Faith, Paloma - Upside Down Lyrics

Angels watching over me with smiles upon their face
Coz I have made it through this far in an unforgiving place

It feels sometimes this hill's too steep for a girl like me to climb
But I must knock those thoughts right down I'll do it in my own time

I don't care (care care)
I'm halfway there (nowhere)
On a road that leads me straight to who knows where

I tell you what (I tell you what)
What I have found (What I have found)
That I'm no fool (That I'm no fool)
I'm just upside down (Just upside down)

Ain't got no cares (Ain't got no cares)
I ain't got no rules (Ain't got no rules)
I think I like (I think I like)
Living upside down (Living upside down)

Watching people scurry by rushing to and fro
Oh this world is such a crazy place it's all about the go go go

Sometimes life can taste so sweet
When you slow it down
You start to see the world a little differently
When you turn it upside down

I don't care (care care)
I'm half way there (nowhere)
And I'm just soaking up the magic in the air

I tell you what (I tell you what)
What I have found (What I have found)
That I'm no fool (That I'm no fool)
I'm just upside down (Just upside down)

Ain't got no cares (Ain't got no cares)
I ain't got no rules (Ain't got no rules)
I think I like (I think I like)
Living upside down (Living upside down)

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)
You gotta slow it down
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)
But then you pick it up
(Whoa Yeah Whoa)
C'mon and try a little topsy-turvy back-to-front the right way round
Take it slow slow slow (You gotta pick it up)
Yeah Yeah Yeah (See you slow it down)
Yo Yo Yo (Tell me something something)

I tell you what (I tell you what)
What I have found (What I have found)
That I'm no fool (That I'm no fool)
I'm just upside down (Just upside down)

Ain't got no cares (Ain't got no cares)
I ain't got no rules (Ain't got no rules)
I think I like (I think I like)
Living upside down (Living upside down)

I tell you what (I tell you what)
What I have found (What I have found)
That I'm no fool (That I'm no fool)
I'm just upside down (Just upside down)

Ain't got no cares (Ain't got no cares)
I ain't got no rules (Ain't got no rules)
I think I like (I think I like)
Living upside down (Living upside down)

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Faith, Paloma Upside Down Comments
  1. natalia sand


  2. The PAW

    You and GIn Wingmore have twin voices

  3. Rae Leppard

    We're singing this song for our show choir and i absolutely love this song!

  4. boopiloopi

    bit reminiscent of billie piper in looks. dr,who musical ;).

  5. Jokes 12345

    I’m here 15th January 2020 :)

  6. Lucas Cari

    Que buen tema

  7. LALO

    la ultima vez que escuche esta cancion fue en el 2015 donde me salio de casualidad ya que desde aquel comercial no podia encontrar la cancion, luego olvide el nombre y hoy 5 años mas tarde por fin me acorde del nombre de la canion y al fin la estoy escuchando que placer ahora la voy a descargar

  8. G13 Ghost

    Awright Paloma , you good ? A wee friend of mine wanted to say hello - take care, aw the best P.. 🔯👻⭐

  9. Hollie Carragher

    Gosh cant believe this song was published 10 years ago!! I've just learned to sign this in BSL/SSE and I'm really happy with myself lol

  10. Eleni Happy Sunshine Motivation

    STAY POSITIVE AND TAKE YOUR TIME!! :) u are all beautiful yall keep ur chin up! its a great song about not following the status quo make up your own rules that its ok to take your own time in life and no need to rush/keep up with trends no need to go go go or keep up with our busy world filled with technology/all the pressure. stop and smell the roses- thats what ferris bueller said ;) atleast thats what I got from this song <3

  11. Alivia :3

    Soy inglés pero estoy comentando en español 😂

    I'm English lol

  12. Dario Falaschi

    Esta PIRATA con nombre de pajaro JA AJA

  13. KJCat Siwanator

    I did a tap dance to this lol and I love the song

  14. Sl Ash

    Got to love Paloma my mates call me gay but fuck them i like music.

  15. Oscar X.X

    I want to hear Tones and i singing this song...

  16. Gemma Niye

    Who are those sexy dancers? Please send them my way! <3

  17. 16lcp

    Vamos noblex💪

  18. DEATH 345

    Demogorgon has joined to the chat

  19. Brian King

    Catchy song, awful video

  20. Comics4Life 616


  21. M0rgu3 Princ3ss

    She’s so cute 🥺

  22. Narblo

    I dont know about you but kinda all english female singers sound the same and the same kind of instruments too am I the only one that feel this?

  23. Paola Gomez

    List of underrated singers:
    Paloma Faith
    ....someone else?

  24. mamamurray2

    Heard this in the opening scene of "Man Up" with Simon Pegg. Good song! And cute movie.

  25. Mixer Fan

    Only just heard this song for the first time ever tonight. It was just on the radio and it sounded so good!

  26. Sara Shepard

    That single eyebrow raising at 1:01 is quite addicting, can t stop watching it. She’s so beautiful

  27. Melissa Ashton

    Love u palom

  28. Incredible 18

    Paloma faith obviously likes black men lol (not that there's anything wrong with that)
    In fact, I've noticed one of the only videos she's got a white man in was 'trouble with my baby' and she shot him. LOL 😂

  29. Franco Antonio Iñigo

    noblex 2019

  30. el master

    El único que volvió en 2019? Noblex


    Aca andamos

  31. Laura Spillane

    Can’t believe no one’s danced to this on Strictly!!!

    Mark Sieving

    They did, 2010 Finals. Live performance by Paloma.

    The video's not great quality, but the performance is fun.

