Faith, Paloma - World In Union Lyrics

There's a dream, I feel
So rare, so real
All the world in union
The world as one

Gathering together
One mind, one heart
Every creed, every color
Once joined, never apart

Searching for the best in me
I will fight what I can beat
If I win, lose or draw
There's a winner in us all

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

We face high mountains
Must cross rough seas
We must take our place in history
And live with dignity

Just to be the best I can
Sets the goal for every man
If I win, lose or draw
It's a victory for all

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun
A world in union

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Faith, Paloma World In Union Comments
  1. KyNamiTe

    Viva south africa. Congratulations...

  2. TLM 52

    Beatiful song

  3. vrs010


  4. SleepySløthYÞ YT


  5. Pierre Weinzweig

    For me it's the best version I've heard so's definitely a personal choice.

    move sky

    give a lot of power as song

  6. Marcelo H. Alvarez

    The singer is horrible!

  7. cynthia deguzman

    So rear so real

  8. steven cork

    Brighton and Hove born and raised

  9. O Faz

    This song gets me so emotional

  10. Bigd694

    Poor just like England were in 2015

  11. Bigd694

    She can’t sing this song it’s not good eww 😷

  12. wpaffett

    Why is the I vow to thee my country

  13. TheSmithersy

    This was awful. One of the best world cups ever, ruined by this.

  14. celltanic

    If cats could sing, they would hate it too.

  15. James Alexander Tizzard

    Lets play this at Stuart Lancaster's funeral

    O Faz

    Savage lol

  16. Neil Bradshaw

    Love the song hate her

    Pierre Weinzweig

    Strange - she says nice things about you

    Neil Bradshaw

    Lol shut up moron

  17. Archie - #lgbtpride

    They put Prince Harry in here XD

    O Faz

    Loves his rugby

  18. Just me

    Love it

  19. itsjemmabond

    Everybody is mentioning Dame Kiri. Am I the only one who prefers the PJ Powers version?

  20. pinkyman5155

    Bloody Awful, Sorry

  21. james slater

    Leave then European UNION

  22. OliviaMai FisherCollins

    Mad editing skills there 😂, idk why everyone's saying how bad it was when it wasn't even bad :/

  23. Llewy Hxpe

    This is so shit - should’ve had Delilah

  24. Michael Jamieson

    I'm watch six nanations France vs Scotland on 515 bein sport 3 foxtel

  25. Fredrik Zhang

    It's only about right with the Britons!

  26. lee williams

    Don't lose to Wales in the group stages

  27. Kieran Pearson-Price

    Great version of the song. ❤

  28. TheSaintST1

    The dangers of pop singers warbling out anthems....

    Probably the best vetsion of this was Dame Kiri Te Kawana's version back from 1991(?)

  29. Bada Bing888

    Truly awful version of world in Union. I muted it every time I heard it during the last RWC.

  30. andyvaisey

    Lovely video, fantastic arrangement, terrible vocal.

  31. Kaisur Khan

    The world in union part so rubbish

  32. ILoveLife Yes

    Horrible.. PJ powers must be cringing at this

  33. Jessa Brandy

    Good Jesus, I forgot how truly dreadful this version is.

  34. Morris Anderson

    Kiri Te Kawana has a awesome version as well then Hayley,, for me, but I'm Kiwi anyways,,

  35. David Pegg

    shockingly rubbish

  36. Trevor Glyne-Phillips

    This bird has absolutely no depth in her voice . Listening to this is torture. Pathetic. And the finale . Wtf. Sounded like a cat getting humped by a dog

  37. Jon Francois

    Truly terrible She's very overrated Really just a pub singer

    jeffrey ashton


  38. Nick robs345

    Fucking awful sorry haley western is the best by far

  39. Nick robs345

    Sorry but it’s shit compared to Haley and all the others that attempted to sing this is just shocking

  40. Be an Overcomer

    Great vid great song sung by an UGLY VOICE

    Andrew Stear

    I disagree. It is excellent.

  41. Chris Taylor

    Sounds so much better here, I think they did something to the track in the shorter length videos

  42. David Lloyd

    I like this version it seems more inspiring, the flaws by not being an opera singer make it more contrasting

  43. Doniedaff

    Good job Kiri Te Kanawa isn't dead or she would be rolling around in her grave.

