Fall Of Troy, The - Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles Lyrics

All this time alone
I cannot go home
Artificial friend,
you reap what you sow!

You said
It was a little of something else.
I hope
that you lose it all.
Cause you were the one
That made me feel better
In such a fucked up bitter way.
I don't understand what you say.

All this time you've known
Such condescending tone
Taste the tears of men
Did it make you feel better than?

You said
It was a little of something else.
I hope
that you lose it all.
Cause you were the one
That made me feel better
In such a fucked up bitter way.
I don't understand what you say.

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Fall Of Troy, The Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles Comments
  1. Dazzling Don Owen

    This song blew my mind when i first heard. It sounded so ahead of its' time

  2. Christoph Kek

    Such a shame the bassline does not get any love. The bassline is this track is sick nasty

  3. Sakruei Ortega Kinomoto

    Like number 6 k

  4. Chazma_fb

    This band reminds me so much of early dgd

  5. Erik Leszcynski

    I remember being 12 and hearing this in a local skate shop back in 2005. I had to ask the clerk to check the song name because Shazam wasnt a thing.

  6. Phantom Bubblegum

    The music by this friggin band just keeps on getting better and better. Escape the Fate and The Fall of Troy would surpass each other in battle of the bands, though. Well,... At least in MY world.

  7. eetswa bruvvahh

    Still a banger

  8. Adali González

    Este es el comentario en español que buscas! Es la mejor canción y punto.

  9. Kaluna Skunk

    Never will stop listening to this song and this whole album

  10. Topknotch0789

    I had this blasting out my headphones when it come out back in high school. Where has the time gone am 30 wtf


    Topknotch0789 same dude,, I would listen when I was like 15 and now I’m 30 (almost)

    Rene Moreno

    Same, dude. This band is so unique that I always come back to them.

  11. DaCERüLLI

    Tremenda CANCIÓN, la voy a escuchar a todo volumen desde Argentina. UwU ❤

  12. joshua seruntine

    My opinion this is there best album

  13. ////

    Here’s the lyrics for y’all <3


    All this time alone
    I cannot go home
    Artificial friend,
    you reap what you sow!

    It was a little of something else.
    I HOPE
    that you lose it all.
    feel better
    In such a fucked up bitter way.
    I don't understand what you say.

    All this time you've known
    Such condescending tone
    Taste the tears of men
    Did it make you feel betAKAKJSJSA?

    It was a little of something else.
    I HOPE
    that you lose it all.
    That madE me feel better
    In such a fucked up bitter way.
    I don't understand what you say.


  14. LakeSide

    Mathcore is technical emo, fight me

  15. Jeremiah Lloyd

    New favorite song ???

  16. Adam Schultz

    Crunchiest band in this realm of genres. hands down

    Julian Casablancas

    They marked and remarked a difference with the rest of post 90's metal. Raw, pure, direct sound. That's what've been and will always be liked.

  17. Inverted314

    "all this time you've known... such condescending tone!"

  18. Dick Durban

    Eye arghhhj doppleganger


    I dont like this scream from beggining, if not would be perfect song

  20. Fernanda Marija Medziukaitė

    fuckin siick, my personal favorite song ever.. emo 4 ever man!!!!

  21. Jade Avila

    So sharp!

  22. Master Chief

    I've lived on this earth 24 years and I've yet to find another band/ musician/ whatever with this kind of sound, charisma and power. They were the last great rock band

  23. Connor Shinn

    welcome to the million views club

  24. DaveKal


  25. Desmond McNeil 97 (STUDENT)

    Engage the Nuclear Collection motherfucker

  26. The Yanderers


  27. Hide yo Jimmies

    is that Lilith?

  28. Smokeout48

    God the memories

  29. Twitchy

    video has a perfectly round 1,000,000 views right now and i'm honored to be the millionth viewer

  30. Harlen H

    Nearly 1000000 views :o only took a decade

  31. Iltil

    Anybody still listen to these guys? What a throwback

  32. paddy

    Why cant this song be longer? I'd love to hear what they could have done with the last few instrumental minutes of the song. Its quite literally perfect. I'm not lying when i say this is my favorite song of all time.

  33. egg

    jesus christ i am addicted to this band

  34. Dryzhal

    i am only here to collect my legal united states currency

  35. TheTrueRoxas1

    5/8 to fucking 6/8 with the same riff. This band has the most complex rhythm changes I've ever seen, and it's so good.

