Famous Dex - Do It Like That Lyrics

Hold on wait wait
No No
Let me say something

How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?

How could you do it like that?
I'm smokin on woods like that
I get the drip from my walk
Irv say do it like that
Flash don't do 'em like that
He make the news like that
He in the sewer like that feed the nigga to some rats
I swear to God I go Ape I spend some bands on BAPE
This lil bitch up on me want date
Baby girl beat ya feet I pop some pills now I'm geek
I pour a six now I'm sleep
How could you do it like that?
I spend some bands on a Jeep

How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?
How could you do it like that?

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Famous Dex Do It Like That Comments
  1. saybree fillyaw

    How could u do like that let's go dexter yea baby turn this bitch up

  2. saybree fillyaw

    Let's go like how u ffg o like that street

  3. Matthew Adofo

    Next 2k20

  4. Chris Thompson

    Yehhh HHH

  5. Chris Thompson

    Yeh f...

  6. SummerJune


  7. Matt Mula

    Memories I miss this dex

  8. Htx.youngzter 14

    God Damn this shit is ratchet

  9. KiZi Official


  10. KiZi Official


  11. Aaron Seidler

    Had to come back to it once


    Aaron Seidler throwback lol

  12. Aaron Serrato

    watch this become a meme now

    Famous _euro

    Aaron Serrato just like hoes mad

  13. Joseph Rigler

    how could you do it like that?

  14. Patrick Simon


  15. ApRavvy

    He used to be so happy

  16. Cannibal Corpse

    Sometimes I listen to older dex and really miss the older times before he blew up. Not only has the music changed but so has fanbase. White bitches know dexs song with a$ap and they think they fw dex. Like you just found out about him

  17. Almighty Reckless

    2019 Anybody?

  18. Montana Go Crazy

    Needa this dex bck bruhh😭😭💔💔

  19. Migo gang

    Rip old dex

  20. Ondre S

    Who still watching in 2019

  21. Tabiti Pottinger

    lol.. Yall Niggas Gay.. Riley voice

  22. Demetri Rivers

    Only dex chiraq nigga

  23. Quario

    Dex need to go back to these producers

    B Doughly

    true talk

  24. Dres Rich

    Back wen dex was dope

  25. Ots Ruben

    We need old dex back

  26. ImOnlyWesso

    Irv hit shit 😂🔥

  27. XXXLUNACY 17

    November 2018

  28. Gamarra Gamarra Gutierrez

    good lyric

  29. Richard Williams

    I gotta go to a show. This dudes videos be having me dead!! I know this old but still

  30. robynn patriciaa

    Still here at 2018. how could yu do it like that 😍👌 DEXTER 👅👅👅

  31. 6 I X

    2:18 bruh I thought my whole pc froze..

  32. youngmoney 45

    Is it true that famous Dex never raps with no one else in his songs Just Dance With Friends

  33. luskash 7

    dawn bro, instrumental $$$$$$

  34. saige banks

    best video ever

  35. 6-MIX FRANCE


  36. Neil_The _Cap

    I miss this Dex 🔥😩

  37. Brandoo

    wow this shit was 2 years ago time flies

  38. Andr3 vc

    i dont like famous dex2018, i love old famous dex

  39. dex17 wop

    His dance lmfao

  40. Kang Octo

    these were the days best dexter with irv , flash , nikeboi .

