Faithfull, Marianne - Falling Back Lyrics

How many times have I found myself in this place?
Different reasons and excuses
So many times to go round and round in space

Looking for something, looking for someone
Looking for you
Looking for you
Looking for you

Falling back into myself again
Falling back into the space I love
Falling back in to myself
And into your arms again

In this garden I found my heart
Without reason or excuses
Not many hearts can feel and feel the place
Too many hearts have never seen love's face

Looking for something, looking for someone
And you
Looking for something, looking for someone
And you
Looking for you
Looking for you
Looking for you

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Faithfull, Marianne Falling Back Comments
  1. 234cheech

    i like how dry marianne's vocals are. 'raw ' thanks again marianne.

  2. Ronald White

    Every boy should have experienced a girl friend, maybe, a life partner like.....Marianne. Bugger!!!

  3. mat mat


  4. Cherie Beasley

    I've loved you for so long - thank you

  5. quéran Nayl

    Unfortunatelly, nobodu can save yourself. You have man and women bed partner... Where they are when you need them? Nothing!!! Nothing save you !!!

  6. Enzo Galli

    amazing......GREAT Marianne!!!!

  7. Michael Leach

    If you have a good 💓 and are trusting you will get hurt in this world, but you and people like you must not change, I will never become one of those faceless people who control and manipulate things behind the scenes, crushing the goodness out of people, and making them feel it is there fault, l could go on but won't, love and caring for each other is what is important not the size of a persons bank account, kindest Michael xxx

  8. Tasos Polizos


  9. Gozde Turkyilmaz

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 feeling like flying in your orange sky Dear Marianne Faithfullll THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH FOR YOUR SOUND AND VOICE❤️⚡️⚡️⚡️✌️

  10. jendrix56


  11. D. M.P.

    I'm a heroin addict and Marianne's work has been of great inspiration to me. I hope to clean myself up like she did and make something of my life. "So many times to go round and round in space"


    @D. M.P. I wish you find the strength and inspiration to save yourself and most of all be happy and proud of it.

    Daniela Schwarz

    +D. M.P. I can understand you so well and I hope the same what +Stavros Bear wrote to you.So I wish you a many power and the great inspiration will help you.Bless you and take care of you.Maybe it could be that you are clean´s 7 Month ago.

    kellie banks

    I wish you the best

    Daniela Schwarz

    I was a heroin addict too and I took methadone,I know how you feel or felt,I hope much better and what I wrote I mean that seriously to you.I am since over 9 years clean now,
    without prostitute or prostitude myself (sorry for my english ;) but my withdrawal was very hard from polamidone after methadone.I felt better after 5months and now I am glad and I hope that I never take it again.I don´t want it and that is good!

  12. 272polish

    i mean every one still makes a big issue of the drugs thing... maan that's just a  part of the making of her,, music wise she"s a legend! from 1964 to 2015... she"s lived our maz..

  13. 272polish

    Marianne faithfull is a pure legend man! pure history still in the making ...

  14. Brenda O'Connell

    Love love this album. The best  of the best. 

  15. Blandine a.

    Très Morrissey..

  16. JZ SNAKE

    She aged so much more gracefully than that whiner Joni Mitchell.

  17. jj williamsoconnor

    #In this Garden I've Found MY HEART!...Too Many Heart Have NEVER SEEN LOVES FAITH!...Looking For Someone LOOKING FOR SOMEONE, LOOKING FOR SOMETHING,LOOKING For YOU!#...This Video Captured The '' In Transit'' Nature Of The Song!.............Just Fanbulous!.......

  18. jj williamsoconnor

    If YOU Cant Say Something NICE!...DON'T SAY SHIT!....This Song Is Fukin Epic!

  19. seasidemusic

    the album is amazing , love it !!

  20. Brad Leslie

    Marianne Faithful is a lesson on how to age gracefully while remaining timeless. This album is incredible, and one of the best of 2014.;

  21. TheDarek66

    glos do wyciskania cytryny i ...

  22. jj williamsoconnor

    i have literally Adored this song From hearing it live im glad !it at last has a video!A very artistic and elite one at that!

  23. vacanceaphrodite

    Dear Marianne, see you next Feb ..

  24. Thibaut L.

    So many emotion in a single voice... the more she gets old the more her voice is subtile

  25. Melvyn Warren-Smith

    Watched this on Jools 'Later' show and Marianne and Anna and the band were totally in the zone. The amazing lead work by Anna came from 'somewhere else' and you can see it written all over Marianne's face. Thank you, thank you for lifting us to a different place. X

    Rob Savage

    Totally agree with you!! I have seen that now at least six times....

    Warwick Dipple

    So have I, at least 6 times. It improves each time you watch it :-)

  26. Rob Savage

    Love love love this song!! Can't wait for the new album..Please come back to Australia Marianne !!!

  27. murray L

    I really like Anna, you can hear her influence on this track, but Marianne was never a strong singer, we let her get away with it in the 60s cos she was flippin gorgeous,sorry darlin this is not very good at all.

    J. Levi C.

    Hahaha, "Marianne was never a strong singer, we let her get away with it in the 60s cos she was flippin gorgeous"-- thanks for your opinion, thousands of music critics and millions of listeners beg to differ.

  28. Bumblebert

    Opening reminds me of Mariannes "Falling From Grace"

  29. CaptainOatwright

    Instant but classic melody

  30. MrHumanracin

    Loving the new album so far!

  31. azgag

    Beautiful song! Polska słucha ;-)

    Szmaragdowa Ścieżka

    Ja slucham teraz 2018 rok , listopad.. Ponoć wkrótce nowa płyta . nie mogę się doczekac..Jestem bardzo ciekawy......

    Marcin Gołka

    Pl słucha od dawna :D

  32. kari berger

    Love it.

  33. D. M.P.


  34. Synaesthesia, The

    good job!!

  35. steven jones


  36. GuitarFunML