Faith No More - I Started A Joke Lyrics

I started a joke
Which started the whole world crying
Oh but I didn't see
That the joke was on me...oh no..
And I started to cry
Which started the whole world laughing
Oh if I'd only seen
That the joke was on me

And I looked at the skies
Running my hands
Over my eyes
And I fell out of bed
Cursing my head
For things that I've said
Till I finally died
Which started the whole world living
Oh if I'd only seen
That the joke was on me

And I looked at the skies
Running my hands
Over my eyes
And I fell out of bed
Cursing my head
For things that I've said

Till I finally died
Which started the whole world living
Oh if I'd only seen
That the joke was on me
That the joke was on

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Faith No More I Started A Joke Comments
  1. Sasa Jugovic

    Martin Freeman or dr Watson is in tha house, to all yo matherfackers... don't fight it

  2. Stuart Glass

    I have been see FAITH no MORE 4 time, Patton is the only one, the VOICE

  3. Aaron Wright

    Is this what Bilbo does for fun at the Prancing Pony?

  4. Pez Dispense

    I like this video, so interesting

  5. Josuke HIgashikata

    not a single mention of the bee gees, rip

  6. Tony Grengs

    Any one notice gerard butler

  7. damian caliri

    Bilbo baggins? 🤔

  8. Ozcar Gotts

    ¡¡Una maravilla de video!!

  9. Big Brother TV

    Looks like Gary Numan!

  10. Cameron Ahola

    This should be in the Joker movie.

    Josuke HIgashikata

    what about the original?

    Cameron Ahola

    It has that dark feel to it. The original is amazing too, hard choice.

  11. Steven

    Bilbo Baggins!

  12. AnotherLover


  13. Adeyasa Nursan


  14. Gilgamesh

    cover top

  15. Алексей Нестеров

    Что тут скажешь Шэдэвр ну и конечно всех со старым Новым Годом

  16. Duston McCreary

    0:47 Wait a minute, is that who I think it is?

  17. Sachirrane Guimarães

    Awesome 🖤

  18. antowneea

    When I was a kid, I thought this guy is the lead singer of Faith No More.

    Sharon Bromley

    love you!

  19. Mark Waters

    Video made without the band's input or consent... but incredibly came out good.

  20. Thamara Alexandre

    Trilha sonora da novela história de amor de 1995, do personagem de José Maier.

  21. Pez Dispense

    Great cover

  22. Bary Tosh

    Everytime i watch this i got to repeat it at least 10 times. The shortest 3 min in rock music.

  23. jcft2012

    Bilbo baggins

  24. ciaran delaney

    Bee gees song ffs

  25. pdreidenbach

    That's Martin Freeman!

  26. Giovanni da Mota Gasparini

    A música original é dos Bee Gees (1968).
    The original music is from Bee Gees (1968).

  27. Michal Kežlínek

    I changed a lightbulb, crossed the road, and walked into a bar.

    My life is a joke.

    Rondo Hunter

    Why did you walk into a bar? Why didn't you just go around it? Oh, that wasn't the joke? Sorry.

  28. Lords of Media


  29. Marty Schriver

    Where's all the talking during this video? The guys are making fun of the dude singing, and one proposes to his girl.....

  30. 23 Skiddoo

    This is a good version.

  31. Sophie Davies

    Absolutely love this 👏👏👏👏

  32. Robin Markowitz

    Brilliant video, using actors, for a great and very moving performance of a great, great song. And no, the song doesn't confuse me. It's not all that complex. It's about a person who doesn't belong anywhere, or is unwelcome anywhere. The Sad Clown. The kid in school who was "weird" and then killed himself. And nobody gave a damn: just went on ahead with their lives.

    Hasn't anyone felt like an outcast when they were young (or if you are currently young)?

    There's no reversal in this song. The protagonist remains separate from society and he's miserable. And when he's gone, they're relieved. It's terrible. And it's the truth for a lot of people.

    In the video, the girl seems so caring. But then is pleased when she gets the ring. All of them "start living." And the man is alone, on stage, in the darkness.

    Several early Bee Gees songs address similar issues regarding the failure to communicate. You can even hear a bit of "Words" in one verse. There's a connection there in theme.

  33. Oscar Andres Pardo

    Gran cover de la canción de the Bee gees

  34. Jum Hed

    Martin Freeman randomly turning up in a FNM video

  35. Kees Tel

    A great work of art. David would have been proud. <3

  36. Lisbeth Alejandra santibanez

    Such a lovely lyric

  37. Cesar Dionísio Dionísio

    Um dos melhores vocalista do mundo.
    O cara tem um timbre perfeito.

  38. DK Bayashi

    Mike Patton as The Joker when he was Stand-Up comedy.

