Fallujah - Scar Queen Lyrics

Your skin reflects
Your past regrets
Face death, free again
Last breath, you're free again

Warmer words from better days
The blood on your teeth has faded away
You're in infinite pain
That's the risk that you know you take

There is hope beyond the scars on your skin
Open your lungs and let me in

I'm fighting all of the weakness in me
Something I'll fight until the end of my days
She's begging to stay in chains
Ones only I can break

Are you afraid of what the mirror reflects?
Do happiness and hope fail to connect
You're facing death and you're free gain
There is hope beyond the scars on your skin

Your skin reflects
Your past regrets

There's a darkness inside of you
I know because it's in me too
Warmer words from better days
Those days have faded away
Faded away [2x]

Scar Queen

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Fallujah Scar Queen Comments
  1. Ghost Artorias

    This made me swet so much. Omg

  2. Natural86

    <3 never gets old

  3. ORR

    This song has the juiciest drop in all of metal and it’s so fucking beautiful. Don’t care what anyone says.

  4. Mark Fullington

    I see this band abandoning the death vocals in the future just like Opeth did.

  5. Dawwal Creative

    This track really is an absolute masterpiece.

  6. Santiago Luchsinger

    Dreamless era un disco que amaba profundamente, escuchar el disco nuevo(Undying Light), hizo que ese amor se incrementara al borde del desenfreno. Qué maravillosa era esta formación por la conchetumare. Y lo nuevo es relativamente bueno, siempre y cuando te olvides de que estás escuchando Fallujah.

  7. Donald Watson

    I had to come back and listen to this because their new album which came out today is total vomit.

  8. Sacredgeometry

    Can't help but think that Alex got out of the band to escape the inevitable demise of what they once were, and he was smart for doing so.

  9. Baptiste Watiez

    Gorgeous, everything about this is beautiful



  11. Randall Slater

    Yo is this about Unreal

  12. Over Thedge

    This song blasted me into another realm with a fucking space limousine holy balls????!!!!???

  13. spore bubu

    Drums are too much and too loud
    Seriously extreme metal bands need to learn to write drums
    Go all heavy technical blast beat brutality if you want but not 100% of the song/album Jesus Christ makes everything more tiring then it already is

  14. Martin Rogers


  15. Matthew DuPont

    What a dark, nostalgic fucking masterpiece.

  16. Pier-Andrea Bascetto

    I hope I could find, a day, a band betwin Fallujah and Opeth ...

  17. michael matthew

    Oh my goodness!!!!! Where has this band been all my life?! Everything I love from music, absolutely beautiful atmospheric instrumental breaks spread throughout some killer death metal...I need to catch up now.

    Stephen Meroney

    Bruh you need to take a while to enjoy Fallujah and their glorious music. They create such an incredible feeling to their music that for me personally, it's impossible to take it all in at once. I have to dose myself every day with it just to feel the shivers down my back with every striking note. They put on a killer live show too.

  18. Christopher Curran

    I'd never heard of them and caught them with TBDM on their Unhallowed tour back in April. I was very impressed with these guys. Great atmosphere. Powerful performance.

  19. kory thomas

    I never thought a city that brought me so much bullshit could have a band named after it that melted my face this hard. Hell fuckn yeah!


    kory thomas No kidding. When I first heard these guys I didn't even give then a chance, simply because of their name. It wasn't until a couple years later I have them a honest listen. I've been hooked since.

  20. hvidhajen

    Holy shit what a song, the start is incredible.

  21. Angelica Day

    Amazing 😱👌

  22. Andres Mejia

    This album is definitely a step up from the flesh prevails. Really good record but imo the harvest wombs is still their best effort. That record has such a great balance of melodeath, tech death and black metal that still no band has been able to replicate. But I still love this and look forward to what the future holds for them.

  23. Dethsyndrome

    where are the vocals? I wish i had the ear for this kind of metal smh.

    Pete Lehner

    shut up hippie

  24. Alessandra Priolo

    Awesome track, i really want to see these guys live!


    Alessandra Priolo They played this song live when I saw them two days ago and it was absolutely amazing

    Alessandra Priolo

    Thats awesome, i'm looking forward to seeing them!


    Alessandra Priolo you'll enjoy them for sure!

    Alessandra Priolo

    They will be in Calgary end of March, i'm stoked

  25. Sian Park

    Aborted and Fallujah are the only metal bands with a damn anymore

    Tony Echeverría.

