Fallujah - Lacuna Lyrics

Finally I've found my faith
Belief in the cause of your warm embrace
Now I have all that I want
But I can't help that I'm
Wishing I could change today
And all that I had hoped to gain
I'll meet you where land goes to end
I hope to find you there

Knowing I can't change today
You know that I was desperate
I'll meet you where land goes to end
Will you remember me?

Give me back my thoughts
Can I keep just this one?
Dig in your hands, I know what's done is done

What feels like lapse in time
Was when you were mine
Our souls collide in
The lessons and the strife

We move like ghosts
Fade into my arms

I watched this tragic love of mine
Dissolve and divide
Before my desperate eyes, running out of time

What feels like lapse in time
Was when you were mine
Our souls collide in
The lessons and the strife

I had found my queen
But she's forgotten me

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Fallujah Lacuna Comments
  1. CJ Spectrum

    So Lacuna is a love song....???????!!!!!!!

    David Blueeyes

    Of lost love it mostly seems.

    CJ Spectrum

    @David Blueeyes you're right.
    I think Alone is way more sad..

  2. Upbeat Downbeat

    check out my orchestral cover of this song!

  3. e j

    From 3:26 on is what I imagine riding a nuclear explosion through a black hole feels like. Absolutely fucking epic, the best moment on the album imo.

  4. Daniel Laney

    fucking hell this is good shit.

  5. James Martell

    This entire album is a complete masterpiece of epic proportion.

    David Blueeyes

    "Wind for Wings" and "Prodigal Son," 2 of my least favorites from the album, blemish this album from being perfect for me. Still an amazing release from an amazing band, though.

    M.K. Corvus

    Thought I am the only one who dislikes those tracks. Nevertheless, "The Void Alone", "Lacuna" and - maybe surprising - "Scar Queen" are my favorites. But if they stay at this high quality I'm glad to hear the next album someday which could become a new masterpiece.

  6. Steve H

    I just got into this band and every song has been absolutely orgasmic.

  7. matthew hanson

    the riffage in the first 2 minutes reminded me of ERRA in a way.

  8. Antonio Ruggiero

    can i have the link of the pic

  9. J J

    1:23 might be the coolest lick in metal right now.

  10. Eva Krijgt Mes

    what an amazing song!

  11. Upbeat Downbeat

    3:30 dat build up. 3:51 dat climax

    David Blueeyes

    Dat "Dat" in the comment section, doe ;)


    Random, but: Love that support for Abysmal Dawn!

    David Blueeyes

    Abysmal Dawn are one of my favorite bands and I was fortunate to see them twice within this past year. Some really nice people, as well. They signed my copy of Obsolescence.

    Upbeat Downbeat

    I recently uploaded an orchestral cover of this song if you guys want to check it out!

  12. Roberson Goku

    técnica da porra mano,parece o dream theater versão death!!!!!!

  13. christam24

    listened to this while running, transformational experience

  14. Dan Tucker

    fuckin a

  15. TheAlbinoskunk

    Weeeeee mooooove liiiike ghooooosts


    chills every time

  16. Sebastianbaraj5

    1:23 is my favorite part

  17. vvnti christ

    God damn this might be the best song on Dreamleas

    James Peterson

    Jayy Grimm If it isnt its HELLA close to being

  18. TheAlbinoskunk

    Unbelievable song. This band have reached their perfect sound

  19. Trevenant

    Hey! How did you upload the video without copyright infringement? A month ago I uploaded two songs in the same video on my channel and wrote in the description that I don't own the rights of it, but after that I immediately received 2 infringements (and that obviously made me remove it).
    Just want to try again but I fear getting deleted on YouTube.

    David Blueeyes

    +Lisbeth That's interesting. And again, I really have no explanation. I do this ultimately to support underground bands or bands that I generally like who may not have their songs on You tube yet. I think the disclaimer, as well as the fact that I post links where you can directly support the bands (such as links to their merch stores or facebook pages), helps with the infringement stuff. I unfortunately can't answer your question, to which I must apologize.


    @David Blueeyes No problem. That's the reason why I did it and in the same way as you, but unfortunately doesn't worked for me.
    I could take a chance trying with other songs and other bands, but I give up.
    Anyway, thanks for upload some of the latest Fallujah's songs!

    David Blueeyes

    +Lisbeth Thanks for checking out the vid, and best of luck to you should you continue to upload videos, as well :)

    vvnti christ

    +Lisbeth Maybe they just dont like you :c


    +Lisbeth The same happen to me when I uploaded the full album, it was blocked in over 200 countries... dam.