Fallujah - The Prodigal Son Lyrics

Dreams of us would carry me on
That day has come and gone

Born to be the prodigal son
We are worn men soon to become extinct

Reminding ourselves to breathe
Your curse upon the chosen son

I spited you that day
Defiance was the plight
I curse the night I had to leave
That day of my infant life

Movement entangled with grace
Swarming like vapor waves
The last choice you could have made
You chose to wither away
Wither away [2x]

The broken heart of the mother
The shattered arm of the father

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Fallujah The Prodigal Son Comments
  1. dootie kun

    is nobody gonna talk about the little foot stool scott has?


    classical players use them

  2. BeardedMenace25

    Man, this is infinitely better and more interesting than that Rings of Saturn playthrough.

  3. Jacky Depaz


  4. xeyon

    that solo and the riff after. jesus man

  5. yaiguyguitar

    Can someone explain to me how this works? lol Does BIAS FX and/or other DAWS allow you to change effects/channels while recording or playing live without a pedal board? Or is this just all the magic of television? lol
    ...I generally stay away from the recording process. I just enjoy playing.

  6. Luemm3l

    to be honest I kinda would have liked that mixing on the album (although it wasn't bad on the album, just the bass is here a little more in the foreground which I love)... Can't wait for new Fallujah, maybe this or next year new album drop?

  7. tricksonafixed

    The thing I love most about this video, is if you listen closely with headphone towards the end, you can hear Robert just shredding along with Brian and Scott. This has to be the most beautiful instrumental I’ve ever heard in this genre.

  8. Adol Barish

    I love this guys 🤘🏽

  9. Néstor González

    Fallujah does not need any vocals really, well... maybe just Katie Thompson but if Fallujah release some instrumental album I'll be happy to buy it instantly, they just need to orient to a more mature audience, the moshing gigs are ok but they need to take care of their valuable fans the fans that really appreciate and actually buy their music

  10. Eflatmajor7sharp11

    Man that outro. Looks like I've found a new favorite band.

  11. Prisonofthemind

    Its almost impossible to distinguish between the Bias FX tones and the ones on the album, Im blown away

  12. 1SecondToLight

    Oh my, such beautiful and intense ending. pure bosses of progressive metal world!

  13. Phillip Clark

    Idk why, but their style of playing vaguely reminds me of Revocation.

  14. cj mh

    You guys are my inspiration !

  15. loka loka

    is there posibility of get the tab????????????:D

  16. Damien Thomas Beeler

    fallujah with 8 strings in the future!

  17. NTB Azael


  18. Joseph Alcala

    Does anyone know the name of the program?

    Alexis Riera



    glad to see scot featuring plini

  20. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ


  21. Felipe Euan

    This is awesome, I wish I vould make my bias mobile sound this great

  22. Noah Thomas White15

    dope as fuuuuuh 🤘

  23. Lode Van Goubergen

    I need that Vader Kiesel

  24. alpenjodel24

    Can you upload your tones in the cloud?

    Brian James

    They have been uploaded already

    Vlad Mihalca

    @Brian James nice.

  25. James

    Anyone know how they get the vocals almost non-existent for playthroughs?

    Jay Lock

    they mute the vocals when they play it back


    Yes but if you just have the final mix from the album, how do you do it? I understand they may have access to the pre-mix tracks and can mute the vox in their DAW but how would someone outside the band do it?

    Jay Lock

    Closest thing you can do is use an equalizer to try to reduce the frequency ranges occupy but that will take those frequencies from all the other instruments too so it always sounds horrible. Don't even bother lol


    Lol yeah I've tried it before to do for my cover of "The Prodigal Son" on my page but I eventually just said fuck it I'm gonna mix it a certain way so that the vocals aren't so pronounced. When you google how to do it, there's a lot of people saying "Use Audacity" but obviously that's gonna sound like garbage lol

    Reflect All But White

    they have stems dude. it's their song. they run the bass and drums stems and mute the vocal stem

  26. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    Looking at headless guitars is always a mindfuck for me.

  27. Interloperofficial

    mmmmmm boyz!


    can you dudes please get scott featured in one of your songs? i would love to hear miles and scott play together

  28. KingTater

    Technically impressive but where is the melody?

    Tim Crouch

    Everywhere. If you can't hear the melody in their stuff then you need to spend more time listening to it so you can sort out the parts.

    Reflect All But White

    thats literally the point of fallujah. They are one of the most melodic death metal bands (or bands in general) around. Listen to the leads for fucks sake.


    U deaf ?


    Gas yourself if you think this isn't melodic

  29. slipknotsk8ter89

    So good

  30. Alexis Lopez

    I prefer this instrumental over regular Fallujah.

  31. Eduardo TwiLighT ZonE

    intense music...one of the best bands out there

  32. Joseph Bastidas

    Fuck yes Fallujah. Fuck yes.

  33. D2ezbmu

    I just cant get into newer Fallujah :/


    all I hear is "waaah waaah waaah"


    This is a double entendre

  34. Noah McCoy

    These tones sound pretty massive. I have the lite version of BIAS and I think it's about time to get the full thing!

  35. Ian Short

    I just want to know where I can find a little foot stand like Scott. 😅


    At every music store.

  36. Ritchie J

    See while i love what the boys are doing, the drums sound fucking horrible and fake.


    Ritchie J Probably just programmed for practice purposes. I can't imagine them using gake drums for the album

  37. Roberto Amores

    share the preset.

  38. I am The Hammer


  39. John Doe

    is that Standard B tuning?

  40. plaguespeak

    so incredible

  41. Nosotros Los Lobos Estamos Regresando

    \m/ ^^ \m/

  42. Saxy Entertainment with Stan Sax


  43. AliveAndRotting moo

    such a definitive album. love these guys cant wait for next album

    Kevin Student

    I think they're barely getting started. Lots of really great stuff will come from these guys!

    The Wolverine

    I wouldn't say barely getting started they've been at this for a decade now... I think they are just now being noticed as they should of been.

    Vlad Mihalca

    Not to dissapoint you but..

    Tomas Šiukščius

    well that comment aged poorly :/

  44. Simple Jeremy

    Is Scott gonna turn water into wine next?

    Vlad Mihalca

    No he is going to release a dissapointing album..

  45. Hunter Ross

    Fantastic. Damn I want Scots Vader!

  46. Chris Jr

    always slaying it.

  47. Simona Tamas