  41. OfficalJamonte_3

    What them shoes called? Them mfs Cold🔥

  42. Impulse

    Still Bumping This 🔥

  43. Goheezy

    What happened to this dex

  44. Racerx

    This made him blow up

  45. Epic Tiare


  46. Jordan Air Blue

    We need this Dex bck💯💯💯

    reckllezzz boi

    Jordan Air Blue facts brudda 2018 dex is weird

    Aaron Seidler

    Good luck. Drugs are bad


    Never coming back

  47. HardRNova

    Dexter cam a long Way and still cold with song

  48. Chance The Rapper

    *This dex got kidnapped by dexter*

  49. Adrian J

    This dex needa come bac

  50. Julian Gerardo

    This nigga sound different from the beginning of that year to the end

  51. javarian Sojourner

    I miss these days 😤⭐️💯 when he was DDB

  52. Dirt Magurk

    I love this video

  53. Nyjah Greenwell

    He is he gay

  54. 1 3

    The bass go hard af omm🤙🏿

  55. ThatHalfLatino

    Smh before he cut off all his homies


    Niggas be wanting handouts

  56. F.W. Dayday

    why you did that girl like datt 😂

  57. Nuno Gamer

    WTF this song is just a shit, he say "do it like that" like all the time and puff... I just don't know how is he famous with this

  58. gabe

    lmao i got them same jeans dex got on

  59. Massin Dinero

    I'm smoking on woods like dat ! 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Justin Fonseca

    these beats are fire

  61. Aja

    first song i heard from him

  62. Kenneth Auxilly

    Can we get this dexter back

  63. Kenny VLONE

    you,don't need no speakers or headphones if you know how to squeeze your ear drums lmfao

  64. Kenny VLONE

    beat sound like when you squeeze your ear drums together and top them

  65. Tamia Wilson

    go listen to gsg buckz ft gmonty play for keeps two Chicago upcoming artist view share support thanks

  66. zeus Howard

    baby girl beat your feet bars dex☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☈☈☈☇☇☇☈☈☈☈☈

  67. Quanasia Smith

    yes famous Dex is the world star

  68. John Doe

    flex wit re-up money nigga haha

  69. Jamarion Allen

    famous Dex 👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Mrs. Bøpington

    how could u do it like dat😂😂 this my shit 😂😂😂😘😘😘😘💍💍

  71. Johnatan Garcia

    This is lowkey trash

  72. shy baby

    i love u Dex😍😩❤

  73. GPC2950 _

    so many people copy boosie wit that "find anything less then a 100 in here n ima bitch" lol

  74. Lilian Vicen

    Famous Dex & Nike Boi are lit 🤘

  75. Griff Montana

    miss this dex mane 😭😭

  76. Frim 180 Thot

    How could you do em like thatt! Yeah babyyyyy going for 10 how could uu do em like that

    Frim 180 Thot

    fuck em broly o roll cocain hit that for uu they ain't no shoota like that

    Frim 180 Thot

    +Frim 180 Thot ??? wtf bru really I don't fuc with yall

  77. stephanie p

    He go hard on that song

  78. Zero Deaths

    before he switched up on his gang

  79. Damian 2X

    One of dex all time best 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Jessie Mikcael

    Doda? How could you do em like that'? im smoking on wolves like that. but quyya feedin doda st8 racks. i swear to god i go ape.

    Jessie Mikcael

    i get that drip from my walk. erne say

    Jessie Mikcael

    do em like that6

    octavio vieira

    to some rats smh

  81. Killa Drilla

    I like this song

  82. USSR born broke homeless white nigga

    dis da man

  83. ThaBoiJu

    Anybody see Nike Boi

  84. slugga 504

    do it like that

  85. 1Take All Star Gang

    i be leaning in designer shit drippin sauce on em she b like how could i do her like.

  86. Richie Richgaming


  87. Julian

    They look like they having too much fun😂

  88. Joet Brown

    what coat is he wearing

  89. Flip Lopez

    you know the rap game changed when you can make a hit song asking one fucking question for 3 minutes! 🤔🤐😭😭😭

  90. George Melton

    Flash don't do em like DAT

  91. Brian Paulin

    First song I heard from dex a long time ago

  92. Isarael Inge

    ok so what people stop hatin just because u aint made a song tha went viral!


    Isarael Inge they ain't hsti for that. but true

  93. Jalen Williams

    any one know wat the name of them red designer shoes


    Jalen Williams mason margiela