Falling Up - Maps Lyrics

One last hour before this place is on fire
Loosing all as the flames grow higher and higher
Here I stand

The further I'm from you, the harder I try to exist
Somebody tell me how did it come to this?
Take these blinds from my eyes and wake me from the inside

This last hour the night dropped into the sea
The light spread wide and the sky broke open and free
Here I stand

Further out, maybe you could meet me where I am
Further out, I know there is hope within your hands

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Falling Up Maps Comments
  1. Susan Duthie

    Great song! This song reminds me of music by Fair :)

  2. mitternachtaktiv

    anyone here because of bfmtias?

  3. GoldNava

    One of their best songs!!!

  4. Aiden Pilot

    I love it, the song just always makes me sad though :(

  5. Bryan Gorenflo

    This song has really hit me and brought me back because recently i've been going through an extremely rough time and sometimes i lose sight of God but whenever i listen to this song, it reminds me of how meaningless we really are without God ("the further i'm from you, the harder i try to exist"). But with him, we can exist in him, and live for him and the Glory he has in store for us. Not their typical sound, but a very unique one with a very unique message.

  6. Rolf Torsteinson

    truly talented ...positive things...keep the music cranking

  7. Lance Wright

    Why did I just watch a minute long commercial about Winnie the pooh?

  8. SergioBeltran

    One of the best songs I've ever heard. I really changes my point of view.

  9. Mara Florez

    Me encanta esta cancion

  10. Amélie Roof

    est bonne la tune """

  11. Levi H

    @koolchik999 I know! Have you heard their cover of the song "The Candle Was Gone" yet? It's here on youtube.

  12. Vitor Freire

    OMG, the bridge is just... magical, i don't know, this song is perfect, such as the band is, such as God is...

  13. coops2777

    @blue13245 No way his say the farther his away from god the harder it get for him. Fully christian mate."invade me from the inside" they sing

  14. SleepwalkersDreams

    the further I'm from you, the harder I try to exist .. that's so cool.

  15. Patricia Dugger

    Gosh I LOVE these guys...

  16. Th3pr0t0type

    "I know there is hope within your hands"... Nice line.

  17. nabelhmanaa

    this isn't really falling up's style, but whatever, it's stil a good song.

  18. zerogravity11

    its by falling up and called maps -.- the vid says it

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Here here. I love the first line in the chorus. :)

  20. Dakotah Lyons

    i dont know lol must be the song we are listening to makeing us do it

  21. Dakotah Lyons

    so is 36 days wierd

  22. PoorAirCoco

    a message does not have a scale.

    this is true with all songs.

    you cant rate if something is christian or not. or any other song in fact

  23. Kirah Nicole

    That wasn't preaching...

  24. IdrilCelebrindal90

    "the further I'm from You, the harder I try to exist..." how perfect <3

  25. TysonIsKetchy

    yeah that is so true..it does get closer...but i was getting dizzy staring @ it..but its very true
    jessy is my favorite vocalist besides tom delonge:D

  26. PoorAirCoco

    ha... you are the first one to notice that... i completely forgot i did that

  27. 樊飞

    maybe Use map and find a place to go to.........

  28. PoorAirCoco

    same here.... i need to buy new pairs every week