  44. Guy Djomo

    this song makes me cry i love this song so much by love u guys

  45. Nik Reece

    There is no way we would of beaten New Zealand in the semis or the final...They were just too good for anyone

  46. Melinda Dunn

    To put it kindly, I prefer Hayley Westenra's version or Katherine Jenkins's version

  47. Kathleen Schrecker

    The besteht Version ever is just the original by The one and only LADY KIRI TE KANAWA!!!!!! And then the maori Version by hayley Westenra

  48. and peggy

    This saved my life needed it for school to learn da words for tomorrow (btw I'm in year 6) she sounds beautiful I love her voice 😀♡♡♡♡

  49. Chris Bruno

    Is that Sir Ian McGeechan at 01:41?

  50. Kieran Pearson-Price

    This is the best version!

  51. Rich Lawson

    Paloma never stood a chance after Hayley. She did a good job the RFU should just give it a break for ten years or so. Well done though Paloma!

  52. Théo Lesterpt schiessl

    viva world cup rugby 2019 in japan

  53. James Vickers

    Go listen to Jupiter by Gustav Holst

  54. Courteney Glastonbury

    Man this is so much better than the shit opera song

  55. peter lewis

    Wales are the best as they have far far fewer players to choose from,we punch well over are weight.

    robert .1

    peter lewis well wales have George north and halfpenny and walbton but if they were injured at the same time wales would be losing all of their matches

    robert .1

    YarbJohnCarpLips sorry typo

    Jack Thatcher

    YarbJohnCarpLips I'm guessing ur English and I'm Welsh but at least if we won a World Cup we would actually shut the fuck up about it unlike the English fans going on about 2003

    Jack Thatcher

    YarbJohnCarpLips also 2015 rwc wasn't the best for u was it now

    Reece Johnstone

    +Jack Thatcher its true and Sam Burgess shouldn't have been the scapegoat as I think he did alright... good luck to Wales (against everyone except England that is haha)

  56. peter lewis

    I don't give a shit of the downers,i love it

  57. Robert Holloway

    This is one of those versions which grows on you. When it was show during the World Cup finals, I hated it - it seemed to be so wrong; Now, however, I really like it. Funny, that.

  58. Ria1234


  59. Russell Coight

    I'm just reminded that England didn't make the finals and the fans think a 3 test series against a skeleton Wallabies somehow makes up for it. Australia, South Africa, Argentina & New Zealand made the final four. Thanks for picking up the tab England. Tell us again how NH rugby is so much better after paying for The Rugby Championship 2015 again.

    Scotti Ramage

    Yawn - don't forget the fourth test in a year wheee kicked your ass

    Russell Coight

    Pissed me off to, I paid $90 for a general ticket at Suncorp! Thanks
    ARU. Give us the 2015 RWC pool match, it makes up a lot for 2003.

    Rowan Govender

    Cant agree would you more. When it comes down to what really matters. The four southern hemisphere powers make sure they grab the brass ring.

  60. itsjemmabond

    Prince Harry!

  61. Sam Winstone

    good song rubbish world cup


    sam45 gamer rugby is the best sport in the world but okay

    Dazza S

    Rubbish world cup what's that based on? It had the highest attendance figures. Some great matches: Argentina v Ireland, Japan V South Africa, Scotland v Australia. The atmosphere was brilliant. The supporters who came loved it. It was a positive boom for the UK economy and was most watched rugby world cup round the world.

    Llewy Hxpe

    Opposite actually

  62. juan altredo

    awful in every sense


    juan altredo couldn't agree with you any more.


    Do better

    Robert Randall /Trem

    Terrible singing awful lyrics,childish arrangement a good song executed by incompetents.The worst form of pub singing.

  63. João Lucas

    thats cool, i mean shows the creation of the sport rugby union football

  64. Fennekin Gamer

    at school we did a dance to this as a part of our Olympic topic. It was amazing

    Ssj3 pepe slav squat

    We had to memorize the whole song


    We had to too! But we memorized Hayley Westerna's version. ^_^



  65. jsm

    the music hook comes in at 1.40 very catchy and she sings it great for Rugby its got the edge

  66. ELC

    That wasn't bad at all! Don't know what all the fuss was about! plus she's a little minx!!!

  67. w00t57

    None, including the Hayley Westenra version, are even close to the PJ Powers version from the 1995 World Cup in South Africa.


    This is 2016....offence must always be taken!


