Faithfull, Marianne - I'm On Fire Lyrics

I'm on fire
When I was young
Just for you
And my heart was pure
Such desire
I only wanted love
Just for you
I had allure
Still on fire
High heels ideals
Just for you
And not much fear
My desire
It's easy
Still for you
To make love appear

And then something sent me
For what they had meant to do
Whatever happened to you?

I'm on fire
Just for you
No more pain
Such desire
Just for you

And love did come
But in such disguise
That I could
Hardly recognise

I'm on fire
So with trust in fate
Just for you
And love of life
Such desire
Take my chance
Just for you
Roll the dice

And whatever sent me
I'll still be here for you
Whatever happens, it's true

And I'm standing still
Try to show the way
Try to change the stage

I only had to find the key
Surely love would come to me
You'd look into my glittering eyes
And everything will be all right

And so time passed
I began to change
I found that I
Could love again

I'm on fire
At first it feels
Just for you
A little strange
Such desire
Just for you
No more pain
Still on fire
Still on fire
No more pain
Still on fire
Still on fire
No more pain
Still on fire

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Faithfull, Marianne I'm On Fire Comments
  1. anonymous anonymous

    dumb question but who is the photo of- it is NOT Lady Faithfull, is it P.J. Harvey?

  2. Joseph Cvetetic

    in Venice small world books..Phil loved the Marianne Faithfull I brought in to burn..he did care for kissing time..for some reason

    Joseph Cvetetic

    he didn't care for kissing time??

  3. Kyriaki Georgiopoulou

    I LOVE this song and that woman!

  4. 1972Ventura455ho

    This whole album with Billy Cogan, Beck, Dave Stewart is pretty good. Nobody fault is a great tune from this album.

  5. Kyriaki Georgiopoulou

    I just... love it...

  6. Alfonso Guerrero Estrella

    Compare her with no one. Icons coming after her,must learn. Did they exist ? She is unique !!

  7. nisa m

    I love this song 😘👏🏻 don't play me cuz we have to be happy peacefully

  8. Simona Pop

    she make me dream

  9. José Cassiano

    fantástico um verdadeiro dinossauro

  10. Stefano Boschin


  11. Helly W. Marko

    Great ...

  12. Celine Pinel

    j m on fire

  13. Yves Primard

    40 piges et ça marche toujours

  14. Serdar Temizkan

    everybody has everyone

  15. Oded Fried-Gaon


  16. Neil Mansfield

    i love this country song!Her opera voice comes out! The way she sings like go away from my world is good!On this said coutry song!

  17. jean pierre Lascombe

    Elle a une superbe voie  

    Jo Herr

    Disons que l'ont voit bien que sa belle voix l'a emmenée sur une belle voie. :p

  18. freethoughtmusic

    Oh wow! thanks for posting. I want to do this song. It is so 'me' at my time of life.

  19. angela Rizzo


  20. James Poulos

    I had to give post a thumb down for album cover mistake,sorry

  21. Richard Wolter

    Great to hear these old songs of lovely, little Marianne, although never faithful...

  22. Helena Garcia

    what is the name of the artist?

  23. γιωτα μποφ

    Hey little girl is your daddy home
    Did he go away and leave you all alone
    I got a bad desire
    Im on fire

    Tell me now baby is he good to you
    Can he do to you the things that I do
    I can take you higher
    Im on fire

    Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby
    Edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley
    Through the middle of my soul

    At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
    And a freight train running through the
    Middle of my head
    Only you can cool my desire
    Im on fire

  24. mandy cappleman

    It is RARE that I find a song that I can relate to, a song that completely speaks to me. I'm glad you posted this. Thank you. :)


    You and i have the same taste in music

  25. catharion

    When was this song released and which album is it on?

    walter cherrette

    Kissin' Time ....

  26. raulox71

    Cool song. Really cool.

  27. Gage Capo Von-Veda

    great talent.. "O0

  28. Andreas Landgren

    this is my favorite album of hers i don't care what anyone says its so great and yes its better than the old albums :P

  29. Dean Henry

    Her voice

  30. Zenilda Medeiros

    Amei, amei !!!!!!

  31. Hypnotika

    Not liking the rip of the iconic 'Broken English' album cover.

  32. CF Š

    PJ Harvey's favorite singer:)

  33. raulox71

    Her voice is similar to Anastasia's voice.

  34. Hi there sunshine

    @inphanta amen!

  35. liveandmore

    This is heaven!

  36. David Joy

    @dadswizz I know exactly what you mean. I know Marianne is one of the greats.

  37. A Whiter Shade of Pail

    Great lamentation/maturation song. Marianne's use of her wistfully sweet, gin-soaked voice is genius.

    Young lovers take note: This song is a great testament of a person's love through the ages, though (he/she) finally does reach happiness, even after ostensible heartbreak and failure.

    "I only had to find the key
    Surely love would come to me
    You'd look into my glittering eyes
    And everything will be all right

    And so time passed
    I began to change.
    I found that I
    Could love again"

  38. Andreas Landgren

    this is amazing

  39. david coyle

    love love love

  40. Jimmy Currie

    A pre-historic Courtney...

  41. Emilie Lebarbier

    i LOve here SOSNg thErE brIllIANT

  42. Ildiko Nagyova

    imádom a hangját

  43. Isabelle Brodin

    lalalalal Marianne är bäst :D

  44. angelinatiger

    TRUTH i agree

  45. catharion

    Great song, I love it :)

  46. Charles Daher

    Great Newer Song that fits her Kissin' tape...

  47. Charles Daher

    Excellence!!! and Beyond!!!

  48. Kenz Sweden

    Tack för låten, lalalele6. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma den eller dej. //Ken