Faithfull, Marianne - The Gypsy Faerie Queen Lyrics

I'm known by many different names
My good friend Will calls me Puck and Robin Goodfellow
I follow the gypsy faerie queen
I follow the gypsy faerie queen

She walks the length and breadth of England
Singing her song, using her wand
To help and heal the land and the creatures on it
She's dressed in rags of moleskin
And wears a crown of Rowan berries on her brow

And I follow, follow, follow
The gypsy faerie queen
We exist, exist, exist
In the twilight in-between

She bears a blackthorn staff
To help her in her walking
I only listen to her sing
But I never hear her talking anymore
Though once she did
Though once she did

And I follow, follow, follow
My gypsy faerie queen
We exist, exist, exist
In the twilight in-between

And I follow, follow, follow
My gypsy faerie queen
We exist, exist, exist
In the country in-between

Me and my gypsy queen

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Faithfull, Marianne The Gypsy Faerie Queen Comments
  1. Thom Bierdz

    my favorite song for like a year now

  2. G.E Barrazza Calvo

    Maravillosa Marianne ! Nick Cave es un genio. Thank you!
    Strength and Love from Macchu Picchu ( Cuzco - PERU )

  3. Anja Eijgenraam

    This is so beautiful on a sunday afternoon, dreaming in my chair😍

  4. Jane Wright

    Simply beautiful xxxxx

  5. Thomas Schett

    Schön. Das ist schön.

  6. D. M.P.

    I love Marianne so much. I've been thru hell, boy. I've went thru heroin addiction and survived the fentanyl years until a month ago, I quit. I hope some day I can meet Marianne. Shes been such an inspiration to me

    Lisa Mcdonald

    Congratulations on leaving heroin behind. Your life is worth so much more than any addiction. I'm sure Marianne would agree.

  7. Detour

    Such a powerful song (and album). So glad to have met Marianne in person back in 2011. She called me "my child", which I found amusing.

  8. Dick Clark


  9. Bonnie Speeg

    I hit 'like' at :25.

  10. Edward mulholland

    The whole album is wonderful. Marianne just gets better with the years.

  11. debattol

    We feel the participation in Cave's writing, but Marianne's voice is unreachable

  12. annette orr


  13. BONDARUK i przyjaciele

    Ja z Radia Trójki 😜

  14. Rodrigo Martinelli

    Música de verdade

  15. michelle needs

    blown me away wow!

  16. Diane D'Angelo

    Needed this so much. Such beauty.

  17. Peter Moring

    Majic! :-)

  18. Jesus Lopez

    I love her

  19. Karmen Jazbec

    i exist

  20. Karmen Jazbec

    bravo m faithfulk iam

  21. Joseph Tabar

    This is truly scary!

  22. Janet Little

    I love this song! What a masterpiece. She is better than ever.

  23. R Ka

    i'm lovin' it !!!! greetings from Poland !!!

  24. Martin MarK

    Thank you Marianne...

  25. Bitter sweet

    Sie hat es immer noch drauf, herrlich 😊

  26. Geir Andrè Tonning

    She made track's that never dust out,music i sold my heart to

  27. Piotr Smała MUSIC

    Bardzo ładna piosenka...

  28. Bitter sweet

    Einfach herausragend, mit sehr viel Gefühl. Marianne Faithfull und Nick Cave 😊 Herrlich.

  29. Bitter sweet

    Die Legende lebt 🙂

  30. Wyatt Earp

    Wow awesome song...

  31. Nobby Clarke

    Like the finest wine gets better and better

  32. maciej lignowski


  33. Noëlle Bordet

    Magnifique 😍 I love ❤️🌹❤️

  34. mat mat


  35. Mieczyslaw Z. Magla

  36. Lucia Stamati

    Love you God mummy

  37. klang1955

    Mein Gott, was für ein wunderschönes Lied! Ein Schauer jagt den nächsten über den Rücken! Danke Marianne!

    Bitter sweet

    Für mich herausragend. Könnte es ewig hören

  38. Ivory LR

    Pta qué hermoso..

  39. Bitter sweet

    Sie hat immer noch diese geile Stimme, einfach herrlich, Nick Cave an ihrer Seite, einfach gut 😊

  40. Bitter sweet

    Awesome 😊 Wonderful, with Nick Cave. Marianne Faithfull 😊👌

  41. kee wee

    Lost my old account so - stunning album. Marianne still oozes class.

  42. Florrie Smith

    Magic. I've been wanting to hear these two together for years. Thank you.

  43. Wolfgang Bauer

    einzigartig großartig. und marianne ist sichtbar glücklich und das ist schön. außergewöhnlich hervorragendes lied, großes kompliment an marianne & nick cave. einfach wow!!!

    Bitter sweet

    Einfach herrlich, 😊

  44. Ésio Macedo Ribeiro

    I can't to stop to listen it song! It's amazing pretty gorgeous song!

