Fall Of Troy, The - The Last March Of The Ents Lyrics

Raise up!
To the Isenguard walls,
the deeper the cuts,
the harder they fall.
Taking back our rights,
the last will of the night.
I swear on all my life,
I won't back down this time...

Wear the crown,
lost in the hell that we've found,
hear that sound?
We shall, fight this together,
My soldier, my brother, my friend,
live forever!

The last words she said,
"Father please come home!"
But what she doesn't know yet,
Daddy's good as dead!
From the blood on their hands,
dripped the freedom of men,
remember days past.
This shall be our last stand!

Wear the crown,
lost in the hell that we've found,
hear that sound?
We shall, fight this together,
My soldier, my brother, my friend,
live forever!

the victory,
is in the palm of our hand!
Why can't you see?
This will be the end!

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Fall Of Troy, The The Last March Of The Ents Comments
  1. trey murphy

    They upgraded into dance gavin dance


    trey murphy it is a joke... Isn't it?

  2. Ex Creation

    self titled fall of troy is best because of the messyness mhhm

  3. The Archive 0518

    probably my fav FOT album :3

  4. KC O'Keefe

    So glad they are back. <3

  5. fightwatcher111


  6. TheOldBucket

    my favorite tfot song growing up

  7. Rex raptor

    the fall of troy is my all time favorite band...so talented

  8. sdroddy

    i dont understand how people could dislike this video...thomas erak has an understanding and feel for music that i'll never comprehend. <3 <3

  9. bittysnack

    Don't get me wrong. I love this song but ...Battle of Evermore > March of The Ents

  10. StaulkHolm

    the last four vocal lines are really similar to the last lines before the third chorus on I Just Got This Symphony Goin.

  11. Jeff Hartmann

    This song is honestly one of the best pieces of music ever written. Everything about it is fucking perfect.

  12. Tiago Guedes

    the fall of troy fuckin owns every emo crappy band from nowadays


    the fall of troy are pretty emo influenced.. lol

  13. MrSukMeSideWayz

    how can this song only have 11,314 views.....

  14. MrRichardHalley

    I don't understand what sort of mental incapacitation it takes to be able to hit the "Dislike" button on a song like this.

  15. Ghettoyaco

    One of the best of The Fall of Troy. <3

  16. Kjoep

    man... I hope you dont really want to assosiate this with LOTR...

  17. Kjoep

    well It does not fit the Lord of the Rings style...at - all!!

  18. JinjaDeNinja

    woohoo awesome band!

  19. ssssssuperman

    lawl fall of troy has nice songs like fcpremix and the last march of the ents is epic in LOTR but this is crap -.-

  20. IntoYurDream

    Oops, a few people missed the thumbs up button.

  21. Calvervtutrp

    Sheer epicness right thar.

  22. TheDekuScrub888

    do you mean picked them out by ear? then yes
    sorry if i messed up :P

  23. Brad Bostick

    it just blows my mind how they created such epic music at such a young age. great band, although their music isn't as great as it used to be.

  24. OutlawJoseyWales44

    yes, they put Isengaurd in the lyrics on the cd aswell, for copyright reasons i presume.

  25. Michael Stark Basquiat

    One of the best FOT songs ever.

  26. Frank Caito

    i like how the name and the first sentence reflect lord of the rings. the rest of the lyrics are just bollocks

  27. Scooby Daps

    Good thing his vocals suck in the grand scope of vocals. don't mind much.

  28. Vincent Romano

    well isn't it Isengard.. not Isengaurd

  29. kildude1190

    um, how did i get thumbs down for saying itd sound better if it was easier to hear? that doesnt make sense to me...

  30. Master Bruce

    Daddys Good As DEAD!!!!!!!
    this song is crazy

  31. kildude1190

    great song, but i find that the sound isnt quite clear enough, it has like background fuzz in it which is rly annoying when the music is so intricate. itd be much better if it had the sound QUALITY of doppelgangar, like how the sounds come out clearer with less background noises coming from them. amazing song either way, as is everything from TFoT

  32. yoznfroogurt

    LOL the lord of the rings????

  33. TheDekuScrub888

    no probs man :)

  34. nubbinnoob

    no no, you're right. You just didnt write the chorus bit again. sorry bout that

  35. TheDekuScrub888

    hahah yeah theres a good posibility they are. i wrote it out by ear tho :P if u can find out where i went wrong that be great. thansk for watchin :)

  36. nubbinnoob

    i think your lyrics are wrongs, but it's really hard to understand him

  37. TheDekuScrub888

    wow u just pissed off a shit load of people with that comment.

  38. PacificBroadwayTeam

    this album was purely raw perfection.

  39. yourfriendblake

    so true

  40. TheDekuScrub888

    I can't agree with ya there i think all there songs rock. thanks for watching :)

  41. Yellyphish

    i miss the old tfot...

    Manipulator sucked dick

  42. TheDekuScrub888

    I honestly cant agree they have much better songs than this. Thanks 4 watching :)

  43. TheDekuScrub888

    no probs man thanks for watching :)