Family Force 5 - Christmas Time Is Here Lyrics

Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year

Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
Of love and dreams to share

Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there

Christmas time is here
We'll be drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year...

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Family Force 5 Christmas Time Is Here Comments
  1. Brittany Partin

    This has been my favorite for a long time now!❤️

  2. Kaden Sadich

    U are the best BAND EVER!!!

  3. Ashley Swanson

    my favorite song

  4. Dee Anna

    I love this so happy it's almost Christmas time again

  5. Haley Rasmussen

    LOVE THIS SOO MUCH!!! We listen to this EVERY year!!

  6. Auto Ford

    FF5 is the best!!!!!!!

  7. Lucas Tillery

    I love Christmas music and their versions

  8. sh9683

    so that i can grill them for being hypocrites :P

  9. SpontaneousHats

    The last ten seconds of this song complete my life xD

  10. Name Last

    Not a huge FF5 fan but their entire Christmas album is fantastic!

  11. ro boat

    beat this charlie brown.... lol

  12. gamefan6219

    @CoaCoaLULU7 LMAO! they do! XD

  13. ShesASiren

    I honestly cannot stand Christmas music, even on Christmas; though Family Force 5 makes it truly worth listening to. These guys are really amazing in person too, if you ever have to chance to stay late after a show and hang out with them, go fot it. You won't regret it.

  14. Gayest moment ever


  15. smalldude987654321


  16. 28880

    i'm playing this for CHristmas.
    not like i like MC but, it's just something festive

  17. Leyla M.

    i freakin hate this song, but FF5 makes it eargasmic

  18. Kelsey Korpse

    The 1 person that disliked this song celebrates Kwanzaa.

  19. Kelsey Korpse

    @Zallomallo0 *fun for

  20. Billie Ballistic

    FF5 + Christmas = Genius!:D

  21. Collette Carpenter

    They look mad!

  22. superdudeMN

    @stevo292 CHRISTmas...

  23. Carlos Rodriguez

    next friday sacramento!!!!!!!

  24. Memesawse

    cant wait for christmas either they make it sound awesomer than it rlly is. i wanna see their pageant SO BAD!!!!! but i cant :'(

  25. Gayest moment ever

    can't wait for x-mas!!!!!

  26. Mii Cloves

    Wow love this song! Got to love the melody ^-^~

  27. clpiasgf

    Love Crouton at the end! lol

  28. Noelle Reif

    @xylene808 ya it is true

  29. Noelle Reif

    @FoxGirl18 ya

  30. CodeNameVixen

    FF5 for the WIN!!! ^_^

  31. Noelle Reif

    omgosh i nkow. i listen to iot over and over. it is HILARIOUS. lol a laugh that is funny

  32. Noelle Reif