  36. Justin O'Neal

    Everyone donate to Thomas' go fund me

  37. Sonja Paananen

    this band gives me a little bit of dance gavin dance vibes

  38. Simon sin nombre

    chile saluda a esta banda :3


    Jojo owo

  39. Dim Nimrod

    Reminds me of the days I'd watch smosh and play Oblivion all day

  40. Fraser Morrison

    how the fuck does he play this shit and sing at the same time

  41. Ben Wade

    01:34 is when this song goes into high gear.

  42. Kevin Sebastián

    "Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles"

    All this time alone
    I cannot go home
    Artificial friend, 
    you reap what you sow!

    You said
    It was a little of something else.
    I hope 
    that you lose it all.
    Cause you were the one
    That made me feel better
    In such a fucked up bitter way.
    I don't understand what you say.

    All this time you've known
    Such condescending tone
    Taste the tears of men
    Did it make you feel better than?

    You said
    It was a little of something else.
    I hope
    that you lose it all.
    Cause you were the one
    That made me feel better
    In such a fucked up bitter way.
    I don't understand what you say.

  43. Keko Ban

    lmao the fucking bass god!

  44. jonathan bizi

    incrivel <3

  45. Sagaras

    The last time i listened to this song was 3 years ago, and still on 900k+ views

    Wtf people, make it 1 million for the love of god

  46. neidermeyer


    jonathan bizi

    kkkkkkkkk gosto muito

    Gui Maximoff

    Olha os br

  47. Kaylie Wilson

    So much love.

  48. symphony

    @1:57 always reminds me of link to the past

  49. Brendan Myles

    Anyone else hear the song of healing at 1:57

  50. NiNoBONE

    I listen to this when I'm mad

  51. Archimedes Skullkrusher

    High school

  52. πσπ Ξ

    Fui o 900000

  53. Csavage Simmons

    Saw them at bled fest

  54. samsta10000

    Hey guys, probably posted here before knowing me but just wanted say these guys are back together and they are touring fucking everywhere. Cheap shows too, I expected to pay a good £60 for tickets but it was only £15. They come to glasgow every year apparently around the same time. I highly recommend it. best gig of my life.

  55. Philip Roa

    Sure, they've had mainstream hits like FCPREMIX and Quarter Past, but Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles is their masterpiece. 3:15 'til the end proves that. Everyone's doing their own thing, but it all blends so well together in a crazy, hard rock-meets-classical-opera mutant kind of way. I'm glad I listened to them way back in high school. They were seriously underrated musical prodigies.

    rishi shah

    Ok Phillip

  56. jasinfinity

    so many here to hear the song from the vile fight in fnafb3 act 3. I don't blame them. I have a save just before the fight, and sometimes redo the fight just for this song.

  57. Max Islas


  58. Boss Son

    Htown 91'

  59. RanDieBam

    Such a great band. I "discovered" them by clicking through a friend's playlist on Spotify. So grateful. :')

  60. K4B00M

    this song is the definition of lit

  61. Anthony M

    Best song

  62. Master Chief

    the way this song ends is just too dam good I will always find myself coming back to this album

  63. Robert Herman

    1:33 on repeat forever <3

  64. Censored By The FCC

    This is kind of a "everything is going all wrong" song


    That's their sound in general.
    "Everything's going to shit."

  65. carlos lombardo

    is the thema of Fnafb 4 Springtrap? final boss

    Dao Yang

    This is the theme song to the best Japanese RPG ever!

    abare killer

    Vile :v

    Arctic Fox

    carlos lombardo yeah, but it wasn’t created for fnafb, obviously. Though it is really good

  66. noonelikesgolf

    Why can't that riff at 1:33 play for like 5 minutes straight. I literally listen to this song on repeat just to hear that riff.

    Cameron Smith

    It’s called the pull,to get you to listen to the track over again

    Marco Mars

    same thing on their "I just got this symmphony goin"

    eerste laatste

    @Balls Nasty Hard by most standards but easier than most of the rest of the song imo. The intro/main riff is quite a bit harder for starters with the different positions and string skipping.


    Honestly I love the 1:56 part, it's so beautiful :')

  67. Joseph F

    I saw my doppelganger a little while back... I don't think that legend is true that if you see your doppelganger you die afte

  68. Mac

    from 0:06 when the harmony kicks in, it sounds a lot like some USA country fiddle music. I'm not sure what specific genre, but it's very familiar! Hopefully someone knows what I'm referring to.

  69. thekazuya005

    How to scream like Thomas and Tim from TFOT? Is that an high power fry scream? I can't get these highs, I can only inhale it but that doesn't do it.


