Faith, Paloma - Broken Doll Lyrics

I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
I don't claim to be perfect
I know I'm damaged goods
But I wanna be led out of darkness just like every lady would
Lick my wounds and watch them seal with your healing heart
Embrace my sadness, look after me
Cause there's no one else I'd ask
I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
Piece me all together, though broken I am sweet
You thought my heart was made of wood but I can hear it beat
I'm scared of shadows in the night
When you're not there by my side
Sick of nightmares in my sleep
When there's no place I can hide
See the beauty in the blood that drips down from my eyes
Hold the parts that were ripped out
That took me by surprise
I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
Piece me all together though broken I am sweet
You thought my heart was made of wood but I can hear it beat
Boom boom Here it goes Boom boom
To the sound of the grand piano
I am dancing in your light
And I like it here
I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
I'm broken doll you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
Piece me all together though broken I am sweet
You thought my heart was made of wood but I can hear it beat
I'm a broken doll you're the puppeteer
Take control for me and wipe away my fears
Piece me all together though broken I am sweet
You thought my heart was made of wood but I can hear it beat

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Faith, Paloma Broken Doll Comments
  1. carlos vallejo

    It is like a crazy beautiful dream. Magical

  2. Brady Mask

    Paloma Faith is a true artist , a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN !!! She sounds amazing and her acting skills are the same amazing!!!

    Carol Gray


  3. haníf

    shes flawless

  4. Illariy Vaqueria

    What the fuck, this is amazing, it is like a dream from another dimension it is like a moment from another life than i still attach with. OMFG!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Mike Thompson

    Saw Paloma in Reading. What a treat....

  6. Jamis Ins

    Typical music murderer. An actress. Typical musician then! “Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone...It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. Wonder if she’s been sued. Should be. She does this with a lot of hers songs.

  7. K C

    The band kicked in fairly quick, she's amazing

  8. Mariana Vargas

    This is magic, love this song, just beautiful, Paloma is a real artist.

  9. larebe74

    She is so perfect
    I can't describe with words how much I admire her
    I love her

  10. Olivia Boakes

    shes so amazing

  11. LovePalomaFaithLeigh

    OMG P ❤

  12. memo65810

    asi es...

  13. Teo Mateo

    oh god i love her

  14. david arias

    es komo una amy winehouse pero sin droga encima ... iwal me kedo kon amy -_-

  15. Sam Whitehouse

    Please watch my guitar cover of this!! Btw love paloma!!!

  16. Michael Tanner

    she's awesome...

  17. kelci baizar

    i love eliza doolittle and paloma faith both!

  18. Nzlnfkrlsd

    @macattack941 hey, thanks for tellin me that. I checked lianne la havas on YT and she's great =D

  19. Gulay k

    she reminds me of amy whinehouse

  20. Jakeisha Cruz

    crying because i didn; get to go and she is beautiful :'(

  21. Amber Davis

    I get goosebumps when I listen to her sing.

  22. Batty Batterson

    Lianne la Havas is a backup singer!

  23. famfame89

    sophia grace twin ???

  24. somniak_art

    i want her skirt o.o

  25. Paul Beebe

    World's Greatest Smile!

  26. eddie womble

    brilliant to see live!!!

  27. Jaemie Lim

    This is so whimsical!

  28. Puzzle Blume

    what a fantastic artist she is!

  29. James Phoenix Hill

    Followed her from the start, she's amzing and takes me away to a fantasy land :)

    K C

    James Phoenix Hill me too second I heard her voice, I still think she's underated!

  30. James Phoenix Hill

    Seen her live, she puts on a great show. Very magical :)

  31. emilysingsalot

    please please have a little listen to my cover of the Paloma Faith song "New York, not saying everyone will like it but if you're interested then see what you think, I'd really appreciate it :) x

  32. apper2112

    Fkin great post man! What a trip.......!!!!!!!!

  33. Shane Kaka

    She has a cute english accentuated accent.

  34. cyclia

    6 are broken dolls! go paloma!!

  35. Colleen Nikstenas

    She has great style, and man, I wish I had hair like hers. Brava!

  36. Claire Murray

    Beautiful voice, Beautiful Song, love her she's so quirky fantastic to watch as well as listen to. XxX

  37. Jelaca

    Why would 5 people dislike this!? She's singing live, and she's doing it just as good as in the studio, probably better showing that she doesn't depend on processed sounds, I'm not dissing artists that aren't good live, but I'm just saying she's amazing!

  38. Michael Leung

    omg yes! i really want to see paloma live.....

  39. Niamh

    ..*Sigh.* Paloma, don't eat blue sweets before a concert. I don't know if I'm the only one that see's it, but her tongue's blue xD

  40. snotmale

    she is such a sweeetie!! I just love listening to her chatting and ad-libing(!) - she makes me smile... :o)

  41. 3dalpha

    This classy young lady will entertain for decades...a young lady with humilty...the sign of a great artist.........simple as that.

  42. Chris Cole

    Wow Paloma you are fantastic, cant wait to see you preform again.

  43. I hate Google

    She is just amazing!!!!

  44. a ps

    stupid band, who wouldn't play for her??

