Family Force 5 - Carol Of The Bells Lyrics

Hark how the bells,
sweet silver bells,
all seem to say,
throw cares away

Christmas is here,
bringing good cheer,
to young and old,
meek and the bold,

Ding dong ding dong
That is their song
With joyful ring
All caroling

One seems to hear
Words of good cheer
From ev'ry where
Filling the air

Oh how they pound,
raising the sound,
o'er hill and dale,
telling their tale,

Gaily they ring
while people sing
songs of good cheer,
Christmas is here,

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
On on they send ,
on without end,
their joyful tone to every home
Dong Ding dong ding, dong Bong

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Family Force 5 Carol Of The Bells Comments
  1. Paige Nossaman

    I can't believe they took this off iTunes!

  2. Frances Prudent

    I wish this album was on spotify

  3. broceratops1337

    FF5 took this off spotify for some reason. hope they dont find this too :X

  4. Alyssa

    Used to listen to this album as a child. Just wanted to hear it again🙃

    spooky catnip

    Alyssa same

  5. Cody Callihan

  6. Perpetual Keleb

    this was deleted off of spotify and i have no more motivation to live anymore.

  7. Jordan Parrish

    This is so bad, I can’t stop listening to it

  8. Morgan Slauson

    i did not get an emperor scorpion.

  9. Morgan Slauson

    fav xmas song

  10. Catrina Craft

    Yasssss 🎄🎄🎄🎄!!!!


    big time FF5 fan! :D

  12. 〈3hearts〈3

    2018 anyone?

  13. Amy perry

    This is a good song for lifting spirits

  14. cc l

    sounds awesome

  15. Epicfilmslol

    I'm having them vietnam flashbacks to this song

  16. Katfobia Gaming

    'Bells on the ring, gon' do the thing' and 'Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry, Christmas' is my fav parts

  17. Dee Anna

    I'm so excited for Christmas already starting to listen to Christmas music

  18. Justin Popp

    check out August Burns Red's rendition of Carol of Bells, it's epic

  19. Mini SoulGlow

    july 9 and I havent gotten sick of it like most christmas songs. Ive head this soooooo many times and it never gets old. That is tallent

  20. gabriel griggs

    +1yoshi426 i cant like though

  21. Steph•

    The best Christmas song ever!

  22. Ami

    lulz I am listening to this on 24th December 2015 :DDDDD

  23. Drew Alber

    Dude i was at their christmas concert a few years ago with manafest and hawk nelson. But the version of carol of the bells that they played at the concert was much differant then this one, i swear it was. Maybe just bad memory.

    Drew Alber

    Lol just looked it up when they played it at the concert. Just bad memory


    I was there, too. :)

    gabriel griggs

    +Drew Alber but why only comment a year later

  24. Hollow Cliche

    FF5 you guys rock hard

  25. LifeofATeenageGirl12

    <3 it !!! XD

  26. BiancaMarisol

    1 word AMAZING that's all I got

  27. lynnbelford217


  28. wijcik

    This is an epic version of this song!

  29. 1yoshi426

    like if you notice the song volume raises at the end

  30. Jason William Keller

    Yea, I am watching. from the middle of 2013 summer lol.

    Kate Bents


  31. Taylor Gillespie

    I'm in Australia so technically here it's winter. but its still the end of may.

  32. hello good bye

    ok this song is weird the other ones r cool

  33. kms

    holy autotune

  34. CaitlynYoung1

    Awesome, blasphemy.

  35. chuckdog107

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Autumn Biersack

    First off. I LOVE family force five. So dont go talking bad about them. Cause they like that album so go,ahead laugh all u want thats just the kind of band they r. A crazy awesome wacko band. That I love

  37. jellybre

    And Jesus said to his disciples, let us get crunk.
    And his disciples got crunk.

  38. GnomeOfArgentina

    (V) (;,,;) (V) This cover is bad and they should feel bad.

  39. 1yoshi426

    2:51 put your headphones on and listen carefully to how it gets louder

  40. sgronseth

    34 people don't like christmas music

  41. Makayla Danielle

    It's not Christmas until you listen to this song ;)

  42. Kamrie Johnson


  43. Lizzy Grace

    Its summer in christmas time here :D

  44. RoseFox

    Like if you're watching this in December. =D

  45. Kamrie Johnson

    i am soooo jealous! lol

  46. Erin Kunselman

    Seeing them in concert December 14th! Woohoo I am pumped!

  47. Arinka Linders

    Love it!

  48. dawnofthedeadling

    Well, this song is shit.

    Heather Getz

    Don't u know who Jesus is?

  49. ballfire2012

    i love christmas :)

  50. ro boat

    cant freakin wait til christmas now.... haha

  51. Lillian Rose

    I would love this song 100X more if it didn't remind me of vital sign!!! Weh!