    Haha.. Are you kidding or do you really mean it? I mean.. It's my opinion not yours... Every one has their own opinion.... Chillax..


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is the same as mine!

    Hape Pepene

    Pj powers world in union is shit

    Tami Okoro Dedeh

    @Hape Pepene I'll pretend you didn't say that!

  68. SMC01ful

    This version took a little getting used too. However, while it's not as epic as others it certainly isn't all that bad.

  69. Jyotanjan Birk

    he just edit it

  70. RugbyCarpi

    Very nice!

  71. Rita Helene Lian

    Paloma looks like the New Marlin Monroe beautiful and she sing like an angel .this song is beautiful

  72. Rita Helene Lian

    <3  <3  <3

  73. MrWWEbroski7

    people at school if your watching this plaese sub to me!

  74. Josh Ellis

    What has she done to this song fucking ruined it Katherine Jenkins should do all World Cup songs with her beautiful voice


    +Josh Ellis Agreed! nothing will top Kiri but they just butcher it more and more and I fucking hate modern female "artists" they all use the same voice inflections as each other ok kind of spoiled by growing up in a time where some of the greatest once in a lifetime performers were at their prime but still it's horseshit.

  75. TCt83067695

    she really did an awesome job. not sure why ppl didn't resonate with it

  76. Martin Easter

    i adore Paloma Faith she is Adorable
    i Love her version

  77. Jean Jones

    well ladies & Gentleman the Six Nations are almost here bring it on xxx

  78. Alyaa Ahmad Jais

    still hayley westenra the best version... classic version look so exclusive.. same goes to me dame kiri te kanawa version . they are better !


    By miles!

  79. jen ellis

    Who chose this version as the official song it is awful -


    jen ellis I agree

  80. Taine Warner

    oh yeah

  81. james bomb

    u guys should listen to hayley westerna's version of world in union, especially the maori version

    Joe Davies

    +james bomb Hayley's version is by far the best version of all!

    Matthew Hancox

    james bomb totally agreed Poloma Faith well an truly murdered it

    Robert Holloway

    It's an absolute awful version when you first listen to it. Then you hear it a few more times, it's still bad but you find a few bits....long story short I despised it and now it's one of my favourite renditions.

    Charlie Mijatovic

    I would agree with you Joe, but the 1995 version exists.

    Chia-Ying Li

    @Real Rumpelstiltskin How about this recording? From the movie Invictus. This is A Capella version. I love this one better.

  82. Dawood Williams

    I love her version of the song.

    Dawood Williams

    You do?


    Dawood Williams it goes this then Emily Sandé and then Haley

  83. Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga

    2015 GOrGEOus PALOmA fAith wOrLD iN UNiOn RuGBy wOrLD Cup FABuLOus AnthEm CELEBrAtinG iNtErnAtiOnAL FRiEnDhip AnD TEAm Spirit AnD ESprit De COrps PrinCiPLEs <3

    OriGinALLy "Thaxted" theme from middle section of "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity", a movement from Gustav Holst’s "The Planets" adapted for its use in the English/Anglican patriotic hymn, “I Vow to Thee My Country”.

    Known for her retro and eccentric style Faith released her debut album Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? in 2009, featuring the "Stone Cold Sober" and "New York". #9 in the UK certified double-platinum.

  84. Sent From

    I got used to this. Then it grew on me. Then I loved it! Well done Paloma Faith!

    rice college lad

    people really dont like this version as paloma vocals arent equipped to this type of song but i think she does it justice
    i love it


    Green fields of france

  85. Iain Hendry

    i love ruggers

  86. Hazel The McWitch

    Well that video wasn't at all odd was it? Paloma Faith appeared to be singing a different song, or at least totally out of synch. And what the ecky deck was that scene with the boys dressed as pirates and the crowd of Victorians all about? Others talk about overwhelming emotion, I was just overwhelmingly 🤔

    Eddie Horikoshi

    +Hazel Glastonbury
    the "pirate" thingy is from the opening ceremony about how Web ellis created rugby.
    i reckon aswell its out of sync or something, just wierd nonetheless

    Martin G

    the pirates (or barbarians) is a common name for rugby teams and I'm sure the school Webb Ellis went to were called the barbarians.
    happy new year

  87. John s M

    love the way she sing it,

  88. Lawd_Disick

    This gave me the chills!

    Trevor Glyne-Phillips

    Gave me the shits