Faith, Paloma - The Crazy Ones Lyrics

Always the crazy ones, the crazy ones
Will never forget it all
Cause it's the crazy ones, the crazy ones
Who make our life such a beautiful mess

Woo, even the worst times were the best times
The best times ever, woo
Even the bad days were the good days
I'll always remember, woo
Then I'll always keep parts of you
Are part of me forever

Oh, cause it's the crazy ones, the crazy ones
Will never replaced
Oh, cause it's the crazy ones, the crazy ones
Who make our world beautifully insane

Woo, even the worst times were the best times
The best times ever, woo
Even the bad days were the good days
I'll always remember, woo
Then I'll always keep parts of you
Are part of me forever

Here's to the crazy ones
Here's to the crazy ones

The ones are pushed too far
The ones will fly too fast
The flames that burn too bright
That burn too bright to last
They're anything but easy
They're anything but sane
But once they're in your life
You'll never be the same

Woo, even the worst times were the best times
The best times ever, woo
Even the bad days were the good days
I'll always remember, woo
Then I'll always keep parts of you
Are part of me forever

Here's to the crazy ones
Here's to the crazy ones

Here's to you, my crazy friend
There's a hole in the world
That will never be filled again
Here's to you, my crazy friend

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Faith, Paloma The Crazy Ones Comments
  1. Jana Hulkova

    2020? ❤️

  2. Merboy007

    3 years ago... a dear friend of mine died at such a young age. He had so much life left to live and I miss him every single day. This song describes the person that he was down to his very core. I play it ever year on his anniversary. I miss you so much Jon. R.I.P. I remember watching this film and when the end credit began and this song played... it instantly struck a chord with me and still continues to do so. This song is a gem. I would love to see Paloma sing it live.

  3. Ria Jayde

    This movie has forever changed my life and the way I go about things. It honestly struck a chord within me that I didn’t even know I had. Nothing but pure talent, they don’t even feel like actors. That film deserves its limelight. It’s unexplainable.

  4. Don't Trust.

    This movie made me cry.

  5. Brandi Villarruel


  6. Roberto Arroyo

    shes underrated cus she's not showing her ass as others do...she doesn't show her boobs or her nudity like most of the freaking female singers out there. that's why I fucking love her. shes unique, transparent and loving.

  7. Anthony Leitch

    Such a good movie it made me Cry

  8. Hector Solano

    I was detected with hiv since some hours, I’m afraid but Im sure even the worst times were the best times

  9. René Ocampo

    Hermosa canción.. me llena de tristeza.. porque tuve un amigo así.. como la película.. fue hermoso.. y no puedo evitar llorar. Escucharla #imissyoualready

  10. soy sauce

    im sobbing 😭😭

  11. darren youell

    Absolutely a beautiful song Paloma is a very underrated artist love her to bits uk

  12. jake

    I’m a massive Paloma fan, but why am I finding this song 4 years later. It was obviously not promoted!!! This could’ve been such a big hit for her x

  13. Lisa Stallings Keelor

    Paloma’s dress is to die for

  14. قبل 100 سنة

    2020 🌊💕

  15. Gasparzinho Feitosa feitosa

    Amo essa musica

  16. harry kingdig

    Thanks for ur song

  17. harry kingdig

    Your rite the crazy ones and their plenty walking about

  18. love


  19. Thu Duyên

    Madison is Miss Universe 2019

  20. Martin Boenicke

    just a natural woman with an excentric voice, ... wonderful!

  21. love

    I want a cloth friend …

  22. TEAMSpicegirl

    i love you Paloma <3

  23. Erick Dennis Piscoya Lacuaña

    Nadie superara esta cancion psra las amistades nadie

  24. Rianne Doller

    oooh such a great choice to include the cellist in the video.

  25. Moises Elias

    Grande <3

  26. Pierre Horan

    2019?! Enyone ...

    Carol Gray


  27. simplyyourtube

    How is this not an anthem to life, to our differences, to the minority. To the ones who have had their hearts broken, their life torn apart but still show up, still show their hearts. Yes, we may act a little crazy to some but we are living.

  28. nicola mcculloch

    great song and love that dress too!

  29. Roberto RP

    Excelente canción y muy emotiva junto con la película, se convirtió en mis favoritas... la puedo ver y volver a llorar :D

  30. Joss

    To my friend crazy one who is not longer here among us <3 heres to u my crazy friend is a hole in a world ...


    Joss God bless your friend and you

  31. M. G.

    I loved seeing paloma Faith at Leeds arena

  32. Alejandro Villafuerte

    No hay palabras para describir su voz.....simplemente fenomenal....