    I would add The faceless,Ne Obliviscaris and Cattle decapitation.

    Neel Joshi

    There are plenty of bands that are worth listening to. You've got to look in the right places.

    Meshuggah Fan8675

    +Neel Joshi fucking a man.

    Meshuggah Fan8675

    Definitely check out enslaved!! If you like the more progressive stuff like this check out enslaveds newer albums from below the lights on, specifically ruun, Axoima ethica odini, and riitiir and the newest album in times

  26. Upbeat Downbeat

    This song feels like a high speed train

  27. Metal Addicted

    I bought the album today and I look forward to listen to it! \m/\m/

  28. lockandload 68

    saw them with the black dahila murder so bad ass

  29. Hail Hitler Fuck Jews

    they should do a black metal album...

  30. Al Pra

    I think Andrew Baird is as insanely good as Aaron Kitcher

    Blake Warrens

    I like him better. He's not as fast but he's so much better all around. At Least judging by what I've seen of kitcher, which is basically Lugal Ki En.

    Andres Mejia

    Al Pra aaron has to trigger his entire kit, and he can't even pull it off live. Andrew on the other hand is clean in his playing, doesn't depend on superior drummer to record his parts and only triggers his kicks (like most death metal drummers).

    Nathan Fat

    Al Pra Aaron's kit is all programmed studio magic, dude. He can't actually play that live. Rings of Saturn/Black Tongue is probably as close as we'll get to what he can really play vs what he puts out for Infant Annihilator.

  31. Miloš Đorić

    03:11 by far the best moment on the whole album. the blending of fading synth,sandpaper lows and silk highs,along with smooth machine gun drumming,makes this an ethereal experience.

    Dominic Gutierrez

    6sentient also the bleching bass when the synths are high

  32. Tree of No Return

    great band, excited to see them play with BTBAM, and Devin Townsend!

  33. ou8121988

    This is pretty annoying

  34. Milk0matic

    fucking hell that was great!! And fucking badass that they got to use Peter Mohrbacher art for the album cover!

  35. Mental Gear

    that full-auto man


  36. Matt Damiter

    Love the Peter Mohrbacher artwork.

  37. Alex A

    Anyone else get a tool vibe from the whole intro

  38. no fu

    Your skin reflects
    Your past regrets
    Face death, free again
    Last breath, you're free again

    Warmer words from better days
    The blood on your teeth has faded away
    You're in infinite pain
    That's the risk that you know you take

    There is hope beyond the scars on your skin
    Open your lungs and let me in

    I'm fighting all of the weakness in me
    Something I'll fight until the end of my days
    She's begging to stay in chains
    Ones only I can break

    Are you afraid of what the mirror reflects?
    Do happiness and hope fail to connect
    You're facing death and you're free again
    There is hope beyond the scars on your skin

    Your skin reflects
    Your past regrets

    There's a darkness inside of you
    I know because it's in me too
    Warmer words from better days
    Those days have faded away
    Faded away

    Scar Queen

  39. Prathamesh Arolkar


  40. danny ingersoll

    jizz in my pants


    Local band

  42. payazokoki

    This sound great, but the drum mix is fucking TERRIBLE. Very low and the kick drums are buried in the same mud as Jimmy Hoffa.

  43. raas96

    that 3:08 to 3:37 is cold-blooded, oh my god.

  44. Selfish Eyes

    who does the art for the album?

  45. Whom 197

    why are the vocals so low ???

    Andres H

    Death Metal influenced music tends to have low vocals.

  46. Joe P

    Lol, what a shitty talentless fuck of a band. I bet none of these guys have even tried to Mongolian throat sing before.

  47. Ahhhutumn

    9 more days!! come to meeeee

  48. Ingrid Nagri

    Hands down best band in metal /,,/,

  49. Brando Schellenberger

    It's 5 AM, and I'm one minute in; never heard of this band.. Such a good find.

    Loooove it

  50. P0LYBiUS

    Seeing Fallujah on board 70.000 tons of metal 2016, TWICE, was the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my entire life. Even though the first set was played at like... 5:30 am.

  51. Sampad Banerjee

    finally a non-soundcloud clean version.

    I am seriously amped about this album *_*

  52. Nico Plouvier

    So good !!

