Fame On Fire - Back To You Lyrics

I feel like I'm dreaming
I'm not even sleeping
I just gotta shake it off

Addy got me tweakin'
Anxious And uneven
Paranoia has my soul

This is too controlling
Can't see where I'm going
You will be the death of me

The room is getting colder
Wishing it was over
There's no room for you and me

I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you, no

But I keep running back to you
Oh I told myself I was through
With everything you make me do
But I can not let you go, no
I keep running back to you
Oh, feeling like I can't break through
I think about what I could lose
But I can not let you go, no
I just can't let you go

They said it will make it okay
No, it's not what you think
Just learn how to hide it

But I keep walking a line
Is it yours is it mine
Watch me break it

I don't need you
I don't need you
I don't need you, no

But I keep running back to you
Oh I told myself I was through
With everything you make me do
But I can not let you go, no
I keep running back to you
Oh, feeling like I can't break through
I think about what I could lose
But I can not let you go, no
I just can't let you go
(I just can't let you go)
(I just can't let you go)

You will never take me
I won't let It break me
It hurts when you save me

It's the end of our life
It's the final goodbye
This is not how I die

But I keep running back to you
Oh I told myself I was through
With everything you make me do
But I can not let you go, no
I keep running back to you
Oh, feeling like I can't break through
I think about what I could lose
But I can not let you go, no
I just can't let you go

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  1. BornToBrappp

    Usually like heavy metal but I love this for change of pase🤘🤘 great lyrics. Love the voice

  2. Preston Sargent

    Amazing song guys!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Rizwan Siddiqui

    heeeyy, this song is awesome <3

  4. Natilynn Beggs

    the end......

  5. Samuel Markert

    Sploosh <3

  6. Phillip Everson

    Ok.... I've listen to everything on Spotify and YouTube and can't find a single song I don't like!!!

  7. Isaiah Cook

    NGL I listen to this song on repeat daily

  8. Аслан Дженгарин

    My favourite song!

  9. Miyu Takano

    I wanna dye my hair with his hair color. What's hair color name?

  10. Nick Erhardt

    Amazing tunes make Nick so happy n this kicks ass😸💙👻💣💣💣😋👻👻👻👻👻😸

  11. Maxi Klinn

    So we just gonna ignore the fact they use the same opening guitar riff as Nickelbacks saving me? I'm fine with that. Just asking.

  12. Sophie metal

    I love it 🔥🔥🖤🤘🏼🤘🏼

  13. Rachelle Bell

    lol...THEIR music 🤣🖕🏾🙊🤗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈

  14. bill Butteris

    This is seriously my new fave band!! Y'all r freaking awesome! Keep it up! U definitely got a new fan here!

  15. Dìllon Meister

    Cover bottom of a bottle - smile empty soul!!!!

  16. Fitness Lover

    I think he means the relationship is dead.

    Not her...

  17. Ashton Gwin

    Fame on fire with adtr....sounds like the perfect pairing

  18. Chrissy Kenway


  19. Javon Miller

    Honestly my fav song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Томас Финчер

    Господа, меня прям за душу берёт. Я вас благодарю за этот шедевр!

  21. Landon Jay

    Is this one of their originals?

  22. Pander G

    I was born in 96, in November. Same month this video was posted. Love the video, and the music. <3

  23. Robbie Rice


  24. Bobster

    Keep on producing guys. Your music keeps on blasting me away holy crap!

  25. Alyssa Whatever

    Can we get a Halsey Nightmare cover plssssss!!!

  26. Marie Tee

    God his voice yummy

  27. Robbie Rice

    F YESSSSS!!!!!!!✌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥😎✨💋💋🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. benzin91

    lit as fuck nd so underrated

  29. Sharree Newton

    100% pure talent... This is what should be top 10 chart topping shit and some of the best damn covers I have ever heard. You guys can turn shit into fucken gold!!! Band of the decade for me LOVE u guys.

  30. Vicente Meraz

    Love it, this song goes hard (pause)

  31. Антон Чикалов

    я не помню как зовут парней и не хочу выделять среди них лучшего, так как парни хороши во всех аспектах

  32. Herbie Namvari

    At first I thought this was a Nickelback cover.

  33. Hannah Scovell

    This awesome rock song should be covered by South Korean Rapper, G-Dragon.