  32. Bruno Gómez

    Love this song. Here in 2020

    Betsabe Flores

    Jajaja yo tambien la amooooo💛💛

    lol asmr

    here in 2020

    Purru -

    Betsabe Flores lol

  33. Andrugrizz Grizz

    I absolutely hate her voice but for some reason I'm here and moving my feet while I listen to this 🤨

  34. Marcos Coronel

    2019 alguien?

  35. Benjamin Peck

    She looks nothing like I imagined xD

  36. Lily White

    This song deserves more views

  37. Dwayne Johnson

    Thanks to Amelia Rose Blaire and Bryan Dechart...because i know this song from their playlist when they do live streams😁👍

  38. Lilac Skye

    We are using this song in dance class and were only on 1:11

  39. Pham Ngoc Han

    WOW! That yellow dress!

  40. sapphic_scorpio

    this song reminds me of my grandma, she loves this song

  41. kierondec

    It makes it enjoyable watching videos of songs when the singer is clearly having fun with it, as you are in this one. Well done, great song too. Wink, Wink.

  42. Paul Freeman

    I tried living my life upside down but I began to feel dizzy

  43. Gaby Segovia

    Alguien mas vino por el comercial de. Noblex

  44. Lisa Stallings Keelor

    Love you Paloma

  45. Wendy Ramos

    No se porque pero ella me recuerda a Soraya Montenegro :D

  46. Eleni Happy Sunshine Motivation

    I love this song it's about enjoying your journey taking your time because your future is bright and hopeful it's ok if u aren't where u wanna be yet God has a good plan for u😚😆👍💖👍💖💓 KEEP GOING DONT GIVE UP

  47. Tamara Kennedy

    I love your artistic creative genius brain and audio visual journey so enchanting and mesmerizing Paloma you are gorgeous in spirit and your art your work is as beautiful as your voice and looks.

  48. Jacob Hudson

    The lyrics are great! And so is the song.

  49. Rafał Jakób


  50. BENIM sin

    Heyyyyyyyy Tik Tok put this Song on ,I Love 💗 it

  51. Bond James bond

    why upsidedown peoples are black?

  52. Aimee Thomson

    ..heard that

  53. PyramidCeres

    Du anybody heh speaki Engli?

  54. Soy Alguien

    Llegué tarde :(

  55. maria An

    Only stranger things fans will understand

  56. Wakizu

    help me:EARWORM
    i forget a song sounds like this i don't know lyrics

    some word were all my friens, conversation,..............and something like that????

  57. fka twigs is the queen of england


  58. JT Wood

    Listened to this song 5 times in the past days since i heard it on Pandora and still cant figure out my exact feelings for the song

  59. Ignacio Juarez


  60. Zakd

    Amy Winehouse wannabe. What a loser.

  61. Liinh Hihi

    still greatttttttttttttttttttt

  62. Drawn To Ice Hockey

    She is never upside down in this whole video. 0/10 stars.

  63. Steve2 Me

    like X 10

  64. Nog Olio

    Who ever has clicked this has been mislead your supposed to be on the curious George upside down.

  65. Karolinska

    I wish for more music like this.

  66. Christión Hunt

    Her hook sounds like Feel Good by Gorillaz

  67. MLG FISH

    2019 watchers?

  68. Petestar 123

    This is the music u hear when you’re waiting for someone to speak to you from a business loool

  69. Paloma B Faith


  70. Chris Corley

    Brilliant song.

  71. Petestar 123

    Now I know who made stranger things

  72. yo lo

    Came from Netflix lol

  73. 요호포로리


  74. Iwishdeathuponmyself :P

    Oh. My. God. I first saw this nine years ago. And I still love this song. Time flies quickly…

  75. OfficialJayPriceman

    Not enough dislikes for this toothache...

    Mike Pro

    heres a dislike on ur shitty comment to help you out

  76. sleepy bunn official

    That bouncy curly hair is to die for 😫

  77. Mo Salah LFC

    Almost not fair, too good 👌

  78. Maximiliano Santillan

    ahahahahaha publibicidad de noblex

  79. Antonella mcdoulla

    2019 anyone ???

  80. Mindy McClaran

    That yellow dress.....with POCKETS!

  81. ithinkimcool

    nice use of the mellotron loop! this is awesome!

  82. Ahmad Fahruroji

    Paloma faith keren👍

  83. Rachael Evans

    Sorry it’s 2019 and this is still a banger 🥵

  84. •Topaz Thunder•

    2019 anyone?

  85. Dave Sanoval

    This was the best song ever

  86. Gordon Anderson

    Love this song.. She is great......

  87. RainingThoughtsxox xox

    She could’ve wore blue

  88. Chirath Akon

    Each time I listen to this, I have to up the volume

  89. Antney Fatts

    If you close your eyes, her voice is that of the lady from Squirrel nut zippers and Gin Wigmore. Who, are in fact that of Billie Holiday.

    It's a very unique voice that most females are not graced with.
    This kind of voice could be my downfall, with any woman that has it!
    And why in good God's name, am I seeing this 8 years after it was posted?!

  90. DANIEL 69

    Is paloma big in Spain or something?

  91. Martin Boenicke

    She is a Chameleon with a wonderful voice!

  92. Eastwick TV74


  93. dante

    cool song lovit !!

  94. gschneyer

    I like the song, but she really doesn't know how to dance.

    Jacob Hudson

    It looks like she can dance when she wants to. She also picked a crew that makes up for her lack of dancing.

  95. Vida Maria

    All the 1.3k people that disliked this song are actually upside down and mistakenly thought it was the pike butten I’m sure

  96. Leo In Wonderland