  45. wieso nicht

    Wunderschönes Lied ! Danke ! In memory of Anita Pallenberg

    Bitter sweet

    Ich liebe die Stimme dieser tollen Frau. Höre Sie schon ewig. Nick Cave an ihrer Seite, toll.

  46. Jay Scott

    The lines in this song speak of a centuries old devotion, and the legends of a time all but forgotten. Puck tirelessly follows his queen, even though her mind has faded and she no longer speaks, but in her fog still wanders the land singing the ancient songs of England. He loves her forever despite the fact that she likely isn't even aware he's there right beside her anymore. They exist in the twilight, but it isn't morning's glow, but the waning light of dusk. Still he follows her forever. Such a beautiful and sorrowful song.

  47. neapealingonsmet

    Thank you Marianne. This is beyond beautiful.

  48. Oskar B.


  49. MrJasonroy

    unbelievable its done in 2018? if so, what a blessing for our lady marianne

  50. Monika Wiśniewska

    I Love this song ❤

  51. Moni K

    piękny utwór

  52. Coasterdude02149

    Such a beautiful song as many times as I play it, I still can't get through it without crying.

  53. maarten postma


  54. Wim

    so wonderfull. Fantastic!

  55. Ines Zaremba

    Wonderful Marianne, still a beautiful lady ! Great song!

  56. Michele Vincitorio

    Emozionante.... bellissima!

  57. Orla B

    This song feels like a homecoming ❤

  58. Wilma Heinsohn


  59. nostressannie

    Beautiful song and video ... thank you

  60. Penny Arcade

    so moving.....xoxoxoxox

  61. Michelle Arts

    Very beautiful song!!! Love it!

  62. anne christine Fleury

    elle une aura incroyable peu de chanteurs ont la meme

  63. anne christine Fleury

    extraordinaire comme toujours je l adore

  64. Mirva Kokko

    What a blessing it was to find this beautiful song on the last hours of the year. Happy New Year to everybody on this beautiful Earth!🌠

  65. Mika Perkiö

    Hyvä Biisi

  66. Desiree Cody

    I am a gypsy girl

  67. Fastguitars


  68. Bruno Bellanger

    Wonderful song, love Marianne.

  69. Big Red


  70. Miss K

    Nick Cave is so predictable these days .

    kee wee

    Older and wiser for sure

  71. grimble

    Wow, a heart full of soul, a soul full of heart. It's warming.

  72. Mariusz Greń

    Najlepszy utwór od czasów "File It Under Fun From The Past "...

  73. Sanne Birch Titussen

    Nick Cave? He's pretty great and all, but the title reminds me of the one and only Stevie Nicks.

  74. Sigrid Bereuter

    wie kann mann ein Gesätz machen wenn Ungarn nicht da bei ist das istnicht inordung der staad kann

  75. xyzllii

    Moleskin rags...? Not very eco-friendly. Loathe the visuals with the airy fairy 'nymph'....corny.

  76. Ricardo Tesch

    72 anos e continua linda!

  77. Wolf

    Is it Travis Bickle dancing black and white in the background? Slamdancing the cosmopolis? (beatiful song though!)

    David Garvin

    No, it's Michael Clark.


    @David Garvin that was a kind of a joke... pretty funny to imagine him dancing ballet!

  78. Luján L.

    'I only listen to her sing but I never hear her talking anymore...
    Though once she did, though once she did...'

  79. Agnieszka Andrzejewska


  80. Zbycho Borkowski

    Wspaniałe nastrojowe wykonanie..

  81. christophercolumbus1

    Wunderschönes Lied

  82. Karol Skin

    Radio Trojka zawsze w formie 😆Poland

  83. marie hone

    Nous aimons Marianne Faithfull en France . ♥

  84. Ésio Macedo Ribeiro

    I love this song. I can't to stop to hear. Marianne is Gypsy Faerie Queen. Good luck to her always!

  85. Tomasz M

    amazing song

  86. 009Trine

    Sounds like Hans Moleman from the simpsons singing! wonderful song!

  87. Joshua Harrell

    Oh so this is the women ofcMetallica video memory remaines

  88. Patrick Pelucchi

    C'est une magnifique chanson pour un dernier adieu ,un au-revoir ,un à bientôt à tous ceux et celles que nous avons aimés.Merci..

    Elise Gimenez

    Je l'ai découverte aujourd'hui pour un Hommage à mon ancienne institutrice qui nous a quitté... Elle est magnifique ..

  89. axel fauves

    Nice, very nice. 👌💎

  90. paul abel

    Chère, chère Marianne, c'est magique, fabuleux. De la pure poésie !

  91. radhas garden


  92. Christina O'Shaughnessy


  93. Jean Humenry

    Sublime chanson par une dame sublime...EMOTION

  94. John Doe

    Grande Marianne sei bellissima

  95. YEP SEAN

    I love this song. One of my favorite singles of 2018. <3

  96. chuckfinn

    Marianne does raw emotion better than anyone.