  52. Kasey Cross

    101 sleep until Christmas! Until then, Family Force 5 bringing it home!

  53. Leaf Reinert

    i know rite

  54. itsjust niki

    September in with a bang!

  55. babycakesx123x

    i cant stop watching this! i wish they would remake it..with different lyrics so it would also be a party dance to and waht not!

  56. goldrushcavi

    I always play this during the warm-up at the last basketball game before Christmas at the school I PA announce for. Sort of sounds like a slowed down Black and Yellow... AND IT CAME OUT FIRST!!!

  57. Laramie Thompson

    First song I ever heard by them actually... Pretty awesome cuz me and my sisters listened to it repeatedly a few years ago and actually did the separate parts... I miss that.

  58. Kamrie Johnson

    @tiggers4ever hahahah that will be so funny and awesome.. if you can please make a video

  59. C-schell

    This is an awesome song to make a Christmas ringtone out of.

  60. huge baller

    this song is cool in only half of it, but otherwise thumbs up

  61. Karla Baylon

    I really like this song!!!:)

  62. Jefferson Rinck

    @PatrickProduction Niiicceee! i never thought about that! haha

  63. PatrickProduction

    @jeffrinck146 In Australia, summer means Christmas :D

  64. TheTrendsetter

    Who cares if it's not even Thanksgiving yet, can't stop playing this greatness.

  65. xdezzy21x

    oh yes. Christmas in September:)

  66. Sarah Harper

    every christman we listen to christman music. I have a suprise for my parents :D thumbs up for wakeing up to 100% bass FF5 Carol Of The Bells

  67. krazi muzique

    >///< CHRiSTMAS iN AUGUST!!
    8D 8D 8D

  68. lynnbelford217

    i'm loving the auto tune!!!!!!

  69. Aubrey Ybarra

    @XTakeUpYourCrossx now you got 454 (including me!) hahahah! but we got 24 to get.. :p

  70. Jefferson Rinck

    Like if you're watchin this in the middle of summer

  71. Rachel Hart

    Can I PLEASE have a copy of this cd for Christmas?? I promise to be good all year! I know its only June, but I hate 2 procrasinate, and i want to make i get my order in! :P
    With love
    ~ A FF5 Fan

  72. Zoe McDowell

    Christmas music in July ! :) hahah gotta love it !

  73. TehGamerXeo

    @XTakeUpYourCrossx Funny comment, but I think killing is against the whole movement :P

  74. daniel lason

    @krisallenisawesome yahhhh

  75. daniel lason

    @krisallenisawesome yah i like tis better then the origonal dont ya?

  76. daniel lason

    @imjustakid22 dude this just a remix of it not THE classic damn show some respect for these guys man they, in my opinion, made it modern

  77. Azithoth

    @imjustakid22 you can't "ruin" anything, just make it sound the way you want. and if people don't like that, too bad for them.

  78. forrubin

    so glad that i bought this album for like $5... great album!

  79. Nairic

    thats weird but i like this song

  80. Nairic

    thats weird but i like this song

  81. Chris

    @XTakeUpYourCrossx i don't get it...

  82. Ashlee Skinner

    When I hear this song, I think of a group of people robbing a bank during the christmas holiday. :) Sounds like a good video. lol.

  83. Brian Stern

    who has a comment fight on a christmas song. shameful you get coal emos!

  84. Olivia Sutton

    this is how carol of the bells should sound like

  85. mandy ramir

    They performed this song yesterday it was awesome :D

  86. Kelsey Korpse

    @Brantluvr1 :D I started listening to the Christmas Pageant CD like a week before Thanksgiving!

  87. metaldrummer9000

    to me this sounds nothing like carol of the bells

  88. MegaCowfarmer

    Listen to this song all year long

  89. xXenimcrbtx

    they're fucking awesome!

  90. Lauren Blanchard


  91. in the jaws of the lion

    Saw them last saturday in Madison, they are incredible performers!

  92. WarriorWolfeh

    no offence to Family Force 5 cause I love them but it's so auto-tuned it almost sounds like t-pain xD

  93. Gage Ishmael

    @skilletOATH Hahahha you did thats amazing haha we had so much fun we made friends with shorelines end there so nice

  94. Hannah Burtness


  95. Selena Sharp

    It's nice to hear an different version of this song(: Last year, this is the only Christmas CD I would listen to xD

  96. Gage Ishmael

    @skilletOATH Yes i did when it got quiet me my friend and my brother yelled we love you lol it was amazing and they looked at us

  97. Lauren Piekarski

    best version of the best Christmas song eveeeerrrrr!!!!

  98. Tofu

    @Alexishmaeltv lucky! D:

  99. Gage Ishmael

    @russellskates Hahaha so true im seeing them tommrrow