Faithfull, Marianne - Pirate Jenny Lyrics

You lads see me wash the glasses, wipe the floors
Make the beds, I'm the best of servants
You can kindly throw me pennies and I'll thank you very much
When you see me ragged and tattered in this dirty shit hotel
You don't know in hell who's talking
You still don't know in hell who's talking
Yet one fine day there will be roars from the harbour
And you'll ask, "What is all that screeching for?"
And you'll see me smiling as I dunk the glasses
And you'll say, "What's she got to smile at for?"
And the ship, eight sails shining
Fifty-five cannons wide, Sir
Waits there at the quay

You say, "Work on, wipe the glasses, my girl"
And just slip me a dirty six-pence
And your pennies will be taken, and your beds will be made
(But I doubt if forty winks will come anybody's way)
And you still don't know in hell who's talking
You still don't know in hell who's talking
Still one fine day there'll be a loud bang from the harbour
And you'll ask, "Jesus Christ, what was that bang?"
And you'll see me standing right behind the window
And you'll say, "Why has she got the evil eye?"
And the ship, eight sails shining
Fifty-five cannons wide, Sir
Will be aimed at this town

So then lads, it's time for tears, no more laughs at the bar
For the walls will be at your ankles
And look out, lads, the town will be flat as the ground
This dirty shit hotel will be spared wrack and ruin
And you'll say, "Who is the fancy bitch lives there?"
You'll say, "Who is the fancy bitch lives there?"
There'll be rows of people running round the hotel
And you'll ask, "Why should they have spared this hovel?"
And you'll see me in the morning leaving lightly
And you'll say, "That one, her, she lived there?"
The same ship, eight sails shining
Fifty-five cannons wide, Sir
Flies crossbones and skull

In the midday sun a hundred men will step ashore
All tramping where shadows crawled
They'll lay their hands on men, hiding shit-scared behind doors
Lead them in chains here before this silent woman
And they'll say, "Well, which ones shall we kill?"
They'll say, "Which ones shall we kill?"
Come the dot of twelve, it will be still in the harbour
When they ask me, "Well, who is going to die?"
And you'll hear me whispering, oh, so sweetly, "All of them!"
And as the soft heads fall, I'll say, "Hop-là!"
That same ship, eight sails shining
Fifty-five cannons wide, Sir
Disappears with me

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Faithfull, Marianne Pirate Jenny Comments
  1. Michael Leach

    Brilliant Marianne, Thank you 😀😍😍

  2. Fidel Mamani


  3. unclealand

    Wow! A fresh translation of the razor sharp lyrics! Marianne Faithful's rendition is as hard as a diamond, and goddamn I wish I could have seen her in this show.

  4. Maja Daphne Holzborn

    It's a brilliant version, so please shut up. If you thnk about the fact that "Die Dreigroschenoper" has got an English model: "The Beggar's Opera" it is great to have this version!

  5. E Kam

    The text is too important to be sung so badly. I hardly can understand it.

    E Kam

    +pxtokarev Yes, the sound is OK, but its hard for me - as German - to understand the text. Texts of Brecht are always important and should be understandable -its not the I love you baby shit.


    +E Kam Ute is more legible but Faithful is more degenerate. Each one of them have their good side.

    Amanda S.

    You know, she is singing it in english.... :-)

    Ndea Monk

    @E Kam. is there a version u like?

    Astari Ninazu

    Brechts lyrics are important,but even Lotte Lenya sang in German words that are not well to understand. Which is pretty fitting for the poor and the place where the three penny opera speaks off. So i dont mind too much, if i dont understand Miss Faithfull a 100% ,she is a good singer for the Pirate Jenny.

  6. Miguel53de

    Maybe not the best, but still an interesting version. But it is not from "The Seven deadly sins". It is from the "Threepenny Opera".

    Peter J. King

    It's from the *album* "The Seven Deadly Sins".


    That might be correct, but the song itself is not from "The Seven Deadly Sins", as I said.

    Peter J. King

    @Miguel53de But the original poster didn't say that it was; he gave the album title and year of release, and then clearly stated that it's from "The Threepenny Opera".

    Laura Badal

    Actually the best besides Nina's version.feels authentic


    @Laura Badal I prefer Ute Lemper's version.

  7. Alla Baskakova


  8. Profitus Maximus

    Ninas is the best...but this is second...Ninas made me feel like I was there...the way she sang it was chilling...this one is almost as equally awesome...


    Aww, horse shit! It's a great song and can be sung so many ways. "Ninas is the best . . ." to YOU, right? And some other people, too. But the phrase to use is "I like Nina Simone's best," because that's what you're really saying.

  9. SweetSweetWaldo

    Jenny for President!

  10. Marlene M


  11. Marlene M

    @RockyInes: Absolut. Ich hätt's von der wunderbaren Marianne auch lieber im Original gehört

  12. RockyInes

    @edronc2007 ich formuliere es anders: AUF deutsch ist es schöner. anbei, ja ich spreche sehr gut englisch.

  13. edronc2007


    Sprichst du gut genug Englisch, um das beurteilen zu können?

  14. PuissantAlgernon

    I actually prefer this one to Nina Simone - it's subtler. But maybe that's just because I'm English!

  15. JUGAopet1

    Bertold Brecht & Kurt Weill are REAL Artist s-magicians here, like Marianne verrry much, but she "just" perform:)

  16. William Lyons

    @taramas489 the live is more powerful, with just the piano!

  17. William Lyons

    I like the live one myself. Just a piano. I saw her in SF, when she was promoting this album. Fantastic!

  18. Gail Artsgard

    Three Penny Opera!!!!

  19. jean prouvaire

    In my opinion, Nina Simone's version is still the best, but this one is brilliant

  20. jojokerus

    @RockyInes Maybe, but I kind of like this translation better than the "standard" version.

  21. Jojoseahorse

    I heard Patti Smith cover this in NYC a few years back; she acted it out with a broom; she was completely amazing. It was one of the best nights of my life :)

  22. fantastic958

    @godreyih + manthasagitarius
    Well, I suppose there is more than one way to crack an egg.

  23. godfreyih

    This version is a translation by the Irish playwright Frank McGuinness.

  24. godfreyih

    Oh dear. No, Kurt Weill's Pirate Jenny, an enduring classic which Almond has also covered, along with dozens of others.

  25. godfreyih

    Back in 1938, Lenya didn't sing this in a "snarling" way, and the bitterness may be there but it's implied. Marianne's version is a perfectly valid and intriguing interpretation; I think it's you who may be missing the point.

  26. fantastic958

    awful version...the song should be sung in a bitter, snarling way. She missed the point altogether.

  27. Bumblebert

    I love Marianne because shes the only singer since Lenya to give these songs there teeth back.

  28. Pelle1911

    Awesome Job - my favourite is still the original from 1931 with Lotte Lenya, but this is certainly a remarkable performance.

  29. UandMeKid

    Actually, Betty Buckley (believe it or not) has a chilling version of this on her Carneige Hall concert cd from about 1996. I love it! Different lyrics but still awesome.

  30. Wganer

    sounds great, but the german version is still best...,
    but i might be biased...

  31. Albert Taal

    very good translation

  32. RockyInes

    Der deutsche Text ist schöner^^

  33. taddyd1

    not yet.

  34. allislost1

    Agreed. Is it on YouTube?

  35. taddyd1

    Judy Collins's version is amazing too.