Falling Up - How They Made Cameras Lyrics

Feeling the glass to tell how cold it's outside the car
Swerving aside from street to sea, I can't see the stars

All is cold and all is dark, all is cold and all is dark
No more star crossed tears
He is drawing near

Under the trees from moonlit fears, we circle the start
Moving the leaves to flutter free, it's after the heart

All is cold and all is dark, all is cold and all is dark
No more star crossed tears
He is drawing near
Now salvation sings
Life that Jesus brings

Now reach out to be lost inside
No more star crossed tears
He is drawing near

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Falling Up How They Made Cameras Comments
  1. Aome Kagurashi

    Looove them!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Kacie Johnson

    the only thing I don't understand is why they named this song 'how they made camears?'

  3. Magno Sphere

    It appears to me that they were keeping it to themselves in that they weren't trying to force their beliefs on you or anyone else. The fact that you disagree with them doesn't mean you have to be an ass.
    Even though we are both atheists, those kinds of actions disgust me.

  4. AnimalCreation(Ace)

    yes it is! along with the band!

  5. DarkKeys20

    @wakeboarder2005 To be christian is to accept a relationship and believe that Jesus died for our sins. Christian is not a church or an established birth right. i believed that for years

  6. Jessie B

    Is this Christian?

  7. oneyearwithmybaby

    i agree with they have so many good songs!!!

  8. Emily Tomlin

    how have i never heard of these guys before i love them!!!!!

  9. burningup91

    it is so sad...but at the same time very interesting to see...what kind of people there are in this world....
    I mean...everybody is free to believe what he wants but...it is so unnecessary to tell it the whole world...sometimes it's better to be quiet...

  10. Erit of Eastcris

    Not gay,just rather pointless. I mean,no matter what you believe in you will die someday,so why bitch at other people because they don't have the same pointless belief as you? It's only wasting time,and that is never good.

  11. Stephanie Rodriguez

    one question is that the title of the song if it is can someone plz explain to me why is that the title of the song.
    i noe i've said this one too many times but i think they awesome.

  12. Letty Noguera

    I love that this band is Christian(:
    <3 Their songs have so much sense.

  13. TehRaeman

    I love this song! BEAUTIFUL!
    Do you suppose that the line "star crossed tears" refers to Romeo and Juliet?

  14. AznPunk1134

    Awesome song, very close as my favorite.

    But for some odd reason, Goodnight Gravity will always find its place at the top :3

  15. IdrilCelebrindal90

    doesn't it make you think of standing on the beach on a clear, full-moon winter night?

  16. BartyBigBoi


  17. PoorAirCoco

    yeah. i know. this song makes me go and touch cameras...jk

  18. Planets as Archers

    Hi tony the tiger.

  19. Planets as Archers

    Sick song title! Whatever it means. Falling Up's song titles always have a meaning. Some more meaningful than others...Hey, random's good.


    You might want to check out Jessy Ribordy's audiobook on BandCamp lol. There's meaning!

  20. Bethany Payne

    lol thnx :) awesome username, Anberlin is one of my fave bands!

  21. Bethany Payne

    Falling Up Is So Awesome! So Is This Song! :)

  22. Jimmy Hopkins

    I love this song too it's amazing.