  39. paulwp


  40. Mr. Jones

    Thanks RHINO Im 60 you'v been around a long time. This vid is comical and powerful .Great cover.

  41. john john

    THE Joke was , I lived Alive

  42. xXxDantexXx

    Bilbo, is that you??

  43. Coby

    This song should have been in the joker movie trailer.

    Mr. Jones

    @ Coby yea that would been Classy.

    Hector Aliboni

    It was in Suicide Squad's first trailer kkkkkkkk


    Yea suicide side took it first and wasted it

    Erik Lavalla

    I didn't even know it was in suicide squad. Would've been better in "Joker". I think I started a joke


    @Erik Lavalla the trailer if I remember

  44. Sappy Knees

    Cuando me muera quiero esta cancion en mi funeral

  45. Jagardo Situmorang

    Don't know why but feels so creepy watch this,,,

  46. yerko cornejo

    Obra de arte 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  47. Benjamín Gonzalez

    La cago este cover


    What voice! You are sing and the great poet! God bless you!

  49. 13oojum

    What the fuck was this? FNM?

  50. Buddhas Breath

    this makes me cry cry cry tear tears of Joy

  51. Marcos Santos

    i love this music, the best of version.

  52. kid kurmudgeon

    this sincs with the new joker trailer - its pretty great

  53. Fitra Arifin

    This song really IS the soul of "Joker" movie.
    I like this version better from Bee Gees.

    GingerPrince 360

    Cuz Playing Masterpiece is easier than Creating Masterpiece

  54. lukderk

    This is orginaly from FnM, but from The Bee Gees!

  55. Laguna Libre

    This voice range is unreal... for real!

  56. S M G

    In there is very much like out here. No one can see or hear.

  57. Jeffrey Lebowski

    The hitchhiker's guide to Bilbo fucking Baggins!

  58. Sneilx

    1000 comments yeah boiiiii

    What a song

  59. Simon Prosenc

    This song and visuals are too perfect its f.... scary...

  60. Juan Carlos


  61. Andreas Künster

    I would have loved this as the title score for THE JOKER!



  62. Lorhan Pereira Alacrino

    Bilbo Baggins ?

  63. Abel Philosophy

    Who’s that ugly singer?

  64. steven milstead

    These people are so English.

  65. Notorious P.I.G.

    Patton...just.... Oh my word! Wow! Now check out his NEVERMEN project with Doseone and one of the most underrated poet/prophet artist in modern times, Tunde Adebimpe !!

  66. Leila555

    This is one of those songs where it’s so easy to keep hitting replay.

  67. Ashoulle

    wait Mike Patton sang this? man i never hear someone having such a wide range
    i litterally can't believe it

    Notorious P.I.G.

    Me either!

  68. Alejandro Aranda Alarcon

    Manso tema chuchetumare

  69. azli othman


  70. Charisma O

    Amazing cover! Also great to see Martin Freeman here.

  71. Flavia Zenzano

    Que voz ! 👏👏👏

  72. Conor Nolan

    Frontline is everywhere

  73. Andre Ricardo do nascimento

    Putz! Que banda velho!

  74. Benjamin Riquelme Leiva


  75. Dutch van der Linde

    Eu sou uma piada 😂

  76. Jeff the Geek

    Suicide Squad isn't all that bad

  77. Lina Daer87


  78. Justin Johnson

    Yeah, I keep crying and watching this on repeat. How many people have watched this? 9?

  79. Mark Purzycki

    Whenever I start watching Music Videos on the Youtube, it ends up with FNM. Wonder why?

  80. mankitsu524


  81. Mahmoud Khalid

    Why faith no more, please read about islam,

  82. RedemptionSoS

    Pee-wee Herman got bitten by a gay vampire and developed a penchant for karaoke

  83. MrTibnor


  84. Amaury Martins Pereira


  85. ernesto marconi


  86. nailbunny17

    If this is not in the new Joker movie I will be very upset.

  87. VRicoleur

    Hey Stephen King, cast this guy for pennywise

  88. Ronald Vieira

    Another era...

  89. David Neto

    This version is better that bee gees

  90. T.J. Natass

    Increíble. Te amo Faith No More.

  91. Mirko Hudak


  92. Miss Texas

    You know, a song written about 50 years ago and being covered again has got to be a great song written by a great band. THE BEE GEES. Any band or singer covering that said song, knows a good song when he hears it and is awesome enough to pay tribute! Thank you!

  93. Feya Electra Ag

    This is Mike Patton sings????? Or not?

  94. Benjamín Gonzalez

    Esto es una obra de arte

  95. leen hens

    The vocal style perfectly matches the actor.
    I know it's a bee gees cover, but does anyone sense he's evoking a bit of David Bowie?

  96. Rabo de peixe


  97. XALO V L

    Mike Patton todo un genio