Fall Of Troy, The - Rockstar Nailbomb! Lyrics

Said so!
The sweetest voice sings the Siren's song!

I'm setting myself up, these cuts won't heal...
(Breaking the seal)
A benefit, a counterfeit,
in these moments I try to understand what's real...
Maybe I'll just take my time getting through these lies.
When attitude has altitude,
I won't run to you, your love's so outta tune.

October cold can't bring us close it seems,
(You already know!)
It's you I know, it's you I chose, but I don't know,
(What you want from me)
So saddle up, I won't be your crutch, you ask too much.
But you don't know what is coming.
You have no idea what we have in store for you!

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Fall Of Troy, The Rockstar Nailbomb! Comments
  1. Mat White

    Love the guitar work

  2. Jesse Lavon

    Thomas is such a killer guitar player man. One of the best of my generation. Especially considering he was a teenager when he wrote this lol

  3. Nem Esis

    I always gotta come back to fall of troy atleast once in a while ❤️

  4. Rafaelico esp

    Typed faster than traficantes de drogas

  5. John Grij

    Thomas Erak: Vocals, Screamed Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars
    Tim Ward: Screamed Vocals, Bass
    Andrew Forsman: Drums

    Gog Noggler

    Thomas Erak . The singer, screamer, lead guitarist, and rhythm guitarist all in one. Absolute legend.

    Nick Lattan

    @Gog Noggler and wicked young at the time of writing this shit

  6. Jotaro kujo

    Bella e brava

  7. Alec Slyter

    0:37-0:52 oh my damn

  8. aBathingTony

    forgot about this tune. in love with it all over again.