    +thekazuya005 get regular screaming down first than experiment with techniques


    @KingOfaMillionMoons Idk swhat exactly do you mean, is Thomas using fry scream? I can do that hum noise and stuff but the scream simply isn't comming out it sounds really watery. I can do inhales, rasp vocals, shouts but exhale screaming simply doesn't want to come out :P

    Gavin Cain Hurt

    +thekazuya005 He does fry screaming, most vocalist do even mitch lucker when he was in suicide silence. There's an interview saying if he screamed like how he did on the album then his voice would be shot so he screams improperly for the studio versions and not live. The reason why vocalist do this is because it's easier on your vocals and switching from singing to screaming. It's the same technique Craig Owens uses and Vic Fuentes and Oli Sykes and Jon Mess and etc


    @GavInCane Nope Oli and the others used False Chord, oli used inhales on the first 2 albums. I learned power fry screams few months ago, and I sound just like how TFOT sounded like on the self titled album :D both Tim and Thomas drank ass loads of alcohol and did lots of drugs and they still have their voice, Thomas doesn't sound like he did before cuz his voice is way too clean by itself so it gets ruined more easily cuz harsh vocals don't come natural for him.


    No wonder Ollie fucked up his vocal chords if he used inhales.

  70. Jordan Play

    Is the Thema of Vile
    Fnafb 3 Final Mix :)


    Epic xd

  71. Soniku Jeff

    Fuck Da Freddys

  72. Ryan O

    After consistently listening to this for 10 years now it's still As good as the first day I heard it. Saw them this year and it was the best thing ever it's like stonercore haha

    David Janek

    +Ryan O'Leary i thought they split up?!?!

    Ryan O

    +David Janek they got back together for a ten year doppelgänger tour it was tight as fuck

    David Janek

    oh man, please don't tell me it's over....

    Ryan O

    +David Janek it's probably winding down hey are still out on tour tho pretty sure

  73. TSG_Frank

    Why the fuck my child is here


    stfu doppenganger or im going to shit on your shit


    @Freddy Fuckboy Fack 

    Captain Casual

    +The shitty guy of the internet (Bill Cipher) +Freddy Fuckboy both of you shut and git gud

    MegaVile Productions



    @MegaVile Productions
    who the fuck are you.
    and why am i here...and i'm pretty sure i'm no ones father

  74. alexander taylor

    five nights at freddy is on of the shittiest cash grabbing games. why the fuck are their so many 10 year olds talking about it on this video?


    It would of been good if not decent if not for all the kids who like it and worship it like a god like all the COD kids thing that COD is the best thing ever made

    Matias Castillo

    COD is the same shit that fnaf


    +alexander taylor who is talking about five nights at freddy's?
    i only see people talking about five nights at fuckboy's (yes thats the actual title)

    alexander taylor

    +MyKillerangel oh... that changes things. thanks nigga boi

  75. Stefanus Midget


  76. Eeveelover8

    this song is great, it makes a good boss music

    Null Name


    Maximiliano Mellado

    +Null Name VILE?


    Null Name  Goddamn that asshole was hard to beat, but i beat him somehow.

  77. Freddy Fuckboy

    I fucking hate Vile


    +Freddy Fuckboy uhhh

  78. Cameron Henderson

    fuck yeah! im going to see these guys tonight with my best mate. our first gig as adults! i cant fucking wait


    How was it?

    Cameron Henderson

    +scalerzodiark epic, Erak was so creative on stage and very in sync with the crowd, awesome energy xD

    Jon Saunders

    such good dudes too

  79. Carona Nigma

    "we never catch a fucking break, do we?"
    -Freddy fuckboy


    @Carona Nigma ''NOT A CHARGED SHOT...!''

    Suspicion 135

    Toy Freddy Fired His Tophat!
    Vile Took 15,526,952 Damage!
    Vile Got F**ked Up!


    @Scott McCullough I fucking hate Vile! It's fucking hard!

    Mudkip Master

    +Scott McCullough IMPOSSIBLE!


    +Carona Nigma no we cant get a break....

  80. Suspicion 135

    Vile Appeared!

    Vile: Taste Retribution.

    5 Turns Later...

    Freddy: I Have Had An Epiphany. One Moment.

    5 More Turns Later...

    Freddy: Inhale. I Return.
    Toy Freddy: WTF Is Th-
    Freddy: Another Case Of My Doppelganger Tarnishing The Good Name Of Freddy F**kboy's Pizza. (Also I Fixed The Car)

    -FNAFB3, Act 3

    Suspicion 135

    Vile: Father. How Could You-
    Toy Freddy: Well I Did It And That's What Matters.
    Vile: I Want Answers. WTF Were You Doing-
    Toy Freddy: Use Your F**king Head And You'll Find Out Just As Easily.
    Toy Freddy: I'm Just Not Built For S**tty Diapers. Also- Your Mother Is An A-hole And Stole My Car Amongst Other Devious Antics.
    Vile: You-
    Vile: Look Into My Eyes. Do You See What You've Done To-
    Freddy: Oh My God I Can't Take Anymore Of This S**t From Either Of You Just Shut Up.