  34. PowerRider16

    0:56 I have that exact same towel haha

  35. Porridge 12

    I'm living this song🎸🔥❤💕🤘🏻

  36. Wassim Aijia


  37. Wassim Aijia

    Very brautiful👌👏💖

  38. Emily Marion-Walker

    I love the barber! Bring him back for another video lol!

  39. alex turnqest

    "Going to the Barber like" :)

  40. Tyler Childs

    The beginning beat is nickleback song "savin me"

  41. MySkyFire

    woooooooooooooooooooow what the this sENCE

  42. TheFlindach

    Am I the only one that thought he was talking to a possible problem with an addiction?

  43. Karina Lôbo


  44. Saad Alpha

    Best song ever

  45. Jorge Fernandez

    This guys are real fckn fire 🔥🔥🔥

  46. Kasey Cibrin

    I play this song every morning on my way to work. Get’s me in the zone to teach my third graders 😂

  47. Jimmy Burns

    beautiful song if you can relate to drug addiction or alcohol abuse and the feelings that go along with addiction. idk if that was the intention but its true

  48. Kritika Singh

    it ended soo beautifully like "the girl" is his inspiration to keep going and keep doing better even if she is not there

  49. Ryan Davis

    Man FOF stays LITTT 🤘💪

  50. Fairuj Sadaf

    The best rock remix maker:

    Fame on fire

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    Бля, заебись! Чётко)

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    Yo that shirt is ugly AF

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    Damn guys please pût more songs you guys awesome 😎😎😎😎

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    Уже раз 100 прослушал, заебись


    nice song . . .👌
    btw your shirt like a Batik.

  58. Drew

    that melody sounds like its from somewhere else

  59. Ivan Andreev



  60. king trooper

    fame on fire my name is michaiah or king trooper i would like to do a collab with you so if you want i would like to i'm not famous but you guys gave me hope with your music so hmu for a collab thanks

  61. SCiZZo C

    sounds like Nickelback's savin' me riff...anyone else hear that

  62. Alexey Alexeevtsev

    Amazing, bra (in ru translate bro). Very top group, team and so on ) Парни слежу за творчеством, преуспели, молодцы.

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    Kick ass guys. Keep em coming

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    How many times did you ruin scenes laughing in this music video? Hah you looked like you were fighting smiles hard in the barber shop and flower store

    Badass song as always dudes

  68. Robert Bushers

    You guys do amazing covers, but your originals have me coming back to you. See what I did there? Puns. I've got them

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    I think I just raped the replay button! amazing song

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    & flame on fire got 369k subs

  71. Koala. Just a koala

    Didn’t expect it to take such a dark turn...

  72. Jacqui

    I'm so glad I came across this band! oooo

  73. Jacob O'Toole

    Man, this hits me on a personal level. Going through this exact thing right now. Awesome song guys.

  74. Ronnie Estorga

    For everyone wondering, he loves, "the girl", and he prepares for his date with her but she is no longer alive. He is hung up on her because he loves her. That's why he can't let her go

  75. Aragami _ Kai

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    3:07 background looks familiar. Didn’t know you guys were from Palm Beach FL

    Fame On Fire

    Chris S yessir 🏝


    I Remember Asgard on this song

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    Bellísimo !! 💝escuchando desde Guatemala ! ⚡

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    Love the Music ❤️

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    I Love you Fame On Fire awesome song

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    0:49 love how hes like sitting on the toilet jamming lol

    Fame On Fire

    Lel Devyl ha he’s in a bathtub 🛁 but def looks like it could be a toilet 😂🤘🤣

    Liisi Brett

    @Fame On Fire oh lol

  86. Gwen Harris

    Favorite song!! My best friend told me about you guys and I’ve been hooked since.

  87. R L

    Hi! Ребята, ну как так-то? Если в песне вы кричите, то в клипе так же надо показать крик, а не просто открывать рот. У меня сложилось впечатление, что в песню вы вложились, а в клипе устали и халтурили под фонаграму... Sorry, but no!
    В целом вы красавчики!
    Greetings from Russia!

  88. Maycee Lou

    Amazing song, amazing video. I love the cinematography.
    But I felt that ending in my soul. Why you got to make me cry like that?

  89. Anila .3

    I love it. amazing!! love greetings from Germany 🤘🏼

  90. Yuko14

    i was born in '96! Is the symbolism that his ex is dead to him but he still pays his respects?

  91. Misty Johnson

    This song fits my situation so perfect...

  92. L-o-v-e Music

    This is so good. I like their style and how they connect their feelings with their instruments. FOF F4..

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