Family Force 5 - Wake The Dead Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I got opposition every single day
You always want the same thing done the same old way
Funny how you always think you're always right
Who died and made you God, and did it happen overnight?

[B Verse 1:]
Don't dance like that anymore
Don't wear those clothes anymore
Don't take that stance anymore
Turn it down, do what you're told
If it's too loud, well then you must be too old

Wake up the dead now
Make 'em roll in their graves now
Shake up the dead now
Rising up from the ground
Wake 'em up, shake 'em down

[Verse 2:]
You like to watch and judge my life up on the screen
You figured out what goes on behind the scenes
Got a rumor that you want to show and tell
Nobody's gonna buy the lie you're trying to sell

[B Verse 2:]
Don't talk like that anymore
Don't speak your mind anymore
Don't think those thoughts anymore
Turn it down, do what you're told
If it's too loud, well then you must be too old

Wake up you sleepy heads get out of bed
If we make some noise we'll wake the dead

Make 'em roll in their graves when they hear this sound
Raise 'em up from the ground, turn 'em upside down

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Family Force 5 Wake The Dead Comments
  1. Lazurite

    This is the second FF5 song I've listened to. The first was How In The World. I'm starting to wonder whether those two songs were actually made by the same group.

  2. Dan Rhodes

    I wish I was older when this was Family Force 5.

  3. Grace Kay

    Looking through these comments and wow

  4. Ovulating Grashopper


  5. Otaku Kitty21

    This is my personality man. and this is my favorite song

  6. Maria Chaos

    this song is like my personality 😎

  7. Igor Belmont

    muito bom!!!
    amei a banda!!!
    que Deus abençoe!!!

  8. Igor Belmont

    muito bom!!!
    amei a banda!!!
    que Deus abençoe!!!

  9. Joseph Farner


    Jamie Benson

    um no its clearly Christian.I dont think ff5 would appreciate that comment .there are enough people who say just because they dont sing the old stuff like hymns they are worshipping the devil.

  10. Joseph Farner

    boss song

  11. norskywoman

    Wake up the dead now. Either the dead, as in those who are waiting for the rapture or those who are dead in Christ and need awakening. Either it's awesome. I am not too old....I'm 45 and I get it. Modern day metaphor....we have the right to express our beliefs....any beliefs....but it's starting to feel like condemnation if you are proud to say you believe in Christ! So if you are proud...TURN IT UP!


    Proud to be a Christian ;)

    Jamie Benson

    yea ima Christian and im PROUD OF IT !!!

    Ethan Taddicken

    Proud to be christian for life. Its actually a great song religiously about waking those whom are dead in christ.

    Ethan Taddicken


    Jacob Bodnovits

    It's actually just about older generations usually being critical of the younger

  12. Greg Starke

    fun fact: family force 5 is actually an american satanist rock band

    Autumn Freehoffer

    Family Force 5 is NOT a satanist rock band. I went to a CHRISTIAN conference and they performed. The reason they make their songs the way they do is so that they can get the attention of people who are not Christians. At the conference, they actually took a moment to speak about God. Their main thing is to be who God made you to be. That is why they just act like their true selves.

    Greg Starke

    its a joke

    Ethan Taddicken

    Besides that this song is about waking those whom are dead in Christ.

    Little Skyy

    Juicy Thrax lol so much hate. Good joke though.

    Violet Panda

    that's not really funny..........

  13. Rav Caol

    Stupid religious arguments.. I've been both baptized and confimated (I think that's the word for it?), but never believed in anything, other than the fact that this is an awesome song.

    Vonnie Sweeney

    @Rav Caol I think the word you're looking for is confirmed.

    Rav Caol

    @Siobhan Sweeney Yah, that one. Thanks. :)

  14. twiceland

    I would like to dedicate this song to my teachers.

  15. Mikayla Thompson

    how exactly does wake the dead tie to christianity ??


    Nothing. Family Force 5 are all christians, though they write/make music for people's enjoyment.

    Mikayla Thompson

    @salvatoreheart oh ok :) thankyou 


    Actually it's about those being reborn in Christ. or so they told me when I asked them. I think it's also talking about religious folk and the small box they want to put Christianity in.

    Autumn Freehoffer

    When not a Christian, you are spiritually dead, and when you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior, you have eternal life.

  16. Killerrnx2

    SONG: If it's too loud, well, Then you must be too old!

    ME: *cranks up the volume*


    +Killerrnx2 my volume cant go up anymore.


    I broke the button, can't make it go louder. Damn.


    @Alec Guinan get louder speakers?