  53. pacxam11

    Holy fuck, just blew my load. This band never ceases to amaze, the artwork is so damn beatiful and the music so damn addictive!

  54. Alt+Doom

    Shit I want to see these guys in concert :V

  55. Calum Paterson

    Love the drums on this album so are from what I've heard. The other albums while great have always felt too heavy on the straight blast beats, this sounds a lot more dynamic.

  56. Jacob Jacal Amador

    Where can I find lyrics?

  57. Bob Jones

    who did the artwork

    Flint Cole

    +Bob Jones His name is Peter Mohrbacher. Check out Angelarium if you want to see more of his work. This artwork represents Yesod from the Tree of Kaballah (or something like that). I'm guessing they leased the artwork.

    Bob Jones

    +Flint Cole. Thanks a ton

    Flint Cole

    @Bob Jones No problem : )

  58. mjw665

    these guys have improved so damn much its insane

  59. Jakromha

    It's too short. They could have made it twice as long and it wouldn't be boring. That's the only bad thing I can say about it.


    Just put it on loop

  60. Sacredgeometry

    Not their strongest track, I would think by any means, but it's still a great one, and a wonderful story to be told all on its own that I really enjoy, and I can't wait for the rest of the album to enfold around it.

  61. Darrell Winter

    I don't like Fallujah but I buy their albums because I know how great they are. There is something wrong with me.

  62. vvnti christ

    bruh anyone got lyrics???

  63. TheAlbinoskunk

    Is the whispered line at the beginning "your skin reflects your past regrets"?

  64. kersedlife

    Thursday I see them holy Fuck

  65. Corranhorn122

    Fallujah just keeps amazing me. Through a careful choice of tuning and perfectly placed clean vocals, they manage to create a dynamic, heavy, yet *uplifting* and ethereal atmosphere. Combined with their exotic name, tasteful lyrics, and gorgeous artwork, they are really something else. Best of all, they clearly communicate that being heavy doesn't mean that metal has to be ugly or mean spirited. Put simply, despite being technically heavy, Fallujah's music is downright BEAUTIFUL, something I can only rarely say about a lot of other metal.


    It doesn't really matter whether it was an involved or not, Sicarious. At the end of the day, that tuning sounds good for what they are doing. :p

    Sicarius Bladehart

    Its just funny because for alot of people (inculding me) Its standard.

    David Poissant

    That is the truest comment I've read my entire life


    i would recommend you delve into atmospheric black metal if you like fallujah. Caladan brood might be a good starting place. Wonders of nature also amazing.

    Sicarius Bladehart

    @Zhoyzu Agalloch is pretty accessible too IMO.

  66. Josh Lathrop


  67. Timmy Jenkins

    The fucking Bass Player man. Goddamn it.

  68. FromWisdomToHate

    It's just pure eargasm...

  69. Plugga


  70. Deermageddon

    Gonna be best album of 2016? I think so.

  71. Cpt Steezus

    Drops on my birthday. fucking hype

  72. Beckoning Oblivion

    Hey, that's pretty good!!!

  73. Jordan Van de Vere

    God damn. That was incredible.

  74. Sedjie Somera

    dat album art tho!!!!

  75. Remon Masseling

    Is it me, or are the drums a bit pushed back in the mix?

    Michael Cross

    Yeah I agree

    Blake Warrens

    Yeah. They were a bit loud in Harvest Wombs but in Flesh and dreamless they're quiet. They had it perfect in Nomadic

  76. creatorofdragon

    damn they all started working out hard lol

  77. longshelton

    Holy shit...you guys are doing great. Is it bad that I rather hear this album than the new Faceless record?

  78. Fabian Duran

    Que brutal! increíble

  79. Geekz

    Trying smoking some good kush, then have a decent sound system and cup your ears to make them a lot bigger so you can fine tune it and take in this band... gotta have the sub there so you can feel it too close ur eyes bro... fuck I'm high

  80. Daniel J

    Lyrics, anyone? Wish they'd put it in the description

  81. Leo_Shazzael

    hey Nuclear, who does the cover art?

  82. NastyCrab

    April 22nd (or 29th?) can't come soon enough

  83. Alex Snc

    3:10 im done

  84. stevo8825

    Fallujah's best work since The Dead Sea. So insanely happy that they're writing music I actually enjoy again!


    +Daniel K I agree, man. They almost set the bar TOO high!

