Famous Dex - Checkmate Lyrics

I been riding since the checkmate
I been riding since the checkmate

Checkmate, I been riding since the checkmate
Checkmate, I been getting it since the second grade
Checkmate, I been riding since the checkmate
Checkmate, I been getting it since the second grade

Pull up in lamb no Jeep
I got these diamonds on my teeth
Your bitch she a freak, she dancing on me
Smoking on woods, no leaf
Smoking on woods, no leaf
I'm sipping on lean, I feel dizzy
Second grade, I been riding since the checkmate
Rozay, got the 30 please don't tempt me
People be calling me psycho
I get the money, no Geico
Put dick in you bitch, she all in your bio
Huh, they copy the wave, so watch me just follow
Draco got the hollows
Swear to God they'll swallow
Fucking your bitch tomorrow
I get the money tomorrow
They call me tomorrow
And you know they wanna follow me
Get it since the second grade
Yea the checkmate

Checkmate, I been riding since the checkmate
Checkmate, I been getting it since the second grade
Checkmate, I been riding since the checkmate
Checkmate, I been getting it since the second grade

Dexter, yea, oh
I been getting it since the second grade
I been getting it since the first grade
Fuck your bitch then I pull her braids
I was broke back in the days
Now a nigga get stupid paid
I don't want no minimum wage

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Famous Dex Checkmate Comments
  1. KingCcrook

    Miss this Dex😪

  2. Julie Bond

    Fuck the coffee let's drink codeine coffee

  3. David Pablo

    am still bang dis bitch in 2020

  4. Will Juggz


  5. prblm

    i love the beat

  6. Michael Henderson

    Dude need too get on this wave again 💀

  7. Michael Henderson

    This still the best song he ever put out no cap

    Omari Jenkins

    Michael Henderson i saw him the day the song dropped and we started rapping the lyrics and he went and made the video


    Omari Jenkins for real?


    Nah wavy the best

  8. Sierra

    Famous dex fell off what happened? Where he been?

  9. Dominik Maurice

    Dexter 🤟

  10. Rollin Rich

    Whole new wave nigga

  11. Antonio Andino


  12. Kurby Entertainment

    This still wavy 🌊🌊🌊

  13. DefinedIQ

    Anybody still here in 2019 ?

  14. lil TakeOff

    Dexter whaaa 😹

  15. Yolanda Lee

    Still watch 2019

  16. schoolgurl2hot

    Ahhh Dexter, this song fire🔥🔥

  17. Covell.

    A waaait i get the money no geico

  18. Colton C

    1:41 when he tossed the backwood box and shut the mini fridge 😂😂😂


    Miss this dex

  20. Flexin9k

    This song makes me wanna cook a grill cheese sandwich in the microwave cause it’s fire🔥🔥🔥😂🐐

  21. Tifton Watson

    Who listening in 2019 🔥 bring this Dex back 🐐

  22. prxda

    Probably your best song in my opinion dex

  23. Floyd

    This the dex that need to come back 💯🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Jameson Keiley

    smooth trap vibes

  25. ricky rb

    negatiiv og

  26. Shelton English

    Is that Rizzo rizzo

  27. Patrick Simon


  28. Amanji

    Anybody 2019 ??

  29. Bioxvirus

    We miss you Dexter 💔😭

  30. Allan Pizza

    wish dex would come back to this instead of that RoCkShtAr trash..

    Christopher Wisniewski

    On god was just thinking’s that

    Christopher Wisniewski

    LA fucked him up with them perks all off beat and slow when he talk

  31. Gavin R

    Famous Dex should have been big, man..

  32. 99 overall Stoner

    He used to be perfect

  33. tyler

    no one talking about that shirt tho....

  34. Osvaldo Rebollo

    miss the old dex

  35. Daniel Edwards

    Look at dex go. he harmonizing

  36. Woods

    this remind me of old dex

  37. yjm je

    This was my shit

  38. Rafa

    2019 anyone ?


