familypet - what's wrong with me Lyrics

What's wrong with me?
I really fucked it up
The last couple of months
Maybe couple years
Thinking of those tears
That I made you cry
And I don't know why

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familypet what's wrong with me Comments
  1. 守lower

    SムD C HェLLく① 🐧 ⁵ᵏ ˢᵒⁿᵍˢᵎ ><

  2. Valdo Joseph


  3. Sejiro Seki

    _uUghG nostalgias_

  4. DepressedNobody

    What's wrong with me... everything

  5. S D

    this.. hurts.. more than it should..

    Liz S

    yup... :( i feel u

  6. DemonicSelk

    Ew, feelings.

  7. Cloyi Made

    Wish this song was longer

  8. Satoshi Ōno


  9. ha lim

    luv this❤️😖

  10. BloodyShion

    everyone is leaving me...nobody choose me in the end...there must be something wrong with me.

    the bloody broken mirror New channel

    BloodyShion I don't know you, but I bet your perfect and I'd choose you. People can't see how special you are but I hope you know. considering it's been a couple months I hope your feeling better stay strong it'll be ok 😁.


    he died fool.

  11. That Regular Guy

    "I want to know the meaning of "I love you""
    - Violet Evergarden

  12. Alex Oliver


  13. Sheraz M

    violet <3

  14. Oniyuri שֵׁד

    Family pet🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Destiny Jimenez

    Damn Respect 👌🏻💯

  16. javier rodriguez

    Dope af 🔥🚀

  17. S a a a 。。

    what really IS wrong with me?

    S a a a 。。

    the factthatihurtpeoplealot

  18. TheDashingOne123

    Damn... 💔💔💔

  19. Kay


  20. Elite Rage

    What anime pls ❤️


    Elite Rage I think it’s called “violet evergarden”

    u wot

    did I miss this scene? because I don't remember it

    u wot

    nvm it's actually in the anime lol i'm just fucken retarded and forgot


    @u wot which episode is this from?

  21. Straycat