Faithfull, Marianne - Gluttony Lyrics

We've gotten word from Philadelphia
Anna's doing well, she's making lots of money
Her contract has been signed to do a solo turn
It forbids her ever eating when or what she likes to eat
She likes to eat, she likes to eat

Those are hard terms for little Anna
Who has always been very greedy
Oh if she does not break her contract!
There's no market for hippos in Philadelphia!

Every single day they weigh her
Gaining half an ounce means trouble
They have principles to stand by:
It's a hundred-and-eighteen that were signed for...
Only for the weight agreed we pay!
Gaining half an ounce means trouble
More than that would mean disaster!

But our Anna is not all that stupid
And she knows a contract is a contract
So she'll reason: after all
You still can eat like little Anna
In Louisiana...
Crabmeat! Porkchops! Sweet-corn! Chicken!
And those golden biscuits spread with honey!

Think of our house in Louisiana!
Look... it's growing! More and more it needs you!
Therefore curb your craving! Gluttons will be punished!
Curb your craving, Anna! Gluttons never go to heaven!

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Faithfull, Marianne Gluttony Comments
  1. Sieglinde Webb

    Kult 2020

  2. Daniel Hecht

    iconic and as perfect as it always was about life not lived

  3. W. R.

    AmericanHorrorStory !! Hotel !!

  4. Ruedi Gahler

    Ein Song über eine frustrierte Hausfrau, glänzend Performen.!

  5. meeeee1968

    There once was a concept called time.
    Often thought of in linear lines.
    Though the hands of the clock spin around when they toc,
    It only exists in our minds

  6. meeeee1968

    timeless masterpiece, such a lovely vocal , its an epiphany we all have, that moment you wake to the fact that the moment you live in is momentary and those dreams or fantasies you may have held will never happen , you realise this is your lot , you are just an average person in an average life thats slowly slipping away from you !!!

    Mogens Sørensen

    totally agree

  7. Holger Reimann

    Thank´s for yours music. Timeless. Greeting´s fom germany.January 2020. Greeting´s from germany, EAST.

    Gerry Simmonds

    Greetings to you, from the west, all welcome, prost

    Linda Mac

    Yes definitely her
    Greetings from USA
    Happy New Year's

  8. Colin McClarty

    A beautiful and poignant song though!

  9. Colin McClarty

    A broken woman

  10. Ronny Wouters

    1985 je n oublirais jamais

  11. Dekra

    Nice -i also like the original

    Bob docteur vélo

    je connaissais pas ! merci !

  12. Bernd Lucas

    unique song ... Just let 2019 go past :)

  13. maximus merilius

    Lovin it an chillinnwith a bong what are you doing

    PretBurg 78

    Klipdrift Pemium (Brandy) and alone...

  14. paul shury

    My dad's music sweet,takes me bk long way


    From one of my all time favorite albums.

  16. Ray Ellery

    a true surviver and still there good on you girl xxx

  17. sanford sklansky

    was this based on a true story.

  18. Rika Crighton

    A true artist, beautiful story

  19. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah i am faithfull

  20. lyndon dembski

    Lovely....thank you Marianne xxxx

  21. Steven Bruce

    Anyone know who played the synths for this?

  22. Uwe Wieland

    Sagenhafter Song. Hammer Süsse Marianne Faithfull.I Love it.Ever

  23. Elijah Skyeagle

    Marrianne Faithful was an absolute doll

  24. John Denver

    She is so beautiful but her voice is creepy, like in the Metallica song. Ra ra ra ra..

    Old Crow

    She once had the voice of an angel, I am that old, here you can hear the results of heavy smoking of cigarettes on her vocal chords. Her voice is even deeper these days but she's a game enough to carry on singing regardless, so good on her

  25. Karmen Jazbec

    i am surviver not suicider

  26. Karmen Jazbec

    i am faithfull

  27. Callie Maritz

    fuck,what a beautiful voice!!!

  28. rainer feuker bin ich erregt. 😘

  29. Derek Wilkinson

    Gorgeous lady. How well does she sing this?

  30. Dale Walker

    First heard this song in the 90's on the Thelma and Louise Soundtrack. I'm Lucy Jordan's age and haven't been to Paris! But still have hope, lol

  31. Shelley Tarre

    One of the great Shel Silversteins greatest songs.

  32. stringer 2295

    She made better music on her back 😃😃

  33. theecanmole

    Is it just me, or does Marianne Faithfull at 2:48 look like Theresa May?

  34. Geir Andrè Tonning


  35. Reinhold Becker

    lange her. Super

  36. namen gibtsschon

    Jugend.... bitte komm zurück.... ich würde so viel anders machen - ich schwör !!!! mag zwar, so irgendwie traurig sein - ist aber so !!!

  37. στεφανος λουκ


  38. στεφανος λουκ


  39. john e Lawler

    even now with the help of an 18 year old & jump leads

  40. TG Special

    And to think she wasn't as hot, twisted and sick as much as Nico. Crazy chicks.

  41. Allan Sedgwick

    Jager was a lucky man!

  42. James Redmon

    I love this song so Match

  43. M Taylor

    I like her better wasted or high.


    We all like you better rotting in the ground, ya stinking piece of shit.

    M Taylor

    @absoftitanium charming abs

    M Taylor

    @absoftitanium it's a style preference and if you don't then you must not like the remainder of her career which was rarely sober

  44. Barry Richards

    Fucking hell, how awful.

  45. merlet eric

    Cette chanson me renvoi aux années 80. C'était l'hiver, l'odeur de l'encens. Pleins de choses dans ma tête. Des peurs, des doutes mais aussi des rêves pleins la tête !