    Denise Montoya

    Killerrnx2 YAS!!!!! (i broke the replay button)

  17. dank memer

    scroll up and enjoy the song >:|

  18. Madi Smith

    You people are arguing about being Christian os Aethiest, but your forgetting the point of the song. It's just about breaking free and being free from stupid shit!

    Kylo Renn


    Maggie K

    @Eugin phillips i strongly disagree with both of you

    Andrew Woodworth

    @Maggie K your mom 

  19. RevanChristian


    Madi Smith

    And the Catholics!

    Luke Cammack

    You don't think an atheist would love this song too?


    @christian: It's not loud enough...
    ~Sincerely, random person.

    Luke Cammack

    What's religious programing mean?

    Cheyenne Elizabeth

    @RevanChristian This is stupid...

  20. penny the wisest

    Omg I love this song!

  21. Kíba Tikes

    It actually reminds me of my mom telling me what to do:/........

  22. Kíba Tikes

    I LOVE THIS DAMN SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ThexNegativexZero

    siLveRscOpe13x you say only 2.1 people in the world are christian, How do you have .1 of a person?

    Venomous Incorporated

    2.1 of people, as in 2.1 of the population.

    Madi Smith

    @Venomous Incorporated Um, its one-third of the entire world that are Christians. And why does it matter? The song is amazing and even though im a Christian, I think these stupid religion arguments are stupid. Just enjoy the song!

    Cheyenne Elizabeth

    @ThexNegativexZero This is super of topic, but I really like your profile picture. :P

  24. Audrey Lasseter

    Shut up with all the Christian nonsence. This song is about breaking free from in intolarable rule!

  25. FateOfSilver

    It's estimated that 2.1 people in the world are Christian. There are 7 billion people. That's not a majority.

  26. Red Jack

    As I was saying... WHY do I like this song so much? I keep playing it D:

  27. Red Jack

    you realize that Christians are the huge majority, right? I mean... If they're saying "don't follow the majority just because you're told to", well... Do the math.

    All these people pulling stuff out of their butts about this song being christian aside,

  28. Killian Lile

    could everyone look deeper into the song
    they're telling us not to follow the ways of the world and fall into sin and spend eternity in hell. If you criticize as a christian you're just as bad as non-believers. Look deeper dont go surface deep. This is what I say as a christian who once struggled but has found God

  29. Kristen Coleman

    i love this song but i makes me think that stripper zombies should be dancing to it lol XD

  30. jess baker

    I know right!

  31. Jane Jones

    Just stop complaining and listen to them, then.

  32. The Dark EL

    Lol you forgot something

  33. Madi Grace

    they have a song called zombie

  34. Alex Frandsen

    You know what would be mind blowing? If they put this on Resident Evil.

  35. Alex Frandsen

    crazy...i've seen them in concert 18 times, own all their albums, have every single cover photo, and I still can't get enough of them.

  36. Azrim20X

    play this song then roll into Zombie... perfect

  37. Caden Ross

    This reminds me of TheWalkingDead

  38. little_sno_angel

    "If it's to loud, then you must be to old" is my senior yearbook quote ;)

  39. Laken Umphlett

    They are actually. I met them in person and asked. They're a cross-over band.

  40. Anton Metelskyi


  41. Seth Simmons

    Dead to sin, Alive in Christ/God!!

  42. Demi Urie

    That's their fault for judging you :)

  43. Hope Wakefield

    I saw them in concert there amazing live but I think this was one of my favorite songs they played

  44. Alex Frandsen I blared this in front of the Health and Welfare building in the parking lot...they've been in our lives for 2 years and now it's getting to the point where they're holding it back because of my weight...that's how ridiculous the family services is here in Idaho....

  45. Candy Smith

    Love this song so much. I'd say its my favorite,but what about the other songs by Family Force Five? ^_^

  46. PyroPack

    Technically, you'd have to kill God to become God. And we've already tried that and it didn't work... BOO-YAH!!!!

  47. Jasiel Mejia

    @tabatha mullins Hit the cray button

  48. Caitlyn Mumaw

    This is a awesome song, so don't bash on it

  49. Caitlyn Mumaw

    Guys!! What's with the fighting? Here... Think of it as spiritual, not physical.... Make sense now??

  50. vegnagun1

    Oooohhhhhh i get it now!
    Haneebee = Honey bee! right? It sounds like it if you say like simon from the yogscast, or brian blessed.

