Faithfull, Marianne - Love & Money Lyrics

Is it a crisis?
Is it a crime?
Or is it a fantasy?
Does it take time?
Will it cost money?
Will it mean love?
Sure isn't easy
To get in the mood


See you at the parties
You're never the same
Do you make money?
What is your name?
Where can I find you?
Out in the night
Who are your friends?
Are they dark or light?


Tell me the dreams you never told anyone
Gimme a break
Are you really a virgin who's never loved anyone else?
Or just a fake?
Me I don't know what to think anymore
Don't know where to start
To sit here with you and talk about nothing
Is breaking my heart

Ask me a question?
Gimme a smoke
What are you drinking?
Is it a joke
Well ain't it worth it?
Or am I depraved?
You hold your head high
With one foot in the grave


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