Famous Dex - Copy Me Lyrics

Why you wanna copy on me?
I got the money in my jeans
I see your bitch and she just scream
Diamonds they all in my ring
Rozay pourin' lean
Wait Yeah Rozay pourin' a 8
Yea right to the face
Sike wait you run up on me
Yea you jump right in the tree
Jump out the tree I got this Draco on me
Shoot you ass right in the street
Shoot you in three like 1, 2, 3, now your deceased
Bitch Woah
(Like I don't really be fuck with all these clown ass niggas like you get what I'm saying
Tryna copy everything I do)

Yeah lit that VLONE
Like my really be VLONE
Wait, call up Bari
I need some VLONE
Yeah, yeah I need that VLONE
Cause I'm looking fly
Your girlfriend she bi
Pop me a pill now I'm high
Sipping on lean so I'm high, oh what a hell of a day
I used to trap where my cousin stay
I want a bitch named Listeray
Put that dick all in her tummy
Now this bitch is a dummy
All these bitches want is money
Nah you can't get shit
Heard your ass talk to the dicks
Stupid ass bitch you is slick
I might up a stick

Huh, yah, they tryna copy me
Woah, yeah, they tryna follow me
Woah, yeah, I got the money b
Woah, I'm sipping on lean, think it's emergency
Woah, yeah, they tryna follow me
Hah, yah, they tryna copy me
Wait, hold on, wait, turn me up a little bit Moe

They tryna copy
Woah, they tryna copy me
Uh they tryna copy me
Yeah they tryna copy me
All these bitches wanna follow me
I'm sipping lean, it's emergency
I got the money it's emergency
All these niggas tryna copy me
They tryna copy me
Woah, they tryna copy me
Uh they tryna copy me
Yeah they tryna copy me
I'm sipping lean, it's emergency
I got the money, where the money be
Uh wait, uh yeah everybody's tryna copy me

Yeah, wait, they tryna copy me I got the style
Yeah, I'm smoking on loud, you smoking on mild
Huh, all your bitches going wild
They pulling they shirt, they seeing me, yeah they going wild
Wait, I got that mink on my nose
Um, yeah, I see your bitch, and then she gon froze
Woah oh
(I wasn't even supposed to say that, that was like a adlib)

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Famous Dex Copy Me Comments
  1. Víctor g Rodríguez

    2020??? Who else wish this dex back on this shit

  2. camm

    Honestly Imiss this dexter

  3. OGxool

    Por que esse manos querem me copiar 🤧🤞 oq vc quer copiar em mim🤧🤞💥💥💥

  4. Saucekilla 21

    Still not on Spotify why this

  5. yoga jester

    oh man gademn

  6. Johnwall24

    I miss this dex

  7. Gavin James

    Get a job

  8. soiceyjoe

    missing dis dex everyday

  9. Sada Dontstop

    2019 🔥🔥 oh man god dam

  10. dinerøø

    Prod by Beastly Cold 🔥

  11. Sinderella

    this around the time he started sniffing that powder you can hear his nasals way more

    G Man

    Sinderella lol

  12. Lilstain Slatt*\! !

    I never left u dex !😭this shit so hard

  13. Patrick Simon


  14. Genji :D

    how is this called on Spotify?

  15. Sik Vicious

    Dex You know damn well you dont skateboard 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  16. Rita Reds

    One of me and my boyfriends favorites ❣️😣, R.I.P Amir

  17. MultiTYSON007

    This nigga put a flat ground Ollie in his video 🤦🏼‍♂️😂


    I love the way you speak.

  19. Nicholas Shea

    He doesn't even have a tenth of this energy anymore.


    now it's less than that :(

  20. Migrated Yoshi

    I miss this dex😭😭🔥🔥🔥


    Migrated Yoshi Everyone does 😖

  21. Edgar L

    This dex was dope af, idk what drugs he got on that he wasn't on when he was making these bangers but that shit fucked him up he could have blown up

  22. timmy mack

    “Trap out the tree” my mans was real discrete wit it

  23. Cash Martin

    Still bangs lol

  24. Beazy Brad

    FlyGang Mafiaaaaaaaaaaa

  25. Shane OnYa


  26. Kid Glo

    Rip this dex

  27. debzzpack

    @debzzpack on ig & he shot dis @ grant park

  28. wockiesha

    Fuck I Miss This Dex 🤧🤧🤧🤧🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  29. Truckload hype man Liray

