Faith No More - Stripsearch Lyrics

It's over today
The heat is gone
Time is gone
F for fake
I feel no wrong
Hide no wrong
I love this place
The lights....
Under this face
So dry....

Only way to change
Give yourself away
Don't be ashamed
Next in line; close one eye
Just walk by

In these days
I'm breathing stone, crying stone
I'll win this race
I'll leave alone, arrive alone
Love this place, the lights...
Under this face, so dry...

Stripped to the bone
I did no wrong
Truth is my name
Give yourself away

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Faith No More Stripsearch Comments
  1. Vizy Avramoff

    Love this song

  2. Alexx Tikhoff

    the song is a masterpiece, the video series is nonsense, there was no such thing in life

  3. Luis Almánzar

    he can sing you to sleep and give you nightmares with his voice

  4. Patricia

    Underrated means not recognized as they should have been!!! Obviously that is what I meant hence saying Phenomenal !!!!!!

  5. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    I kinda lost track on this band and haven't heard this song before and it got me right back in as a fan.

  6. Jonathan Sosa

    Sounds like Minecraft

  7. John Nava

    Love it....Patton, something about his voice. If you like this, youtube his live stuff

  8. Aaron Danforth

    Why do I remember this ? , oh.. I just turned age 21. Smooth Adjustment to The Streets Of Rage.


    One of the BADDEST FNM Songs ever! The video is just as great. Love this band🤘

  10. SRowe Art

    I could listen to Mike sing like this, in Italian, like some maniacal creature, read the phonebook etc. it's all so good.

  11. Pit

    the thumbnail has some meme-potential

  12. Ryan Holkenbrink

    He did no wrong?????

  13. Will Mattos

    F para falso 🤘🏿☠️🇧🇷🤔

  14. Оксана Лесник

    He is so lovely😍

  15. evandro leandro

    Melhor banda de todos os tempos da última semana.

  16. Shabeg Singh

    Mike Patton is gorgeous on so many levels

  17. Ville Laitamavkkapajatsoon

    Haters, ....fuck you, definetly rhcp fan

  18. SkyVenomZero Rants

    Why does Mike Patton look like an older and stoned version of my friend in the thumbnail?

  19. Rose Petal

    I would have gone out with you but would have tried to change you. To Jesus Christ. But you would have resisted and we would do nothing but fight. I'm telling you tho that you would have considered me and maybe even fallin for me. But I would have intrigued you coz I have a big commitment issue.

  20. Sandra Bianchi

    Non poteva sposare me?😄😄

  21. SaltLifeChick

    Still listening in 2019🤘🤘🤘

  22. Steven Stifler

    Awesome 😎 👍 👏

  23. T-VirusK Khan

    Mike Patton VS Corey Taylor (Battle Of Necks)

  24. Fooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee🤣

  25. Daz Lilley

    November 2019...….I live in England and I seriously think Jack Grealish who plays for Premier League team Aston Villa stole Mike Patton"s hair style from this video

  26. J G

    Mexican dubwiser truble un muy soul.
    Same music

  27. James Stewart

    The dude Ooozes cool.👌

  28. uwu

    This shit sounds like terraria

  29. Adam M

    Great artistic video mocking east german border controls. Now can be applied to what Donald Trump and before him GW Bush have done to United States - police state with every foreigner crossing the border treated like potential criminal

  30. Andrew Brown

    There's just so much about this video, this song, that I love.

    I saw them back in about 96 in glasgow and did not fail to impress.Even in orange blouses and tidy whities, I still struggle to find any words near adequate to portray their performance. Must have been angel dust tour. Was an artistic and emotive fucking revelation . I honestly have no words......

  31. Martin Pokorný

    Amazing feeling! Everything - music Gods!

  32. Phil C.

    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ this song !

  33. Xero The Almighty

    I didn’t even know HD first existed in the 90s

  34. Bicentennial Nagger

    Haaa! The tower guard looks like young Donald Trump!

  35. Woje Lechistanu

    war in former Yugoslavia...

  36. mellissa compston


  37. mellissa compston

    I get why I love this band it was a sign that the jew was up to something

  38. Arthur Monzani


  39. Konrad Masterski

    6 milionów wyświetleń to jest kpina. Jebany disco-świat... !!!

  40. WDeeGee1

    Love this video, as it builds up you start rooting for the guy and in the end it seems he's some kind of killer/kidnapper.

  41. PM ScroMo

    Mike Patton going full Slav mode here.

  42. Alejandro Cáceres muños

    la mejor banda niun tema igual al otro .muy groso

  43. Edward Gaddis

    So what kind of shit is it that the guns are blurred out?!

  44. B. Bytniewski

    I Do Chris. Very often!!!!!!!!

  45. Rosa Hebens

    Mike venite a la Argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  46. Rosa Hebens


  47. Armando cesar Aguilar beltran

    Dios me encanta esta canción puedo oírla millones de veces

  48. Aaron Danforth

    There's still a small amount of hip in it's Tunes.