  46. Barry Williams

    I am a retired U.K Paramedic. Tragically I met many Lucy Jordans, not forgetting the Lenny Jordans too...Heartbreaking when you realise it's world wide.

    NEIL Hawkins

    I spent many years working in an operating Theatre , this was one of my favourites many years ago,61 now and enjoying life , all the best to everybody,enjoy life

  47. Louise Ricketts

    I prefer her mature voice to her young overly sweet young voice.

  48. Virginia Addis

    The eara of the horrid skirts.. so enough is enough i cant take it with out etc Joystick......

    Virginia Addis

    And the summer of FANTASY fullfilment..

  49. Edvaldo Jose Bomfim Junior Junior

    Pois é

  50. Günter Köhler

    Das ist music die unter die Haut geht

  51. Johan Sterk

    Spellbinding eyes, very nice performance of this Dr. Hook song.

  52. Conrad Poos

    If I recall correctly, Steve Winwood played the synths on this.

  53. Alan Duffy

    German girls, is this right? We've been set up by the ancient coalition since the middle ages they haven't been able to get rid of the human race so far but look at the present climate in the world and hitting us on so many fronts they deny themselves no pleasure. . . . . . Nna (netherton nature association) the hounds of love, seasons don't fear the reaper. One ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Good luck decency

    Alan Duffy

    @Johan Sterk Johan look at the lies in history poor houses and kids with rickets in victorian times we had our natural forest I can think of at least seven ways of catching meat etc in school we were told you need war to keep the population numbers down, also the black plauge killed half of Europe, personally couldn't give a flying shite for most people I'm into animal rights but I try to get these things out so good people might be able to defend themselves, so as you folk say cest la vie cum se cum sa ca sera

  54. The Little Itty Bitty Pity Show

    When I wake up , I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the one who wakes up next to you.
    I would walk 10000 miles &
    I will walk 10,000 more

  55. Bob docteur vélo

    je sais pas si elle me fait du bien ou du mal, en tous cas elle me fait quelque chose ! pinaise !

  56. frasal

    one of my favorite tunes... always tearing up...



  58. Mark Thompson

    who are the 2k chops who dont like this? SMH

    Jim Robinson

    Me.. becasue it DESTROYS the original!

  59. Peter Geppert

    Erinnert mich total an meine Kindheit. Hammer

  60. absoftitanium

    At one time this was the sexiest woman in the world. I love her voice. This song was written by Shel Silverstein, cartoonist, author of children's books and composer of Dr. Hook's hit songs.

  61. charam Octave

    Merci pour ça

  62. kathy neil

    Thelma and Louise brought me here , good song

  63. Farm Oribib

    Lucy Jordan sounds like a Pisces suffering from severe depression.

  64. prenom frederic benabdelkader


  65. Greg Menego


  66. Chris Kelly

    This woman is just a upper class prostitut

    Johan Sterk

    Your ulcer woke up??

  67. Pia Hellborg


  68. poon likka

    Sounds like Lucy had the ultimate bad hair day.....

  69. Jon Byron

    Process wench?

  70. maximus merilius

    If you are watching Marian , any chance of having a coffe with. You

  71. John Calaway

    First time to see this video. I bought this album when it first came out. This was my first wifes favorite song. This was a very good album. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Marianne Faithful perform.

  72. maximus merilius

    Love you girl xx

  73. maximus merilius

    What would the snowflakes make of our marianne

  74. Joachim Riek

    Marianne Faithfull anfangs Groupie der Stones und jahrelanger Heroin user aber Sie hatte eine wahnsinns Stimme damals..........

  75. daniel abracadabra

    Thème musical du film "COURS PRIVÉ" avec Elizabeth Bourgine...

  76. maximus merilius

    We where child hood sweethearts

  77. maximus merilius

    Would mick be jealous of he knows I kissed her

  78. Tim

    American Horror Story 5

  79. Rodrigo Alarcon

    Liz Taylor Anthem 😞♥️

  80. Rodrigo Rodrigo

    Liz Taylor

  81. George Henry Moore

    I should be in bed. But damn, haven't heard this in a long time.

  82. Albert choisnet dubignon


    michel tissier

    je suis d'accord avec toi Albert c'est superbe

  83. jose abdias

    Linda a música e a cantora.

  84. Ralph Köhler

    verdammt gut das ich damals jung war und nicht heute

  85. Steffen O.


  86. volker munnes

    ........ich bete sie mit großer Bewunderung an !!!

  87. Jav Ag

    Thelma and Louise

  88. Joe Simpson

    Still AGreat Song listen to it all time still best version

  89. Jürgen Knauer

    Synthesizer tunes by Steve Winwood?! Didn't know that...

  90. Stephen Hudson

    Don’t really buy singes. Made an exception for this.

  91. Ivan bautista lara

    American Horror Story 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  92. Vasilis Pandis

    From the film 'Montenegro' as well

    Lisa Mcdonald

    Glad someone else knows Montenegro.💖

  93. poon likka

    Correct me if i`m wrong...Lucy had a bad hair day......

  94. Steven Cundy

    Marriann is the only artist who could do this song, song was made for her

    Michael Glover

    Shel wrote it for Dr. Hook; didn't he? On his houseboat?

    Steven Cundy

    @Michael Glover no idea, ( deer with no eyes,,)

  95. Klaus Toth

    the entire broken english album is magical

    Simone Bastian

    Einer von meinen lieblingstiteln einfach nur genial

    Klaus Toth

    @Simone Bastian the album came out in 79. i bought it on vinyl the first day it was available. can you imagine the smell in the backroom of an actual record store ? meanwhile the snow i snorted in the eighties has dried out to footnotes of glacial debris in the dictionary of climate disaster. i hardly remember what has happened yesterday. thank you for giving me proof of my vague existence.