Famous Dex - Gun Fight Lyrics

What we doin'? (Dexter)
Dexter, hah
Oh man, goddamn, ah-what? yeah
Goddamn, oh shit what we doin'? oh shit, hah
Yeah, ah, ooh, ooh, hah, ooh, hah, ooh (oh man, goddamn)
Hopin' you ain't bring your gun to this gunfight
Hopin' you ain't bring your gun to this gunfight
What, yeah, hah, yeah, ooh
Hopin' you ain't bring no gun to this gunfight
Hopin' you ain't bring your gun to this gunfight
Check this out, Dexter, ooh, wait, huh

Hopin' you ain't bring no gun to this gunfight
Fuck your bitch and she let me fuck her all night
And she want the pipe, and she like the pipe
And I keep my pipe, shoot you all night
Run up on me, swear to God boy you gon' miss
Word on street you was talking bullshit boy, you a bitch
Who you gon' diss, huh, what? hah
Keep me a full clip, hah, ooh, and this bitch shoot do
Shoot you and your crew too
Bad bitch, she look ooh
She wanna fuck me 'cause I got the money blue
And it's all blue (it's all blue), hah
And my big gun go boom boom, hah
You know I'm never lacking
Run up on me, go packin', yeah
Fucking a bitch what happen, yeah
Suck my dick, what? ooh, huh, white napkins, yeah
My teeth is white, ooh, think it was napkin, yeah
I fuck your bitch, hell yeah, and I'm the captain, yeah
Poppin' all these pills 'cause I had to, what
And I keep my gun cause I had to, ooh
I'm never lacking what about you? yeah
Bustin' off a mid, pop one or two

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Famous Dex Gun Fight Comments
  1. Trent D

    How the fuck can anybody think is rap? This is fucking trash

  2. Trent D

    Suck so much

  3. HismooTwoTimes

    1:50 made me cry frl 😢😢

  4. Marek Stefanov

    His eyes were barely open for half of the video, buddy needs to get of the drugs before they kill him

  5. Max Miller

    Nice one with the cheap ammo blazer brass trash I only smoke niggas with that primium

  6. Carlos Slugs

    lil mister vibe

  7. Petey

    stupid ass intro

    Kevin Rivas

    Your stupid geek

  8. Sorino Gangg From The 5

    H'es fucked up in this one

  9. Roo NYA

    у тебя ебало как у обезьяны

  10. Rick67

    so fire

  11. GTGAMING77

    This is stupid

  12. Bmo Baby

    Honesty is the best policy my boi Dex! 💯

  13. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    High shyt😈🔥🖕🏽🔥

  14. DeMonte Erving II

    B-B-Back on da L-L-Leannnnnnn

  15. Reose

    0:55 mood

  16. FaZe Rug Games

    This songs needs to be longer 🔥😂


    Perfect length imo

  17. Felix Jones

    Shoot u and ur crew too👌🏿🖕🏿


    Bad bitch she looked ooo

    Dallen Watts

    PoshPrince she wanna fuck cuz I gotta them 100 blues

  18. life 7


  19. Sebastian Rojas.


  20. Jimmy Williams son

    O man god damn

  21. LiLCashWalker Drawings&Basketball


  22. PoshPrince

    Am i the only one who really likes the song ?

  23. lil flexer

    need duwap kaine on this beat

  24. Renegade Ram

    Why this nigga so entertaining to watch?

  25. Kinetic Forever

    wouldnt it have made more sense if dex said "hope you didnt bring a knife to this gun fight" ?

  26. Coben Bucher

    how many xans he take this music vidoe?

  27. Savage Classic

    kan kan killed da beat

  28. Paul Stewart

    Shit hard doe ight

  29. Paul Stewart

    Not bout it dexterrr

  30. Madison KIncannon

    dood zombied...need old dexturrr back yak!


    Who is this nigga 😐 this aint dex

  32. Marcus Sanders

    I hope dex okay bro 😷

  33. knotzed

    At the end he says"took the pills cuz I had to" he looked so dead.

  34. PoshPrince

    Summer vibes

  35. Kelvin Morris

    Would u Rob king Tut's grave with me fuck da Bank

    Kelvin Morris

    King Tut grave got more money Dan any bank look it up

  36. Kelvin Morris

    Dee Dee mean dexter

  37. vl0nejay

    did this nigga pull out car battery 😭


    That's a box of rifle ammunition

    Dimitri Jackson

    Right 😂

  38. King Madusa

    King Dex!

