Falling Up - Escalates Lyrics

This is everything that I wanted
Do you believe that I tried so hard to take it home
But never felt a single moment
Life has been a place where I've wandered
Moving slowly to understand what I can grasp
But understand that it's still not right

So come back to me (he's always waiting)

I can't find it but maybe I'll cope
And can you hide it and never let go?
Come back to you, I only knew

Lies have covered all of the smiles
And wakened thoughts that have turned my heart
To face the wind
And then fall to where I know I'll fit, but you
Do you believe that I wanted
Something other than fallen hearts that just
To places where the bridges give in

Can you see what I felt when I told you
Can you cope when it runs right through you
Cause my heart it is broken with love that is
And now you tell me that I have something that's missing?

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Falling Up Escalates Comments
  1. Dragonic159

    Come back to you, I only knew...

  2. Dieuoa Evegren

    press 2 - like this up

  3. Gustavo , Emmanuel , Acuña

    Preciosa canción .


    great song

  5. Shipyhammer

    So come back to me!

  6. settingsun34

    There needs to be more songs that are guitar driven like this is today's music.

  7. Isaac Almeida

    too good rhythm of this song .. can not understand how a good music like this do not susseso

  8. Carmel Kirk

    This is just one album I always come back to. It just always spoke to me.
    Lies have covered all of they're smiles :)

  9. Xiahou Dun

    This music makes me escalate

  10. Joe Almaraz


  11. datcomment

    Goodies from music! 

  12. Jocelyne C

    they broke up in Jan, 2010 but it turns out the "permanent" breakup wasn't so permanent obviously.

  13. SixSins 6

    Um... They broke up? When? They just released two albums and an audiobook in October 2012...

  14. jan24roxas

    really ? what happened :(

  15. phyragain

    : ( I didn't know that...

  16. Nhoj

    beyond addicting

  17. Braeden Dalby

    When a song is so good the little white blank space is bigger then the dislike bar.

  18. Stevan Savić


  19. liltreehoe

    @TryLovee actually they are back together, they did break up but got back together and came out with another cd i think june 28th??? its good too you should listen to it!!! i love every album besides fangs :) def my fav band of all time

  20. Megan Reed

    They definately broke up, like a year or two ago...Thats why Miciah is with Disciple now and they used Chris as a fill in and once he left to go back to A dream too late they didn't bother to get another replacement. I wish they were still together though. They produced some of the greatest lyrics and vocals and sound I've ever heard in my entire life.

  21. CODMASTER470

    the disslike bar is the size of justin biebers dick

  22. Renee Gingold

    they didnt breakup unles they did it within a few months cuz thers tones of new vid sof them speakin as a band

  23. Jedzia


    That's all I have to say.

  24. POPclogger216

    91 likes, Nil dislikes.... We don't even have to use the 'Dis-I-like' quote, this song is too good to not be liked! :)

  25. Poncho Pegasus

    wish there songs were longer :(

  26. John Sastrillo

    @castillosisterz they are actually coming back with a new album this year.

  27. Paityn Frederick

    sooooo glad that theyre back together! <3 love Falling Up

  28. Stephen Grubb

    they are coming back

  29. anjapenguin

    @castillosisterz They're back together.....:DDDD

  30. Nicolas Varanelli

    good song

  31. 666ofdoom

    Very nice I enjoy it.