    - Also FNAFB3, Act 3

    Maximiliano Mellado

    +Scott McCullough
    Toy Freddy charged up his tophat, shooting it at Vile
    Vile: NOT A CHARGE SHOT!!!

    MegaVile Productions

    VILE: NO IMPOSSIBLE *99999999 damage dead*


    Scott McCullough yup five nights at fuckboys <3

  81. Carlos Guzmán

    *Orgasm in my ear*

  82. Christopher Navas

    This is my favourite song by them

  83. Draϟa

    To this day, this song still wows me. The fucking guitar in this, hhhnnngg


    dude right. Ive been playing for years but its so insane haha.

  84. Moppytheshotgun Boss

    Reasons to love this band
    1. Heavy and clean vocals
    2. A multitude of styles and rarely 2 similar sounding songs
    3. Some very aggresive and thechnical writing for vocals and instruments
    4. Rock and roll in the new age doesnt get better.
    5. Their use of dissonant sound (look it up if you dont know)
    6. Songs that are very alive, fast paces, meant for dancing/headbanging/etc
    7. (personally) came from the amazimg equal vision records, also notable for the start of circa survive, and some early coheed and cambria

    In short these guys freaking rock, loud fast and hard


    Moppytheshotgun Boss these guys are awesome, I only heard of this song from that cringey Five Nights at Fuckboys game. But whatever, this song is still fucking awesome!

    Nuj 21

    Loud fast and and hard that’s what she said

    Richard Gamrát

    Combination of clean and harsh vocals is ok, when your clean vocals arent too "boyish".


    and great melody too!

    Thetonzar uberman

    The fact that these guys where 19 was unherd.. Such a talent.

  85. Mr. Peezy

    The self titled version is the superior, by far. Some of those songs they should have never redid. However, some songs, such as Whacko Jacko, are much better redone.


    @Pixel Pariah To some extent, I can agree. I like the sound the band had on the original versions of these songs from their self titled (especially the screams in comparison to Doppelganger), but c'mon man, you at least like 2:35 - 3:44 right?

    Mr. Peezy

    Yeah, I like it. Still one of my favorite bands. Maybe I'm just used to the other version. Some of their albums though kinda come off as over-produced to me and I think some of the songs on this album kind of seem that way also. Just a personal opinion anyway, but I got into their original album because it was so raw and no one was writing music like that. The more clean and produced the songs became the more I think they lost a little bit of what makes them so unique in a way. Like I said, just an opinion.


    @Pixel Pariah I kinda feel that way too.
    Also, I don't know if you've heard, but they got back together and are working on a new album.

  86. Trma_dM

    I want this on Rock Band 4


    I'm surprised it isn't

    Dylan Shafer

    +scalerzodiark I'm not lol

    Seth Banta

    it's on rock band 3 as a custom song. Vocals and bass are missing though. http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/mouths-like-sidewinder-miss-r15929

    Major Figs

    Burn rockband and download clone hero. You're welcome.

  87. Hunter Caper

    I prefer the self-titled version :/

    Blake Davis

    +Hunter “Brunomonk8” Crawford Same! The vocals seem more intense and aren't tinged with the tongue-in-cheek-ness of this version. Still sick af though.

  88. Trae Morrison


  89. Andrick

    That show at the glasshouse a few weeks back was nuts

  90. FromUnderTheBed

    En una parte de la canción se parece a song of healling de the legend Of zelda <3333 :3



    Camilo Alarcon

    Jajajaja espere años para ver que alguien comentara eso xdd, y para +juan16unit se refiere a la parte del minuto 1:56


    @Camilo Alarcon Yo no lo veo D=

  91. friscolopter

    I know they did a reunion show, so does that mean that Thomas left Chiodos or is it just a thing right now cause Chiodos is on some kind of hiatus?


    They're back together, and their next CD will be released for free. According to their Wikipedia and statements.


    @42dapex for real? Hell yea

  92. toochillforeal

    Smoke one to this forsurely yo

  93. Glenn Rudge

    I've just heard The Mars Volta for the first time.. Had to listen to this song afterwords, they remind me of TFOT.


    Glenn Rudge Yeah, especially the clean vocals sound similar. c:

  94. Thiago Vidotto


  95. Brandon D

    love  the start of the song gets me so fucking pumpeeeeeeeeeeeeed