  51. Devin Johnston

    Parents: Turn down our music its too loud
    Me: If its to loud your too old
    Parents: go to your room ad urn if down!
    Me: (walking to my room and singing) If its too loud then you must be too old

  52. tabatha mullins

    rape the reply button!!!!

  53. pumpituppartyzone

    I can't tell if they're saying you should do that stuff or if they're mocking their elders.... :O

  54. Hannah polky

    I love this song too

  55. AussieDingo17

    @[email protected] this song is oddly addictive. -fails at dancing to it while i ignore the children fight over the internet about music-

  56. noel annette

    I believe that this song is referring to trying to wake up the spiritually dead and to like open up their eyes to what is there.

  57. arbitermaster

    @vampiregirl1700 agreed and it's always happening to me everyday

  58. Evan Porter

    Lyric correction at 1:06 it says: You like to watch and judge my life upon the screen. but here in the video it says You like to watch and thats my life upon the screen :P Fix it bro

  59. Evan Porter


  60. TheTurnbot

    this group is amazing! this is my absolute FAVORITE song!!!!!!!!1

  61. Alejandra V.

    umm..ok lol

  62. Stefan Thompson

    oh no i did.

  63. Alejandra V.

    lol but you didn't get the joke!

  64. Stefan Thompson

    than get better/bigger speakers

  65. Alejandra V.

    It's full volume and it's still not loud enough!!

  66. funsizepotato

    I am exeptionally happy now...I managed to get to here directly from Of Mice & Men....YES!!!

  67. Alejandra V.

    What genre of music do FF5 play?

  68. Shannah Hall

    i love ff5... talk about amazeing...

  69. Hermit

    I think Mindless self indulgence is the most behaved.

  70. misterjesp

    I tried making sense of the lyric and it seems these guys are just making a rebellious statement, I was thinking at the beginning of the song they would at any moment start talking about waking up those that are spiritually dead/asleep but just didn't happen...

    "Superhero" is more direct when he mentions the spark aflame that has been breathed inside of him (the singer)-- which he might receive from God(???) although he doesn't say the name he will call on...Jesus, maybe??? Bit vague for me IMO

  71. Blake Burns

    I love ur music taste <33333333333333333 haha

  72. Jonathan Cotton

    FF5 is the new Genre of music.

  73. Spork Fork

    I love that My Chemical Romance is in the suggestion column. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. MCRmy and FF5 Fanatic FOREVER!

  74. Spork Fork

    I'm seeing them in two weeks at Creation Fest Northwest. CAN'T WAIT!!!

  75. Spork Fork

    Certain songs do, but they can be looked at from a secular view also. They're not like throwing God in their fans' faces. Which is kind of cool. You can get the awesome sound, listen to it from a Christian or secular point of view, and not have a bunch of junk in the songs. I love it.

  76. Blop orz

    240p, we meet again!

  77. Monorchah


  78. ZrazorRozenstrauch

    It was genius when someone came up with it in the 80s. Now it's just cheesy.

  79. GunnyRittz

    First saw these guys at Sonshine (epic christian music festival)!!!

  80. xerxesbreakforever

    I should play this at 5 in the morning :)

  81. NessaOfDorthonion

    Funny, I was just told to turn the music down.

  82. Jennifer

    me too :P

  83. DasWasser

    I thought I was the only one.

  84. GoogleItNewb

    I like the remix much better then this version

  85. Mary Dickinson

    oh yea it is!!! XD

  86. MissLaughALot9799

    And my first thought was "this must be about zombies" XD

  87. sh9683

    "LMFAO" are only wannabe's and only dream of dreaming of being this awesome party rockers

  88. Seeing Ginger

    "Funny how you always think you're always right! Who died and made you God, and did it happen overnight?" Yup, feelin' it.

  89. rebacox816

    i wish they would still screamo in all their new songs :((

  90. Mo Rohrer

    I wasn't saying you had a problem with them. Just making a general statement. I didn't intend for it to sound like I was attacking you personally. Sorry MisterRisenAngel

  91. Mo Rohrer

    @MisterRisenAngel whats wrong with girl singers? I didnt know it mattered if you were a female. Are females not supposed to sing? I don't get it.

  92. Samus

    Favorite song :)

  93. maliuromastiyx

    Oh hot damn... Do you think I can get arrested for raping a replay button? Cuz damn if I can, I'm screwed (;

  94. Joe Classified

    I could not find any lyrics for the mix of this song, so I used Itunes and this song turned it down and turned Itunes up!

    thanks so much bro!

  95. scizor645

    THIS song is awesome!!! by the way im going to start a channel soon so stay tooned and check it out!