Falling Up - Good Morning Planetarium Lyrics

The fight is over now, the bright lights turned somehow
The strength I have is running out, the current pulls me down

I'm wondering

Is anybody out there, who's cold and incomplete, inside?
I can hear Him calling
Come and follow me, my child

The twilight turns to day, with all your love displayed
The stars they bow in awe, when the lost return to you

Draws up my heart deep from the well
I know He's Finding every lost and broken dream

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Falling Up Good Morning Planetarium Comments
  1. Sara De leon

    2019? 😌

    Ricky Sabine

    Yeeeup. 👍🏻😉😎

  2. theskinofmyteeth

    Still listening 2019!

  3. Baconface McGee

    I wish Air1 still played them.

  4. Tangiblepants .20

    Funny how this just popped into my head. It's probably been a decade since I heard it in the car, driving to church with my family. Funny how much things change. I wish life could have stayed pure.

    Baconface McGee

    Max Rouette Lots of old Christian songs pop up in my head a lot.

  5. Ashley

    still love this

  6. Baican Codrin

    2018 ahahah Great song!!!

  7. Kneeland Donnelly

    come and follow me, child.... that verse there holds so much power..

  8. Henna Lacson

    2017... 10 years after release :)

  9. David Ruiz

    This song has helped me through a dark difficult time

  10. Ethan Cundiff

    What album is this off of?



  11. Daniel Chapman

    these guys are amazing.

    Daniel Chapman

    well they used to be anyways

    Josiah Pierce

    i know that feel im 27 and got into this band when they got known in highschool and got signed, miss you falling up, very amazing powerful music here

  12. ShxdowX



    +that.kidd.over.there me

    Josiah Pierce

    I am and i bought this bands 1st album over 10 years old and im 27 !!!

    Ricky Sabine

    Here in 2019

  13. Scott McKinney

    Love this Song!! Where are you guys now?

  14. Jared Wilkins

    wonderful song

  15. LostintheLake

    this song is stuck in my head :D

  16. LostintheLake

    was it 105 Live ? :D

  17. inquiring mind

    I'm wondering

    Is anybody out there, who's cold and incomplete, inside?

    I can hear Him calling

    Come and follow Me, my child

    The twilight turns to day, with all your love displayed

    The stars they bow in awe, when the lost return to You

  18. Khabir Mohammed

    i wish they did a video tho

  19. wooly51

    You're one of those religious people I respect, regardless of my non-religiousness... if that's even a word.

  20. inquiring mind

    So good!

  21. Walter Pérez

    i love this song!!
    greetings from Guatemala

  22. Jeremiah Pierce

    nice song!! :D

  23. Güero

    I can't explain in words how much I love this song :D

  24. Josiah Pierce

    Is anybody out there, who's cold and incomplete, inside?
    I can hear Him calling
    Come and follow me, my child

    Clearly this is a band singing and praying god. giving him the glory and calling on him when you are cold, bitter, and away from him. how can you listen to this song and not think about god when the lyrics and band make it about him. i love god just saying idk how people listen and dont think about god

  25. Zoe Ziegert

    @AbysmalCry ikr

  26. Levi H

    Search for "The Candle Was Gone" here on youtube...it's Falling Up's newest song that JUST came out. <3<3<3

  27. PoorAirCoco

    @darkfaerie823 It is an amazing song!

  28. darkfaerie823

    i love this song. i heard it on the radio and it got stuck in my head and i kept randomly singing all day...

  29. SorrowOfTheWinds

    SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  30. XxXErinLynnXxX

    Love. ♥

  31. AbysmalCry

    Come on, where are the atheists to bash Christians? I don't understand why most atheists treat us Christians like garbage and mock what we believe in.

    Sanity Is Radical

    AbysmalCry Atheist here. I love this band and the positive messages they send. Despite not being a believer I respect those who are. We're all just trying to find our way.


    AbysmalCry It's because Satan has blinded their eyes to the truth of the Bible. All Christians were unbelievers before coming to Christ.

  32. Sealith

    @yupwerescrewed Well in science you can't prove anything wrong. It's a rule.

  33. Sealith

    @delmis123 being Jewish doesn't change your race. btw this is icantfite youtube just screwed up my other account

  34. KeusFrench

    @Svviire You don't HAVE to feel surrounded... :(

  35. Walter

    I am seriously sick of retards asking for thumbs ups...........