    Youtube Explorer

    It was meant that way, part of the song acting. 😘

  45. SaxUtopia

    wow, awesome! simply Awesome!!!

  46. Tanya Fisher

    love her shoes in her video, i got mine at :)

  47. Musicart

    amazing talent and she's Paloma...full stop!

  48. Denise G

    wow! Just love this lady!

  49. DanceSexMusicHipHop

    She is so fucking adorable!

  50. Jason Forrest

    saw her at the isle of wight fest last month she was great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. looselywired

    Wow! Because of this posting I am off to buy the album now! Fantastic! What a great little lady she is!

  52. Kuchiki Yuki

    love paloma faith

  53. Kuchiki Yuki

    love paloma faith

  54. Alexander Konchev

    A true performer!!!!!!

  55. Ferdi Nazim

    Sexy talented lady! Thank for post :)

  56. PlaceboMode

    Fantastic song, thanks for uploading.

  57. niacircle


  58. Brooke Dawson

    I still can't believe this is live .She has such amazing stage presence.

  59. pilgrimtone

    Amy Winehouse is a fabulous talent going to waste! but Paloma is awesome, a great singer, a beautiful woman, a good actress and she seems well grounded, stay off the drugs and booze Paloma you are fantastic, can't wait till november and the Plymouth Pavilions!

  60. Lo Renz

    lets see what happens when i sample!

  61. 50dss

    OK, I admit it. I am a Paloma Faith fan. However, this is a wonderful performance by anyone's standards. She holds the stage and she sings beautifully. Keep it up girl.

  62. Chloe Lai

    You just can't stop loving this beautiful lady and her music :)

  63. Algarvebliss

    Saw Paloma's show in Dublin earlier this week and she was just fantastic and stayed to sing and meet the fans later. Can't wait to see her again in a much bigger venue when gains her much deserved fame.......

  64. Juliette TS

    OMIGOD, why have we not heard of her here in the States? Time to spread the word ...

  65. John Spratt

    going to Newcastle next week to see her.......she is brill in my the way..where is the ICA?

  66. Steffateetee

    She gives me goosebumps. So excited to see her later this month, fabulous woman.

  67. pollybee1

    going to see her in 2 weeks cannot wait! :D :D

  68. holaf25

    she 's so sexy, i like her

  69. Eve Worthington


  70. Zero point1

    Cool I can't wait to see her in Manchester in March!!!!!

  71. Michael Ashcroft

    the lady is musical theatre. She has been compared to Amy W. but i think she has her own flavour and style content. Looking forward to seeing her live in mancjester in march.

  72. AngelaC1954

    She is a darling. A complete breathe of fresh air

  73. Ben Marshall

    She's awesome :D. Love her voice and her look and all her songs!

  74. Alcibiades Aguilar

    She sounds like Noisettes But Better lyrics and Rythm

  75. JulianeFirefly


  76. Ruby Kellard

    i'm seeing her in march i can't wait!!!!!!!

  77. victor gibson

    Winehouse couldn't lace up her corset!!! Absolutely stunning in every way.

  78. ThePaulkr

    bit of backdoor action i suspect & watersports. average tits though bit dissapointing. still fuck her though.

  79. madbob73

    and whorehouse ripped off several thousand others...

  80. Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen

    The most incredible songwriter, uniquely powerful voice, captivating performer and a trendsetting dress sense, Paloma is an icon and an inspiration to me as an artist. x,lindiwe

  81. madbob73

    more 40's & 50's than Wino and more theatrical and great live. Apart from that - yeah! ;)

  82. Julie Williams


  83. madbob73

    This is actually better than the album version which is a bit slower.

  84. Amy Harvey

    Wow amazing girl

  85. simon L

    Managed to get tickets to see her live in Portsmouth on th 16th November. Just can't wait. She is incredible!

  86. Lilla Géczi

    so would I

  87. karilagan

    Wow...she's amazing. I'm an American, and I happened to see her performance on "The Jonathan Ross Show" on BBC America, so I looked her up out of curiosity.

  88. frochez

    pause the video over 0.58

  89. bonnyfas

    Ich will auch einen Ballon !

  90. d Lasddt

    I don"t she needs america though. What if they remodel her in that plastic factory they have over there. I think she"s amazing!, bloddy friends o mine, just don get all o this. But i suppose everyone"s different.

  91. bonnyfas

    Die Frau ist der Hammer ! ! ! Bloß gut daß ich schon eine Karte für Berlin habe :-)

  92. inshreds66

    A star in the making. Watch out America.

  93. Bloo MunKy

    awesome, and im u big burly bugger. ###i love you paloma

  94. elvialrd

    this version is amazing!!! paloma you`re the most fantastic and original artist in the wordl!!! i love you!!!

  95. Molly Cullen

    She's so funny and different - i loooove her :D

  96. mynameismadeleina

    She is just amazing.

  97. Kim Burke

    Reminds me of renee zellwegers voice in chicago for some reason , haha very cool x

  98. emilyrosecameron

    i love paloma faith!!!

  99. whu58

    quirky, interesting, engaging, funny,.......I like this girl, she has a sprinkling of jazz, trip hop, blues, soul in her refreshing style, out Amy Winehouse there is a new kid on the block!