Falling Up - Tomorrows Lyrics

My song isn’t sung by angels
Isn’t played in chambers
Or hallways

My sound is an anxious tapping
It’s a restless moving
Always, always, always

My place isn’t in this building
There are no golden ceilings
That stand tall

My place is a dream that’s failing
It is broken and waiting
to fall, to fall, to fall

Oh Lord Jesus
I’m still trying
Wait for me

I stay today
And I’ll run tomorrow
But I know you wait for me

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Falling Up Tomorrows Comments
  1. Daniel Axl

    Good Christian Rock.!

  2. A M

    Such relaxing music.

  3. SusantheRestorer

    Best album for Falling Up (along with Silver City, and Hours, of course)!

  4. Xx Jason Free manson xX

    Sweet song ! And i am sure God is looking down an smiling because you guys are spreading his word....A men

  5. laurie d

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with this group!  I am searching for every song I can get my hands on..I have most of them but this one..can't find it on Grooveshark...I love the lead singers voice..it is sooooo beautiful!  Too bad the main stream radio doesn't know what TRUE talent and meaningful lyrics can do for the spirit..no matter what you believe.


    I can give you the songs if you would like

    Jef Lucas

    if it wasnt so crazy...id say hes perfect replacement for chester bennington....

  6. Andrianantoandro Ankasitrahana

    Oh Lord Jesus
    I’m still trying
    Wait for me

    I stay today
    And I’ll run tomorrow
    But I know you wait for me
    :) :,)

  7. Paul GodfreyJunior

    Falling Up keeps getting better and better now!



  8. Kira Anger

    Midnight on Earthship is my favorite album of the year!



  9. Amir Auad

    great song...buying as soon as i have the money for the whole album

  10. marky482

    Well it's been a while they mention lord Jesus in their song !!:)

  11. Talon Diwisch

    Where'd you get this picture?


    I was thinking the same thing.

  12. Blake Richardson

    Love how simply effective those last few lines are. This song is beautiful.

  13. Dom Van Dijk

    The song is called "Tomorrow" ;)