59 pobalapacha hichou pobalakaibichou (dexter !) {me trying to sing that shit}

  43. Isalino Beatz

    Omg Ronny

  44. snoopture ramz

    famouse dex classic drill hit right hear bahuh bow bow bow i think that hes better than cheaf keef word will never change my mind drill came from chicago cheaf keef is still a legend rendo bt am skendo stikz mdarg perm grizy and all the other english man makeing beats americans you ower beats now lol

  45. JkR Trey

    This is
    Ronny J

  46. Patrick Simon


  47. skr skr

    The beat 10/10 dexter 0,125/10

  48. Dojya —aan

    Artist: Kodak Black

  49. Lil Aze

    i miss this dex

  50. First name Last Name

    This is bad

  51. vl Drxpz lv

    0:55 is the best part

  52. Coby 404

    Omg Ronny

  53. Пажилой Гангстер

    Here for 1:08

  54. iicy_ethan

    2019 an it's still fire 🔥

  55. Robert Wilson

    Why the description say the artist is Kodak 🤔

  56. pringl

    Did ronny j eat his furniture wtf

  57. LUK8

    kodak black?

  58. Пажилой Гангстер

    Ronny jay on the dick 💯

  59. badboy MM

    Super underrated song

  60. Rakim Clinton

    I've used the same beat an that was not produced my Ronny J

  61. YNW- Lj

    They left this nigga in 2017

  62. David A

    *Famous dex be arguing with rich the kid every month still😐😂💀💀*

  63. Blaster Freecs

    Old dex 😭

  64. Jon Rochford

    Soulja Boys out here trynna copy this with new drip
    0:25 on Souljas and 1:15 here on Dex’s song which came out first

  65. Oliver Simper

    oh yeah yeah

  66. Clint Ruiters

    rich forever droppin 04/25/2019

  67. Dias Beats

    bruh the beat is so bad thats its good

  68. Teriyaki Leverage

    Fuck SOD!

  69. Dej Washington


  70. Chennar De Peña

    What in - this hella wack

  71. Dexter 47

    Baby am the man, gat bands in my pants!🔥

  72. Dej Washington


  73. sstyro

    oh my god ronnie

  74. 2007 toyota hybrid highlander

    I don’t like dex but this 🔥


    song starts at 0:42

  76. kvncr9

    He’s better than lil pump and gay ass “lil boat” if only h wouldn’t had beat his bitch


    0:48 “Imma fuck yo brother nigga”

  78. Piebeats

    Famous Dex "Off the Beat"

  79. Eminem BADUM Clean

    Он в бит не попадает. Ёбаный стыд блять. Уберите этого бездаря от охуенного бита, суки!!!


    Eminem BADUM Clean где ты блять услышал что он не попадает

  80. Alondia Yates

    This and Bhad Bhabie’s Hi Bich is Ronny J’s hardest beats 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Candi Osama

    The chiraq Dexter has returned

  82. Michael Beasley

    What the fuck is this

  83. Ya Boi Legend

    Damn i cant beleive chuki beats produced this

  84. Lil freshmen 17

    Why does it say it's Kodak black ??¿ on the description below

  85. Yahdi Peace

    Beat stupid hard, Ronny J did it again, but Dex fukked it up with his wet mouth ass

  86. LVSkinny

    Shit hard

  87. Teron Millen

    That beat will send your speakers to the emergency room

  88. Yung MJ


  89. Bell Cranel

    Omg Ronny

  90. Yuchi

    I don't know if this is fire or not. Help.

  91. AlternatedArts

    didnt know it was possible to make famous dex sound hard af

  92. aaron berhane


  93. Varj

    1.5 speed is where its at

  94. Jacory Wallace


    Jacory Wallace

    I'm sorry he Got off on this Dexter🏆

  95. vemund

    almost as bad as lil xan