    Daniel J

    +stevo8825 agreed!

    Obscure Creation

    +stevo8825 OH my god the Dead Sea was pure Ecstasy. What about Venom Upon the Blade though?

    potato with peener

    +Coaster Haven Nomadic as a whole was perfection - until i actually appreciated Dreamless.

    Obscure Creation

    @Happy Homeless I loved that EP, I got the shirt for it. x3

  85. Randy Bobandy

    Growing on me

  86. Frank Menepace

    This is some next level shit <3 holy hell. So fucking ready for this album.

  87. Cove

    Lots of people seem to be complaining about the quality, which makes me wonder if I'm better off getting a vinyl of this, but I'm not sure whether the issue is compression or mixing, since a mixing issue would make a vinyl sound bad regardless. Can anyone confirm?

    jordan patrick

    The quality is probably bad because its nuclear blast. They are garbage at mixing

    UrbanDanger !

    Maybe it's just the Youtube Version :/
    I hope they dont fuck it up. Also ye NuceBlast arent the best at mixing.

  88. Meghan Pierce

    While I like this song, I much much MUCH prefer The Void Alone. The drums in this one though.... wow.

  89. Gilbert X

    "The Flesh Prevails" was great but this goes beyond all expectation.

  90. Avatar Korra

    Whoever does their album artwork is amazing.

    Avatar Korra

    @Cesar Issac Mercado It'll likely happen.

    vvnti christ

    +Cesar Issac Mercado so funny because I've never seen this person ever until now. 😂

    Brett Hobbs

    +Avatar Korra I see you on so many good videos. I should just follow your page to see what you comment on.

    Avatar Korra

    @Brett Hobbs A good idea, but my Google+ hasn't updated for the last 6 or so months.

    Danny Snow

    You again.

  91. - Ōgon jidai黄金時代

    Expand the Scar Dong.

  92. Narinrat Deepromyat

    yed kae

  93. Narinrat Deepromyat


  94. Dan Sugarman

    my boys at it again <3 I remember starting out the tourlife with you dudes back in 2010... you sweet little babies have grown into full blown dads

    Meatshit Mountain

    I remember seeing that FF/Fallujah tour when it came through Abq.

    Dan Sugarman

    @sixstringpunisher1 duuude that's way too sick hahaha hell yeah.. gathering of the sick fest?

    Meatshit Mountain

    Yes sir!

    Meatshit Mountain

    I'm pretty sure there was one right before that too. I remember there being a black metalish band on that bill too that had a chick guitarist.

    Dan Sugarman

    oohhhhh dreaming dead! ya man... shit, that was so long ago man haha 

  95. Ophiuchus

    drums are so fake it hurts sorry guys but quit making fake shit seriously

    djent is totally a genre

    +Kevin Rice He can literally play any song from the flesh prevails live. yes, it's obviously not '100% natural', but i'd rather listen/see a drummer who uses triggers in an appropriate scenario over another drummer who chooses to NOT use triggers (when it's probably needed) just because they want to seem 'edgy' or some shit. also, if you don't want to hear triggers, help your self and stop listening to the extreme side of things because basically every band on this side of the spectrum uses some sort of a trigger/samples. Might as well say you don't like cars because they have engines in them.


    +djent is totally a genre you are a thirteen year old Gg go masterbate to taboo mom porn since that's what you are used to anyways right?


    +djent is totally a genre I recognize you're arguing for Andrew. Yeah, he's a monster and it is triggered up but he's definitely a machine. Seriously great drumming. Idk how Rice just doesn't get it.

    Blake Warrens

    Oh look another jealous thrash metal drummer who blames his incompetence and inability to compare to the even most basic prog or tech drummer on triggers, all while demonstrating that he has a complete lack of understanding for them. Andrew may be the best drummer in tech/prog death right now. You clearly are an idiot.

  96. Volodymyr Pankiv

    Hypermassive blasts, beautiful

  97. Cult Of Fire

    I am the 666th like. I love it.

  98. vatarz


  99. robTCGZ

    That drumming though!!!

    Giancarlo Alvarez

    +robTCGZ the guy is absolutely insane, he reminds me of Dirk Verburen(Soilwork) in that he is capable of being both brutal and keep a good groove

  100. L. Varkatzas

    I want to be the Scar Queen lol, amazing song with a beautiful solo, I love it