  36. Adam Duell

    @third3y3blink please guys this stuff disrespects god's real power. god isnt petty like this comment, he is REAL

  37. catlover12195

    amazing song, i can completely relate to the lyrics :)

  38. lynxord

    @piggy117454 yah that guy is Lee Strobel in our time the author of The case for Christ and other similar books. Or way back when that man was C. S. Lewis who was once a staunch advocate for evolution. He wrote Mere Christianity, another Christian apologetic book. these are just two of many.

  39. HockeyLover151000

    @yupwerescrewed So, I'm wondering... If you don't believe in God, why are you 'wasting your time' and listening to Christian songs? Just asking.

  40. KnightsHospitaller12

    @vasyuey nuff said

  41. bagel hole

    @vasyuey All I wanna know is how we go from the song to if god is real or not o_o...

  42. Cristian Coptil

    @Assassin0456 then what is the comment section for? we can say whatever we want, not whatever you like!!!

  43. LunticTKR

    @yupwerescrewed Hey, just because you dont believe in god doesnt mean he isnt real and I dont think that you should be talking about our beliefs since you obviously dont no anything about them, "some guy in a white rob floating around clouds" where'd you get that from? and if you believe in science and stuff like that guess what science doesnt say that god doesnt exist infact sometimes it proves he does.

  44. slicvicX007

    @AlabamaBabe21 *pssst.* i got yourr back. haha no problemo

  45. slicvicX007

    @yupwerescrewed Dude...most people who DONT believe in God hate when ppl who DO believe in God try to force Him upon them....yet here you are doing the exact opposite..trying to impose on our views. Chill. Let life take its course, and what ever happens, happens.

  46. hoodfigga0987

    @yupwerescrewed 990 years from now people are gonna look back at comments like this and say "too bad for him :/ "

  47. pinkteddy96

    this song used to be my first favorite by them... Then came Ambience.. and of course Exhibition.. but now they broke up : (

  48. Ryan El-khouri

    falling up is so amazing..

  49. Chris Burchfield

    yes! i absouloutly love this song :D

  50. Emalee Rae

    oh yeah for sure! God loves everyone! Just as we are called to love everyone and not be predjudice or to judge anyone

  51. inquiring mind

    Cool song.

  52. Jason Tinkle

    Be patient, do not boast LL, God gave everyone a choice either to follow or not too. I am gonna do me, everyone else you worry about you! Enjoy the song teacherofcrazy! Urteamsucks I hope you find comfort in the unkown!

  53. nova2384

    @Theah11 well... why not? Dose it really matter what religion u go by? its a good song just lesson. I see no reason to quarrel over it.

  54. Jordan Jones

    Ephesians 2:4-5 (New International Version) But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.

  55. Atheater

    he has such a great and meaningful voice :\

  56. Slimjim456321

    @Raidenoftherebellion Are you searching for a higher being, God?

  57. Mahmoud Omara

    allah akbar islam is the right religion :)

  58. Slimjim456321

    @egibbs55 make the case for faith. As a christian you cannot have a wobbly foundation you must find out for yourself.
    Or else later you will ponder over these thoughts and will fall away.

  59. Slimjim456321

    @raiderofthererebellion Some people don't have the "success stories", but if someone searches for God they will find God.

  60. Josh Taylor

    Theah, harsh reality, but true. You said it perfect

  61. Josh Taylor

    Pirate, what you are saying is that you don't believe God created the earth like everyone says He did? Well, it's not just everyone saying it like it's a rumor or something. The point is, in Genesis it says specifically that God created the heavens AND the EARTH. You should check it out sometime for yourself instead of relying on what everyone else is saying. Its the very first verse in the very first chapter. Look it up

  62. Josh Taylor

    Not to be rude, but maybe you haven't noticed that man has domaine of the earth. God gave it to us to rule. You say we must do it ourselves? When you see the human race fix all the problems of the world let me know. I'd love to see that happen. All man has ever done is create turmoil for itself. I also don't rely on what I see going on in the world. I simply to CHOOSE to believe in God. It's not about seeing.

  63. liza Mikheyev

    If you ever felt the presence of God, then you will know that HE exists. MAT 7:24 "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them
    into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock...all you need is FAITH

  64. Jonathan Osorio

    By faith man. Not to be rude, but how can you say your Christian and talk with doubt? And the pastor scandal thing is usually dealing with Catholic churches.

  65. Josh Taylor

    We live by faith and not by sight egibbs. That's what the word tells us. Now regarding the pastor's scandal, unfortunatley, you are right about this. One thing to consider is that it just shows that we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It shows that even though they are pastors, they are also human as well. This does not excuse them what so ever.They need forgivness just as we need it. Lets pray for them instead of condemn them.