  33. Juanita Flores Cabrera

    I love her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

  34. Lily White


  35. Dagmar Koutna


  36. David Armstrong

    This song and film means so much to me I lost two sisters last year to cancer.paloma you sing this song prefect

  37. Vinícius Thunder

    Omg , Wonderful ❤️😍😍😍 I love you Paloma Faith my Queen ❤️

  38. PashtoForever


  39. Mario Dominguez

    I miss you already😢😢😢

  40. Jennifer Donaghy


  41. Shelly Jospeh

    i really love it 😍😍😍😍

  42. Shelly Jospeh

    4 august 2018 I hear this song 😘😘

  43. Lisa Mcdonald

    Just cried my eyes out watching this film

  44. Tracey Raines

    daddy i miss you hjappy birthday and fathers day R.i.p.

  45. Mario Dominguez

    Miss you already😭😭

  46. Pearl Ford

    That dress is amazing!! I want 😂😂

  47. Tracey Raines

    i think i am one of the crazy ones so very touching this tune xxxx

  48. Rosana Mello


  49. It is Javi

    I just saw the movie, and it opened up my eyes a little. Life is short, im a crazy guy, but my family will never have another crazy one like me. Cheers to life!

  50. Rebecca Forte

    yeah, I'm one

  51. Angela Rudden

    My best friends song....... love her and this song xxxxxxx

  52. Tracey Raines

    this is a tribute to those who are not well god bless you Paloma xxxx

  53. Marcja Mała

    She's not much recognised in my country(Poland). I've found her here. Never heard her before. She's a true artist.

  54. John Furlong

    This song sums me up lol

  55. kathryn jewell

    This movie and its songs hit the emotions and the truth of having breast cancer, especially this one. I’m living “I miss you already”, working on beating it and almost down with chemo

  56. Andrea S. Freire

    omfg its so emotional :(

  57. kayleigh Jackman

    Love this song means alot to me XXX

  58. Iago Borges

    TOP!! SHOW!!!!

  59. Angela Rudden

    Luv it xxx

  60. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    The best song by Paloma Faith.

  61. Jo B

    miss you already

  62. Terje Johansen

    Love you, Paloma

  63. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Another work of art by Paloma Faith. I love her.

  64. Elif Mc

    miss you already :(

  65. Andrés Fincher

    I just finished watching it and omfg it was so beautiful and sad!!!!

  66. Hannah Loves

    Love this song it sutes up me and my friends so much.

  67. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Everything that Paloma Faith sings and does becomes beauty. I love her.

  68. Mahmoud Moukaddem

    She deserves grammies . Her voice is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg .

  69. paolo garcia

    I didn't realize that this came to one million, OMG

  70. Fino Chávez

    2017 who? 💕👑

  71. Phương Trinh Nguyễn

    I was sad when i heard this song... ;(
    its amazing!

  72. Marilyn Elaine

    Love this song. My friends call me the crazy one lol

  73. Akai wearemadeupofatoms Chophy

    No matter how strong one is there will be a time when all need to cry like a baby. Were all just human and we are meant to be broken inside❤❤❤ don't stop loving be kind and stay happy☺
    the song and the movie is just too good.

  74. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    A work of art. A very original and beautiful artist who sings like the angels.

  75. wakeup to makeup xx

    when it has the flash backs from the movie soooo sad you should watch the movie . x

  76. wakeup to makeup xx

    i cried my eyes out at the movie alone and now i just cried as much just listening to this song . love it :)

  77. jennablurr 75

    who was your crazy friend or was it you?

    Kelli Martin

    jennablurr 75 my crazy good friend was ss she died

  78. Janiele Justino

    Vim pelo filme Já estou com saudades :)
    Que música liiindaa

  79. Angel

    "Лудите, лудите - те да са живи."

    -Иван Вазов

  80. Shay Sitney

    this is so true. I always tell my friends the crazy ones are hard to forget.

  81. Antonio Rodrigues

    that movie made me cry

  82. Hoa Bùi Chí

    I could not even find a word....Wao!!!!

  83. samir leonardo rojas raymondiz

    like beatiful

  84. Jess.Leni

    Literally cried my eyes out from this movie

  85. Emilia Santos

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, q bad ❤️❤️

  86. Zoe Garcia

    How have i never seen this . I've been waiting years for new music and here is something I haven't seen wowow

  87. K C

    There is not one song of hers I don't love!

  88. Lucky Strike

    This song make me cry to mutch

  89. David Montalvo

    I love you so much

  90. aidy givens

    she could sing the phonebook and make it sound wonderful

  91. Jesus Emmanuel Garcia Gonzalez

    Esta hermosisima esta canción

  92. Susan Wymola

    Love her voice. The Movie introduced me to her music. Wow. A lot like Duffy. So different and so full of Soul. When I listen to the song now, the movie is so sad..