    Guns in the music video should be "smudged" "hidden" (a piece of metal and plastic) so as not to be harmed by youtube, penis and vaginas are released !!! uhuuu, live this youtube trash, congratulations !!!!

  50. Atalya Auxesia

    Could easily be my favourite song ever.

  51. Kapitan Nemo


  52. Dominik Gansner

    Somehow it reminds me of "Roxette - Spending My Time"..

  53. Peter Habets

    Best spacesong ever 😝😝😝

  54. Marcus Mckenzie

    wow... floored... havent heard this song in years, always wondered who sang it :) ty youtube!

  55. Asilia African Animal Ranch

    I find stones at my feet, i know its my defeat... The world crashing in around me, i am to blind to see my own needs.. I beg and plea on my knees but she still dont see how i bleed as she continues to throw stones... I swell between the moans...

  56. Doggman Snapperdude

    Ok so in the vid what does he forget at the end what does the camera zoom in on ?

    Robert Jones

    tied up man

  57. tobias rydberg

    I think this is the song of my life. Get cought in the border :)

  58. M Stewart

    2:02 is the beginning of the sexiest guitar solo EVER!

  59. Sponsi

    Why are guns censored in this?

  60. njuliosabeee

    mannnnnn that bass

  61. zo zeme

    Power in softly 🎼🎤🥁🎸🎹💣

  62. Raven Eckenberg

    2:16 Roddy!

  63. tobias rydberg

    This is song hits me harder than my alcoholic parents

  64. Howard Neal

    The Grande Gesture

  65. Johnny Grenda

    It's over today
    The heat is gone
    Time is gone
    F for fake
    I feel no wrong
    Hide no wrong
    I love this place
    The lights
    Under this face
    So dry

    Only way to change
    Give yourself away
    Don't be ashamed
    Next in line
    Close one eye
    Just walk by

    In these days
    I'm breathing stone
    Crying alone
    I'll win this race
    I'll leave alone
    Arrive alone.

    Love this place
    The lights
    Under this face
    So dry

    Stripped to the bone
    I did no wrong
    Truth is my name
    Give yourself away

    F for fake
    F for fake
    F for fake
    F for fake
    Give yourself away
    Give yourself away
    Give yourself away

  66. lisa woods

    He lives in redwood city Ca USA

  67. lisa woods

    He is blond though

  68. lisa woods

    You look Like my cousin Sammy

  69. lisa woods

    Excellent job I learn howto sing from you Mike Patton

  70. Black Parallax

    Alguien dígale a jin Hudson que es uno de mis guitarristas favoritos.... Solo simple pero cargado de sentimiento y después el riff con ese peso... Una delicia de escuchar

  71. Melissa May

    That wailing guitar...Fuck 👊🕶💥

  72. Melissa May

    Here in 2019...Still love this fucking song!! 👊👊👊

  73. Fabian Konig

    Latinos en 2019 ?

  74. Aaron Danforth

    They were too under Rated..... Today look at its Foreseen of Time.

  75. Maryanne Mizzi

    Love this song
    Somthing rather sexy to the beat ❣

  76. Corey Wayne

    What happened to all the comments? Deleted?

  77. synysterjazmyngates

    When Mike sees the guard’s expression of shock and turns around to find he’s been caught. His acting here is pretty good.

  78. Steven Gadzinski

    Exactly why were the guns blurred?

    вадим любченко

    get high now

  79. Anibal Ramirez


  80. Piotr Dybowski

    Haaaa oowwaaahhhhh aaaawwwwhhhhoooo

  81. Aaron Dawes

    Fuck Yeah!

  82. Vander burf

    Lol what they censored the guns :OOOO

  83. Clint Eatswood

    I think I'm obsessed with this song

  84. Ashoulle

    i don't understand why the guns are blured
    it looks weird

  85. Mikael Viitala

    Press F for Fake.

  86. denver drew

    You know Society is too soft I have to blur out firearms in a music video

  87. Steven Melling

    I am here every week

  88. Ricardo Roman

    Puro weon.

  89. Lance Foley

    good song but it always gives me the creeps, haunting lyrics

  90. slikki

    For me greatest songs ever!

  91. lickingyoungpussy

    Sofistical music

  92. vic365

    Blurred weapons? WTF?

  93. Артем Н

    пишу 15,08,2019-го. под последним видео, очень жаль что Вы не поддерживаете своих Фанов на данном канале в Сообщистве на Ютуб. очень жаль((( я Ваш фанат

  94. S W

    fantastic song

  95. Mike Spiegelhalder

    In TV ch časten. OgmFss

  96. Omar Chávez

    Why are all the weapons blurred in the video? They weren't originally!

  97. Meco Perozo

    August 2019
    Still amazes me

  98. xxxxCHRISTAxxxx

    That voice with so many octaves though! 😍

  99. Sinisa Beric

    This Mike is genius.