  66. Elijah Gable

    i am a Christian too but i am goin to fight the other side so i believe that there is a god but how do we no we are right and that the muslims are not right also if we are right why do we have to be so pushy with our religion i like if we are right then ya go out and preach the word dont be so pushy though and how can we be right if every other day there is a pastor being caught in some scandle

  67. William Hayes

    Awesome Argument ClayBasham!!!!! There is scientist out there that are trying to put Science and Religion somehow together.

  68. Josh Taylor

    Now if your right, and all there is to the after life is death and nothing else, it won't matter. Just something else to think about. After reading this there are going to be people who will say that it is like Christians like me who give us a bad name. It's ok, I can take the criticism. However, aren't we suppose to be on the same side? For those who don't know Jesus, he will accept you just the way you are and completely change your life. For the BETTER.

  69. Josh Taylor

    If you don't ever pursue it to find out if God is real or not, you'll never know. Now think about this. I'm a Christian and I'm not going to argue about whether God is real or not. If you don't believe in God, thats your choice. One day, your and I are going to die. One of us is going to be right about whether God is real or not. Because Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me". Basically, if I'm right, I'll be in Heaven. I

  70. Josh Taylor

    Maybe this will help. When you see a building down town, you know that someone created it. Who? You don't see him. You don't know him. But guess what? The buildings there,therefore you know that someone created it. It didn't just appear out of no where. Just something to think about. I could not imagine going through life thinking that there was no hope for me. I think I would get depressed if I thought, "well when I die, i'm just dead, the end".If that's the case, then what's the point in life?

  71. Josh Taylor

    I saw what your talking about. It is freaking incredible!! I don't know if you've ever heard of Louie Giglio or not, but if not check him out on youtube. Just type his name in

  72. Ryan Orr

    happybunny44, can you prove to me that God didn't make us? Send me a message, and if you don't, then don't even bother going on music videos about God, and not being able to provide details about your belief... also, i cannot show you that God does exist, but I do believe: FYI, fix your spelling.

  73. Talulips

    Well, Can you prove that God made us? Also, Personally i do not think that there is a god. Religion is just a conspiracy that was also created by man for the unsecure to answer questions abou things that they couldnt explain themselfs

  74. Talulips

    Ok i respect god and stuff, this is a really good song great lyrics.
    But really God, didnt answer any of the questions, name 5 questions he answered.

  75. thislove1337

    dude, im so addicted to this band,


  76. Abigail Bustamante

    It's such a good song...ahhh!! I love it..
    This song always makes me want to cry.
    God bless!!

  77. Matthew Allen

    good song

  78. sharethefaith

    thats ok. ur not arguing, xspecially since i asked you what you believed in. So, how do you believe we all got here, and how the earth was made?

  79. sharethefaith

    to AudioSurfValve- everyone has to have faith in something. to me it sounds like you have faith in sciece, but science isn't proof. science is man's explenation to the wonders that God has made. by the way, im not trying to be disrespectful in anyway, and im not trying to start any fights. If it's not personal, did you ever truly believe in God, or was it sort of like going throught the motions, and something that you were raised to do and had to do?

    God Bless

  80. rainingpuppies

    dude im so addicted to this song it's amazing

  81. Nick Boettcher

    hey man- im so glad you like this song-i do too! Can i ask you why you chose to be agnostic?

  82. aFnFb5eRrOlCiKnS

    maybe like the stars are the planetarium and it's like a new, good morning when they recognize God as their God.

  83. mollymopo

    This song is AMESOME

  84. Cordell Sherwood

    love this song...alot

  85. Gruely

    They do have a meaning, it's just very deep.

  86. phil

    made me think about the other side... when all this is over, and I'll see my Lord face to face

    God Bless! The Peace!

  87. pelicanspider

    i expect to listen to this song at least 100 times before the end of this month : j

  88. Cordell Sherwood

    this song rocks

  89. PoorAirCoco

    because i know there is good everyone. even if someone does believe it.
    everyone has the ability to love. that's why i know you are a great person

  90. PoorAirCoco

    i guess you could say that... i blame the coffee and chocolate

  91. Dayla DeVore

    um... i love Jacksonfive it's so cool

  92. PoorAirCoco

    your welcome

  93. PoorAirCoco

    how many since your first?

  94. PoorAirCoco

    i like the title

  95. PoorAirCoco

    you r awesome

  96. PoorAirCoco

    you are a great person

  97. PoorAirCoco

    glad you like the song