    Tsl_liray on instagram

  30. C Kroikz


  31. C Kroikz

    that vlone shirt dex got on is fye

  32. Dwight Schrute

    I miss when Dex made bangers like this

  33. Recycling Only

    Oh whoaa waiiit

  34. Par adeツ

    Family friendly song

  35. Tareon Reed

    Have yall seen the instrumental version 😂 😂 😂 I like that beat better 2 the video... La Familia famous dex

  36. Martin Osadský

    man its 7.21.18 and its always most NEWAVE rap ... dexteeer

  37. Rico Nola

    i really be feeling this shit

  38. BossGeeMalik King

    mfs need to not copy famous dex

  39. G Man

    pretty much every soundcloud rapper hot now copied dexter facts

  40. xanodus

    I miss this dexter

  41. Spades The Litt Lord

    visuals are amazing!!

  42. King Jasa

    beastly cold !

  43. sebe belew


  44. No.1 Vines

    Dexter drops songs like my school children support pappers!

  45. Yayden Anadi


  46. Kes

    I miss this dex the dex right now is so trashh no energy at all bruh

  47. Chris Padilla

    I miss this dex and aye rozay_daplug in the cut 💯

  48. Luzi K

    Dexter Best 👌🌌

  49. It's yo boy PrettyboyJordan

    Laka gang

  50. Latrell Jennings

    *S T A Y I N S C H O O L L I L B R O*

  51. Yung Lopez


  52. The Real Hoosane

    Laka went crazy...still one of my favorite videos.

  53. Deandre Thomas

    Does famous dex use autotune?

  54. Jeff Bailey

    I 👍 your songs

  55. Paul Medina

    Uuhh DExTR

  56. On BD

    This song is fire but y'all can't skate

  57. javon duhaney

    was that lucki????? 1:22 pause there if you know LUCKI is

  58. Silas Times

    that vlone shirt 🔥🔥

  59. tony jones-clark

    Liked the jewels he dropped at the end.

  60. PlayBoyKyle

    My boy Rex grew up in ny

  61. Caddyboy55

    please tell me how or where can i spend famous dex all my money?

  62. yannik essex

    ok i needed to do research to see why everyone was up in arms about this dude not making the xxl list.....after this i stand by xxl shit makes no sense aint nobody copying this skinny goofy ass kid

  63. Majesty W



    0:33 song starts

  65. savage gang

    u say the same shit in your video

  66. The Divine King

    Stay in school lil bro🤔then what?

  67. Trip Thomason

    haha wtf. the vids always have me crackin up

  68. Travon Marshall

    Famous dex is ass but he just goes with the flow

  69. Amari Harris

    Famous dex is my favorite rapper like if he's yours to 🔥🔥

  70. VIP 460

    why you wanna copy on me ?¿?¿?

  71. Reptilian AF

    im a simple faggot i fucking click fucking youtube fuckn g video to watch

  72. hne

    at 0:30 does anyone know where i can get that backwoods trucker cap??

  73. Red Dot


  74. Lazari Northington

    I swear this nigga got some funny as dance moves😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️😍

  75. Real Slick Ro

    Whos copying this nigga?

  76. Joshua Jackson

    Dex always making hits! This shit goes hard ⚡️

  77. JaníTheNimal

    Sorry for Queen or Michael Jackson, this is the best song ever made by far

  78. Jake 56222222

    The beginning is always funny when he like what the fuck😂

  79. Trevaun Velazquez

    everybody be hatin on dex but if yall was as rich as him u wouldnt care about anything that any body gotta say💯

  80. Almightyy Cam

    I stopped listening to dex cuz of rich the kid but i was missin out🔥

  81. Eduardo Santiago

    all these bitches want is money no you can't have it

  82. Yunq Vanté

    this song makes me wanna fall off the face of the earth

  83. inactive13

    "eh dexturr eh whoa eh ya eh dexturrr" the whole song lmao shit is fire tho

  84. Nick Perez

    Lmao, how can you even come hate on this man after getting off your burger-king shift. Fuck out of here

  85. ShooterBtv

    I've tried fuckin with dex and this new era of rap music.... and I can't, this shit is horrible.... and I ain't hating on dex... he ain't the one buying/viewing his work

  86. T6 Demo

    Soon as the best dropped I started Dexxin

  87. Sarah Martinez

    copy me

  88. Sarah Martinez

    copy me

  89. a blunt

    dex IceJJfish collab? 🔥👀

  90. prxda

    check out my soundcloud Bad babby if you want to make a track with me

  91. Blocka Boi Lowe

    He gonna have to start puttin the subtitles at the bottom of the screen