Faithfull, Marianne - What's The Hurry? Lyrics

What's the worry, what's the hurry
Do you hear me, do you fear me?
You've got the message, you read the story
You want the power, you need the glory

Clocks break, time goes by
Hearts ache, long to fly
She laughs on a spin
He laughs, turns you in

What's the panic, where's the static
Do you see me, could you meet me?
I heard the rumour, you've got my number
But now I see you run for cover

So you thought you had it made
Ain't it easy to be afraid
Feel the pressure, take the bait
Here it comes again

Clock breaks, time goes by
Hearts ache, long to fly
She laughs on a spin
He laughs, turns you in

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Faithfull, Marianne What's The Hurry? Comments
  1. Sukhdev singh

    Who's In A Hurry ? : Sister Hussy 2019 AD

  2. Shaz Sciascia

    Brilliant Women love her songs :)

  3. Kids Ink

    this song you must play at night while driving OH MY GOD

  4. Helen Charnley

    god havent heard this album for 30years, loved it then love it now,

  5. lucy v

    so good so good ...

  6. tara68 coolwell

    luv ya marianne always big F

  7. Wamgo C

    Hasn't anyone else figured out this is a dig at Debbie Harry? What's funny is that Harry is older than Marianne.

  8. James Kristoff

    Brings back such good memories... Bought this when it first came out..Danced to "Why'd Ya Do It" at The Stud in SF every weekend.. LOVE HER !! :)

  9. Colin Sanders

    LP released Oct 1979

  10. Starry&Bohemian

    wave the new esthetix

  11. Meghann Droeger

    I love "Why D'Ya Do It" for its narrative technique: Marrianne Faithfull pwns the crap out of her cheating lover using HIS voice! :-)

    S3ct1on Th1rt33n

    Classic song

  12. Stephanie Winters

    Just love this woman, one after my own heart. Sexiest voice I ever heard. Use Working Class Hero as an audition song sometimes, and have used Why D'Ya Do It as an audition piece - gets their attention! Can't hold a candle to her tho - phenomenal