Famous Dex - CEO Lyrics

[Pachino (Famous Dex):]
Yeah (you know)
Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know
Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man)
Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you know
Less friends, more money though (yeah, what)
Huh, count up
Huh, yeah (skrrt)
Uh, yeah (skrrt, talk your shit, Chino)

Uh, Balenciaga runners (yeah)
Huh, put in hours just like a trucker
Man, I don't fuck with suckas (skrrt, skrrt)
Huh, came up in this rap shit, they say I lucked up
Man, they got me fucked up (got me fucked up)
Huh, my man got it fucked up (ha)
Huh, shoot 'em head to buckets (Dexter)
And we causin' ruckus (ha, yeah, what)
Ooh, these bitches wanna fuck me (they do)
Ha, got three kids, gota AP (ooh), hell nah can't fuck me (nah baby girl, uh)
Ha, trappin' on the block with a Glock (what), hell nah it ain't rusty (bow)
Ha, run up on me, yeah I'm bustin', huh (bow, bow, bow)
Run up on me, yeah I'm bustin' (what)
Ha, ooh, pop a molly, bustin', ooh, what

Uh, joggers tight but the money fit
He got indicted with a hundred grips (yeah)
Got fly miles, took a hundred trips (nyoom)
Huh, what? A hundred trips (oh man God damn)
Hundred bands, yeah I run the shit
Huh, I got the trap, it's bustin' (what, uh)
12 try to kick my door and shit (what)
Wait, I had to call my cousin, huh (yeah)
Skrrt in the Lambo (skrrt, skrrt)
Got a lil' bitch, she a cute hoe
Diamonds like rainbow (rainbow)
Oh, yeah where the money go? (Ooh)
I'm like, yeah where the money go?

The money we spent it, we got it back (we got it)
Talkin' that trap, did a lot of that (yeah)
We throwin' out packs like a quarterback (skrrt)
And we catchin' that ball like a running back (nyoom)
Talkin' this rap shit
You know you my son with that (that's my lil' nigga)
My man got that.45, and we'll make him jump with that (pew, pew, pew)
He talkin' that tough shit
And we'll make him run with that (pew, what)
His bitch outside, I bet you he won't get his lover back (oh man God damn, ooh, ha, what)

[Famous Dex:]
Ha, she a thot, thot, thot, thot, huh (ooh)
Ooh, ha, she on my cock, cock, cock (what)
Ooh, I was trappin' on the block, ooh (a block)
Puttin' dope in my sock, ooh, huh (my sock, what, ooh)
Used to keep a Glock, ooh (ha, yeah, what)
Red beam on the Glock, ooh, huh (oh man God damn)
Had to stop the shit, yeah (ooh, huh)
Had me a kid, so I had to get rich (what)
Huh, yeah, shout out to Rich (ooh)
Huh, that's my brother, lil' bitch (that's my brother, lil' bitch)
What, yeah, don't blame me
Huh, yeah, diamonds on my teeth (my what)
Huh, yeah, the boy wannabe
Huh, but he can't be like me (ha, what)

[Famous Dex (Pachino):]
Ha, yeah
What, yeah, ha (ha, what)
Dexter and Chino, huh (know what the fuck goin' on, man)
Every time we do music, this shit go (Chino man, milli gang, CEO shit)
Ha, Dexter and Chino, huh
Every time we do music, this shit go
Huh, yeah, huh, what
Milli gang shit, ha
DDB, bitch
What, your bitch shit, ooh
CEO shit, ooh, a what, yeah, yeah, huh (CEO shit, CEO shit, CEO shit)
Milli gang shit, yeah
DDB shit
Yeah, know we run shit
Yeah, know I'm done shit, yeah (we did this shit in like two minutes man, stop fuckin' playin')
Know what I'm sayin' (haha, bitch ass niggas)
Yeah, milli gang DDB shit, you know what I'm sayin'
Take your books out, yeah

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    Don't pay me no mind. Just passing through laughing at all of these different rap characters. Some of these people are funny looking as hell. The rap game has definitely changed.
    You can tell the world is getting ready to come to an end. So much soul selling and doing anything for fame and attention. We are living in the last days..

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