  39. o sigs

    Sponsered by popeyes

  40. ll proxy ll

    1:35 to 1:41 was fire asf

  41. Danillo Lúcio


  42. Scrappy Coco

    Boy high dumb ass cant rob no bank lmao

  43. MARI2XX

    Y’all niggas already kno he been otp wit a white girl😂

  44. Clint Ruiters

    gang shit 2019 souja boy beef

  45. IceWaterK

    KanKan on the beat !


    would you would you would you rob a would you rob a bank w me

  47. Marion Carney Jr.

    Man why tf would u not bring a gun to a gun fight? Dex be tweakin🤣

  48. WubbleKush420

    Beat is fire but the xan zombie crackhead ruined it

  49. Shiz

    i said woujjyourobabakkwitme¿

  50. YoungJ_DaGOAT

    1:50 🤔

    Did the industry do this to my nigga Dex?

  51. Alex Balin

    Is this on spotify???

  52. elijah davis

    him and flight been smoking the same shit

  53. Efrain Andrade


  54. Garvey Party

    Now why in the hell would I not bring a gun to this goddamn gun fight

  55. Jr Paaz!


  56. Justin

    November 2018?


    This dude not robbin jack shit
    Looking like coraline jones if she took the buttons in her eyes

  58. BH Juju

    *OH MAN GAWDAWM* that thumbnail

  59. S Jackso

    What was he thinking about chief whn he made the video?

  60. Nolarix

    w-w-wou-would you-would you r-rob a b-bank with m-me



  62. quvn.at.night

    Dex new shit too wavey

  63. Charlie

    I am still waiting for the next english version

  64. Bluemoneytv

    My Top 5 Dexter track🔥🔥

  65. Nic W Bush

    looks like hes gonna pass da fuck out during thebank robbery. hes too xanny'd out to aim lmao

  66. yung linc

    kankan on the beat!

  67. Taq Knyfe

    Lyrics don’t even make sense.. hope you aint bring a gun to a gun fight? Nigga you have an AR Why wouldnt someone come strapped to a beef ting when you got that big ol thang ediat boy

  68. LivingOnly

    *Brings Gun to gun fight


  69. Savva Lazarev

    y'all tweakin this shit hard

  70. Fuxk_Tommy -_-

    Swear I’m like the only person in this comment section that likes this song like fr

  71. manuelfernandez642

    Dex need to re color his tats

  72. Itachi Uchiha

    Man cant create shit trash asf he will be broke in the next three years

  73. Vanquished


  74. Rai Hustle

    the gun bigger that Dexter fam

  75. Orrilo Brian

    Been fucking with Dex since rich da kid

  76. Oshawn James

    King Swavve From New York Would Kill this beat!!! Dex is just Famous thats the only reason yall Fw this Trash!!!! i said it first im 1 of the first people to discover King Swavve's music thank me latter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJEUA3n1EmU


    Dis shi hard





  80. M Love

    It was nice while it lasted dexter, you’re not the same🤦🏾‍♀️

  81. 777 Dw14

    Where you at Dat

  82. Hector Lozano

    "Would you rob a bank for me?"

  83. Cj Tino

    This nigga scared me in the thumbnail

  84. JunglexGangxsosa

    Bruh why the fuck he sound like that ever since dex got his chain snatched he changed they took all his talent 🤦🏽‍♂️💯🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  85. Keandra Fitzgerald

    He’s getting stupider by the minute! Robbing a bank wth

  86. illathanyouu

    This is str8 lit!!!

  87. pothead22 kush

    That “oh man god damn “ at the beginning got me dead asf 😂💀

  88. xS WIF

    Nga funny aaf

  89. Mon Tail

    Don't dribble

  90. Alex Buslaev

    бля в таком состоянии он может только себя пристрелить


    O K D E X T E R

  92. Arsham Sanavi

    1:13-1:19 this is the flow dexter. This is the flow we need

  93. Otto The 95 Gaming

    Okay nigga had Popeyes Chicken on the table made the video better 😂💀😭

  94. Carmelo 2k

    Dexter !