    2x speed 🔥

  40. Michael Bricci


  41. Eric Berry


  42. DanvilleMade CCW

    Crazy to believe this is 2 years old time flies man


    This is my favorite song from Dex, it was so lit around this time and this beat just makes you wanna reminisce 😕

  44. Jiggy Josh

    Man dats crazy ... 2 years ago today he dropped this and “huh” and that and checkmate 2 of my favorite songs by him * been listening to dex for 4 years now going on 5 . Die hard dex fan *

    M Love

    Jiggy Josh that’s my two fav dex songs, good taste 👊🏾👊🏾.and I love bubblegum/wham

  45. cortez holmes

    wtf happen dex u know its 2019 now right new years u better turn up

  46. lovely joseph

    Gotta come bump to old music since the new dex
    Ain't on his old shit

  47. gekkaloutenruque 1400

    All the adytone dexs music videos are on this channel I belry noteced

  48. 408 - 831

    i fw dex heavy asf 😤

  49. Tre Dinero99


  50. Shafierous

    where is old dex

  51. KsE bliZz

    shit still go hard 😤😤😤😴

  52. Kado Logan

    2018 Still BANG

  53. G E Ø 514

    On Replay💪

  54. lil T

    Bih still bumpin

  55. Wavy Shon

    I miss old dex 😒

  56. xSkilled

    Like for 2018 niggas


    1 AUGUST 2018

  57. Marcus Nelson

    Where tf is this type of music in 2018 his music lately been trash

  58. cheif kenshin

    2018 💯!!!!!

  59. lil malik

    I like the Ad-Libs the most 👌

  60. 7pmunfamous

    1030 tuwop beat fro flip @1030tuwop

  61. Gillian Moffitt

    1:45 I could sworm he was about to rap 😂😂


    love dexter but he heard wiz and made a song listen to wiz khalifa wake up hook

  63. Jaylon Croson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥getting it scene the 2nd grad

  64. yrneH llehctiM

    Kind of sounds like ugly god

  65. Brandon Lockett

    Too much weed

  66. Vladimir Barrientos

    Yoooooo i been schleep on this track

  67. Jud225

    Dexter came a long way came up from the bottom... I look up to you man🤞

  68. NoasArk

    he seems more calm and it makes the song better!

  69. elizabeth

    DEXTEERRRRRR da 🐐 goat

  70. TtylWorld!

    Who here from 2018

  71. Angel Sturgis

    this song a year old already thats crazy

  72. fxckfrxends -

    This crazy just last year Been fucking with Dex seems he was with fbg duck and Jay all these dick riders but he been making music before he was with them

  73. Eric Davis

    This shit still get played🔥🔥

  74. YNW Knvg Jimmy

    lmaooo that last part wen he close the video makes laugh 😂😂 how the nigga be smiling 😂😂

  75. Aykeem Spivey

    it's been a year and it's still fire

  76. YNW Knvg Jimmy

    Dex dance lit asf

  77. La'wayne Patterson

    it's my birthday today

  78. youngatnaruto

    what sample is this

  79. Almighty_addotv _

    Who knows his T-shirt brand name ?

    Almighty_addotv _

    good looks thats what i thought it was but i couldnt find it

  80. Chaldean King

    Im a chess player and i like this song 😂

  81. Spencer Adams

    Not even that bad

  82. Omar Escobar

    Neen Williams was at that hotel first

  83. dorian whitted

    We're can I find this beat

  84. L J

    This my shit

  85. Gerald Brown

    what type of instrument sound is that around 2:08 - 2:12, that alienated sound. that made the beat

  86. sha loopy

    Who still bumping this fiya 🔥

  87. Roaq

    who listening to this in 2030?

    quentin hurdle

    yo me bro


    How about now

    Cook Spams L2 ツ

    HEZE KIAH me

  88. Aaron Jenkins

    so who peeped wen dis nigga said 2nd grade he put up 3 fingers

  89. Shafierous

    Its the best track he still didn't get better than this

  90. Shafierous

    Can somebody tell me with camera is that recorded?


    probably sony a7s II, canon 5d or 7d

  91. Maurice Markray

    dexter the hardest working rapper this guy have a lot of work

  92. Tyler Johnson

    It's fire though

  93. Tyler Johnson

    I love this song and hate it because the first time I listened to this song was the day of my great grandmother funeral.