Faithfull, Marianne - Misunderstanding Lyrics

Misunderstanding is my name
What I am is not a game
Such an easy trap to fall for anyone

And then you find yourself alone
No explanation you can give
That you or I believe, understand

Such a shame, no way to live
But hard to get away from


Only want to know the truth
Make things clear at least to some, not everyone
That can never happen on its own

Help me, other people
Understand that I am not alone


Misunderstanding, stay away
Stay far away from me

And from those I love
You only want to fuck me up

If you can, but I say no
Lovers need a lot of rest
To give their all, to give their best
Mistakes are worthless

And misunderstanding's worse
A game I will not play, a curse



Love is real, love is here
The only thing I know for sure
Love lasts longer
Have no fear

Only you have such allure
Only you have such allure
Only you have such allure

(Only you have such allure)
[repeat till end]

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Faithfull, Marianne Misunderstanding Comments
  1. Thomas Schett

    Schönes Alterswerk! Danke.

  2. Beata Spiewak


  3. Doubting Thomas

    According to your autobiography, Ms. Faithfull, you received a bottle of whiskey from "Roy, Keith Richards' minder" just as you started working on your 'Dangerous Acquaintances' album. Roy is still with Keith Richards, and he showed up at my brother's funeral just a few months ago. I didn't attend because I didn't want to get all teary in front of a crowd of people. I was with my brother the first time I ever heard-'As Tears Go By.' I remembering hanging out with my brother and Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, back in the day, listening to Bobby Womack's "I Can Understand It"; the version by New Birth. It's not fucked up; it's funked up.

  4. ezio dallago


  5. Cindy Mckee

    Give my regards to New Jersey. U wanna fuck me up- cuz I am target poor jury trial atty really actress it’s not boring esp first case and HIM. 1985 poor me and AC Atlantic City. If u can go anywhere gosh darn I’m alone, can’t go outside. Cd u adopt me? No one knows of a lawyer- even tho they are we’re friends. Dad lawyer. I am basically same as jfk asssassination book author only my wife or husband will deal with me except my acting teacher my best friend worst loss. Thx for giving me 2 weeks after diagnosed to say bye to Ursula Ryan. Instead friend says Facebook message to me urgent pray. What? We talk, she’s from Frankfort age 6-21 ww2. We been thru it married Clooney dad who was serviceman. She singing age 18. No loss so great. Wow. And today friend taking care of cat cuz 1 month hospital infection and corneal abrasion- cause?? Wearing contacts at nite. But only 1x wore not at nite. Nyc air. Tore. 3 drops every hr 24/7- ie no sleep. So as dj had friend brilliant like u. Died 6 days ago. Yeah I am girl from Central Park. Believe in justice not corruption. USA down the drain. Wish Mare cd call a nyc atty friend or friend who knows a heavy hitting police abuse, med and atty malpractice. Target under fed law. Call md for back. 4 cops bust thru door yell sheila sheila! Like house on fire! Huh. I’m Cynthia cindy kissing time etc. I want my life back . Live by ocean exit 0 cape May. I got books, photos, a museum of music. Getting trashed. Don’t know why. I haven’t talked to any nuclear family or any family. My friend is taking care of cat. I saw a mouse go under oven- haven’t watched tv since house burnt north jersey I am in hell. Gmail broke. I wish someone with the pull the ability cuz yr you. I did some awesome stuff in law. Left law 97- can’t call atty. Need a representative cuz I’m as lonely as you. We’re the same on the amagansett bench. Long ago. Help!

  6. klique

    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


    It's true that we all need someone. Lover, friend or a companion. Love u all my friends 😘♥🕯


    I love this song and the lyrics 😍🕯😘

  9. Roy Kesrouani

    "Only you have such Allure!"

  10. Paola Gatto Pacheco

    Brava Marianne!!!

  11. Nicolas Brigaud

    Traduction française

    Le malentendu est mon nom
    Ce que je suis n'est pas un jeu
    Un tel piège facile à tomber
    Pour tout le monde
    Et puis tu te retrouves seul
    Aucune explication que tu peux donner
    Que vous ou moi croyions comprendre
    Quelle honte, pas moyen de vivre
    Mais difficile de s’éloigner du


    Une seule fois pour connaître la vérité
    Rendre les choses claires au moins à certains
    Pas tout le monde
    Cela ne peut jamais arriver seul
    Aide-moi à comprendre les autres
    Que je ne sois pas seul


    Malentendu, reste à l'écart
    Reste loin de moi
    Et de ceux que j'aime
    Tu veux seulement me faire foutre
    Si tu le peux, mais je dis "non"
    Les amoureux ont besoin de beaucoup de repos
    Donner tout, donner le meilleur
    Les erreurs ne valent rien
    Le malentendu est pire
    Un jeu auquel je ne jouerai pas, une malédiction


    L'amour est réel, l'amour est ici
    La seule chose que je sais avec certitude
    L'amour dure plus longtemps, n'ayez pas peur
    Seulement tu as un tel attrait
    Seulement tu as un tel attrait

    Laurent Potelle

    merci à vous pour cette traduction

    Annie Gabbay

    Nicolas Brigaud f

    S Showgirl

    @Laurent Potelle merci pour la traduction

  12. Marie-Claude Ferrandis

    La voix toujours là!